Asian Grocery Store Map (New Asian Cuisine)
July 10th, 2010 11 Comments

Asian Grocery Store Map (New Asian Cuisine)

Asian Grocery Store Map

I often get emails from my US readers about Asian grocery stores in the United States—where to find certain products when making Asian food at home, grocery store recommendations, etc.

Great news! Look no more and check out this resourceful “Asian Grocery Store Map” on New Asian Cuisine, a website run by my sister-in-blog Jaden of Steamy Kitchen and her partner Grace Niwa. The map is a great tool and you can search the location of Asian grocery stores by zip code, which I thought is really neat…

If you are a fan of Asian food and recipes (I am sure you are!), New Asian Cuisine is a great site with tons of Asian cookbook recipes. You can also find out Asian food news, events, and trends on the site. I also like the “Ingredients” section that talks about the various Asian ingredients.

New recipes and photos are added each week on New Asian Cuisine, so go check it out now!


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  1. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing the site. BTW, which Asian online store do you recommend? I tend to buy Asian ingredients online now.

  2. Kearns says:

    There are some significant Asian stores near me that are missing from the database including a Lotte, all H Marts in the area, all Grand Marts in the area. Perhaps that site isn’t big on Korean Grocery stores? Also some local Chinese markets are missing too.

    • Sarah says:

      In the description at the top of the page, there’s an email address for you to send them addresses of places not on the map. Send them a list and they’ll add them!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the info. I will send them lists for my favorite stores in the Denver area. With this resource, I look forward to finding new places for shopping and eating.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Bee!

  5. Thanks for this info. Great to know. Do you usually buy your Asian stuff online or just the Asian Grocery store?

  6. B says:

    This searchable map is a pretty awesome feature, especially for those not living in proximity of Asian markets. Also cool that individual users can suggest new additions – definitely going to try and add some of my favorites.

  7. Dollie Towles says:

    Asian food is every bit as diverse as it is delicious. I used to think that I knew Asian foods growing up. You see, we used to go out to Chinese and practically every weekend. They were a couple Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood, and they were perfect for us kids. They were greasy, flavorful, and we got a cookie at the end of every meal. What more could a child ask for?,

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