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Bean Sprout Beef Rice Bowl

Bean Sprout Beef Rice Bowl
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I am done with my confinement but am a little overwhelmed at the moment. Please enjoy this guest post by Beyond Kimchee, a fabulous Korean food blog that I recently discovered. Authored by Hyegyoung (aka Holly), a native of South Korea, Beyond Kimchee is a chronicle of Holly’s recipes and the food she prepares for her two kids and husband. If you love Korean food, you ought to check it out as the step-by-step picture instructions on her site are absolutely awesome and makes learning Korean food so much more fun and easier! Welcome to Rasa Malaysia, Holly. (Please click on the image above to view the step-by-step cooking guide.)

It is so exciting to see more and more people trying Korean recipes in their homes these days. I was blown away to see how many Galbi or Kimchee recipes are on the web when I first thought of having my own Korean food blog about 6 months ago. Some recipes are very excellent and some, well… I had to raise my eyebrow. I must have been hibernating in the cave all these years while Korean Bulgogi Taco swiped the valley of California, or Kimchee stew had become an addictive to some of those K-pop lovers.

Korean food is earthy and somewhat rustic I would say. There’s no exotic ingredients and you don’t need special tools or gadgets to create wonderful meals. Your knife and hands are your best friends in the kitchen. The biggest challenge I face every time I organize my recipes into my blog is converting a little bit of this into tablespoons, and a little bit of that into teaspoons. Most Korean home cooks don’t use measuring cups or spoons. I bet that goes same to other Asian home cooks as well. We just trust our senses and finger tips, don’t we?

I am thrilled to post as a guest blogger on Bee’s the famous “Rasa Malaysia”. I have been a fan of her blog and thrilled for the opportunity to be part of it. The recipe I am introducing is called “Bean Sprout Beef Rice Bowl with Chive Sauce”. Wow, what a long name! Let’s just call it “Bean sprout rice”. That’s what we call in Korea. This is quite common dish among Koreans and everyone loves it. It is basically part of Bibimbop family but you only need one vegetable, the bean sprouts. It is simple (regardless of the long list), easy, budget friendly, and most of all, it’s delicious!

Ground beef is seasoned in basic Bulgogi marinade. Bean sprouts are cooked in a little bit of water with dried anchovies and sea kelp reserving the broth afterward. Rice should be soaked in the water for 30 minutes and cooked later in the reserved bean sprout broth. Make the chive dressing with given ingredients and you are set to go.

May I give a serving suggestion how to eat this? Like Bibimbop you need to mix in everything in the large bowl. Bibimbop mixing is an important step! :)

I have to confess that after the photo shot of this dish I dumped everything into a bigger mixing bowl, drizzled more sesame oil and mixed all in until they get nicely incorporated. The taste? Well, all I can say is, Mmmmmmmm…, Goooooood!


P.S : Any questions on the recipes, ingredients, or just simply want to say, hi…?
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

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  1. Junie

    I love Korean food but can’t find any reliable Korean food blog (in English). Thanks so much Bee for introducing Beyond Kimchee. I love it, it’s very resourceful and just what I am looking for. Time to cook some Korean dishes.

  2. I am yet to try Korean food. I used to love bean sprouts while growing up. Now I am into Mung Bean sprouts that I make from scratch. So organically yummy!

  3. Sarah

    What is the difference between this bean sprout beef rice bowl and bibimbap? I love bibimbap and this looks just like it. Also, do you know where I can buy those stone rice container used in Korean restaurant? Can I get it online?

    • Bibimbap, in general, has at least 5 different types of vegetables each seasoned separately w/ or w/o beef, and placed on top of rice with a fried egg and chili paste. Typically served in a big bowl but most prefer it in the heated stone pot, which create the rice on the bottom crispy.
      The difference of this dish to Bibimbap is that you only prepare one vegetable but prepared in different way, and the dressing that goes with it. It wll take a lot less time and effort to prepare but still enjoy the goodness of mixing rice with meat and vegetable. Some Koreans prefer without the beef. There are several restaurant in Korea that specialize this dish only. Trust me , this is very flavorful dish with half of the effort of traditional Bibimbap.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Lydia

    I love Korean food and the little dishes served before the meal. I’m especially partial to the little anchovies. Do you have a recipe for that?

  5. Agree Bee, Beyond Kimchee is a fabulous Korean food blog. I can still recall her simple yet awesome recipe on Kimchee Bacon Fried Rice Recipe
    Thanks for sharing another wonderful Korean recipe here, I love Bibimbop.

  6. I love this recipe, I’ve made it many times over and it’s always a hit with my hubby. Lots of ingredients to buy but once you have them you’re good to go!

    • I am glad that you and your husband like this dish. They are considered as healthy food since you get to eat lots of bean sprouts, and I often serve with brown rice to make it even healthier. Thanks.

    • Do yo mean the sprouts with tiny heads? They are mung bean sprouts and yes, it should work. Adjust cooking time for them though, since they will need less time. Thanks.

  7. WaterChampers

    Er, I absolutely detest anchovies so is there a good alternative? Please? This looks so delish and I adore Korean food but I can’t bring myself to eat anchovies. *Eyes tearing up at thought*

  8. Dollie

    Hello :))) love love your website and recipes! I have two questions ! First one is I was able to find kelp on this long sheets in your recipe it days 2-3 you mean oz or pieces can you be more specific ? And I wanted to double the meat to a pound instead of do I double the marinade for the meat? Do I have to double everything since I’m doubling the meat? Thank you!

  9. Aram

    Tthat looks delicious, I am Korean but it does look like Korean-made dishes. For the tip of the perfct localized Bean Sprout Beef recipe, we mix the bean sprout with rice as it cooked already insdie the ricecooker when it served to the plating step! :)
    Good job!

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