Almond Cookies
Almond Cookies
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This is the last weekend before Chinese Lunar New Year and I am sure many of you are doing your final batches of cookies before Lunar New Year, which falls on Friday, January 31. When I was growing up, every weekend leading up to Lunar New Year were all about making cookies, kuih such as kuih kapit, kuih bahulu, etc. However, the last week we would make some of the most popular and tastiest cookies because they will taste fresh and delicious, made just a few days before the big day.

Other than peanut cookies and walnut cookies, Chinese-Malaysians also love almond cookies, which is another cookie you will find during the Lunar New Year festivities. Almond cookies are white in color, and it looks almost like melting moments cookies, but it has a tint of almond flavor because of the almond flakes and almond extract.

Almond Cookies

My contributor CP Choong tried this almond cookies recipe from a cookbook in Malaysia. The recipe doesn’t call for butter but shortening is used instead, which means that the almond cookies will be super crumbly and melt in your mouth. As a young child, I dislike the taste and unique aroma of almond but as I grow older, almond has become one of my favorite nuts. This almond cookies are sweet, powdery, and they are a great treat for Lunar New Year.

Happy last few days of baking!

RECIPE HERE: Almond Cookies
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  1. Choy Fong says:

    This is the recipe I am dying for. Cannot believe my eyes when I see you post the recipe. Love this cookies & ordered tons of it for CNY. May I ask if I can replace the shortening with something else?

    • Malena Bosque Verde says:

      How about butter, I’m sure it will do the job, and taste great! That is waht I did, cause I din’t have the shortening! Good kuck.

  2. Cheryl says:

    What are almond flakes?

  3. I love melt in the mouth cookies, I can’t wait to make them!

  4. Mavis says:

    Hi Bee! I love your site and recipes :) I made these almond cookies tonight and although the dough was a bit of a pain to work with, the cookies turned out absolutely delicious!

    Just wanted to check with you, is the dough supposed to be extremely crumbly? It was pretty dry and very tricky to work with… should I add a little more melted butter to make the dough more manageable? I used butter because I can’t find shortening here in Sweden…

    Also, when I used up almost all the dough, I added a little water to the remaining crumbs and made a few experimental cookies with the much more manageable dough… the resulting cookies were a little chewy, not as crisp like the rest, but still tasty.

  5. Mimi says:

    hi there,

    Thank you for the recipe. I have a question regarding the conflicting quantity of shortening? Is it 130 grams or 1/2 cup of shortening??

    From observation with the other ingredients, 70/80g seems to be 1/2 cup?

    Thank you!

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