Salty Pancakes with Dried Shrimps Recipe
November 21st, 2006 23 Comments

Salty Pancakes with Dried Shrimps Recipe

Salty Pancakes with Dried Shrimps and Shredded Cabbage

Due to the positive responses from the debut of “Rasa Malaysia 30-Minute Meals,” I came home today and started cooking the minute I walked into the house. I was driven by the intention to further impress my readers.

Inspired by Eat First Think Later’s recipe, today’s creation is Salty Pancakes with Dried Shrimps and Shredded Cabbages. The end results, as you can see on your screen, are absolutely delish.

This meal took me practically 20 minutes to prepare and I am not exaggerating. Using some of the most basic ingredients, these salty pancakes with dried shrimps are rather filling. Serve them with squirts of chili sauce and you will be in food heaven.

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  1. Chris says:

    You’ve done a great job! What a mouth-watering pancake, gosh…

    I can’t wait to go home and try…arghhh

    2nd picture does look religious, =P

  2. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Chris – photo deleted. :P

  3. lucia says:

    i AM impressed! shrimp again!! it’s a pity i don’t cook.

  4. wmw says:

    Wow! Looks lovely….mmm…with dried shrimps, good stuff!

  5. boo_licious says:

    Great idea! I ‘m thinking of variations with sambal heebee already.

  6. Asha says:

    What wonderful savory pancakes! I would love it for a weekend brunch!
    Thank you for this recipe.

    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  7. Meiyen says:

    wow…..looks like it’s a simple recipe but not too sure if i can make it though :p your pancakes definitely looks good and very appetizing!!!! :D

  8. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Lucia and WMW – yeah, shrimps again, but dried ones. ;)

    Boo – Sambal Heebee…good idea. You don’t need the chili sauce then.

    Asha – thanks for visiting RM and yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    Meiyen – they are very easy to make, but you are in KL, so you don’t have to make anything at home, just go out and eat. I have no choice, I have to cook if I want to eat Malaysian food. :(

  9. Ho says:

    I like this kind of home cook pan cake very much!!! It nice serve with chilli sauce.

  10. Passionate Eater says:

    Wow, you make the recipe sound so easy! Yet the outcome looks wonderful and like you kneaded that dough for hours!

  11. toniXe says:

    whoever lucky nuff 2 live near u ( better still with u ) will 4ever have a delish weighty problem !hehe

  12. Chris says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all… I’m hunting for turkey recipes…=P

  13. michaelooi says:

    your entries never fail to make me feel hungry… sheesh!

  14. Mallika says:

    Can I use normal shrimps instead of dry one? Lovely recipe…

  15. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Ho – yep, you can’t get this kind of home-style pancakes at restaurants. Gotta make them yourself.

    Passionate Eater – It’s really easy. I wasn’t “bluffing.” There is no need to knead the dough, just whish everything together and voila, they are done!

    Tonixe – LOL. Maybe I should be the one watching my weight now! It looks like I eat a lot more now that I have a food blog. :-O

    Chris and all readers of Rasa Malaysia – Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am not going to make any Turkey or American traditional food, stay tuned for what I am going to cook!

    Michael – Just make sure you don’t drool in your cubicle or Elliot is going to tell Company X’s boss!

    Mallika – The essence of this recipe is actually the “dried shrimpy” flavors, so I would not encourage that. But I haven’t tried them with normal shrimps, so there. ;)

  16. Meiyen says:

    rm, i would say that home-cooked food still da best ;)

  17. teckiee says:

    Bee Yinnnnn can email me some?? ;P

  18. Anonymous says:

    pancakes with dry shrimps!thats something new ,got to try it out:)

  19. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Meiyen – I agree with both hands and both legs in regards to home-cooked food is the best!

    Teckiee – no need to email, you can just lick them off the computer screen. Muahahaha.

    Paati – thanks for visiting Rasa Malaysia. I will check out your site promptly. :)

  20. Anonymous says:

    hai there

    can i know how much is one cup?


  21. laila says:

    I made this using your salty pancakes with dried shrimp recipe and my hubby loved it!

  22. Amelia Chee says:

    Hi Bee, this is the 2nd recipe I tried of your website. Tasty and easy to make. Normally, my daughter is not a fan of pancakes but she loves it. Thanks for sharing!

  23. mikyelir says:

    OMG Bee! Love this recipe, yummy! ~_~ Thanks!


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