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Broccoli and Scallops

Broccoli and Scallops
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Please welcome Wiffy of Noob Cook to Rasa Malaysia today. She is sharing with us a Chinese New Year recipe called 花开富贵, or stir-fried broccoli and scallops, which means richness and abundance. Noob Cook is a great Singaporean food blog with many delicious home-cooked recipes, I have to say that Wiffy is certainly no noob in the kitchen as she constantly whips up droolworthy, delicious, and homey dishes. Hop over to Noob Cook and check it out yourself.  This broccoli and scallop dish pairs perfectly well with other Chinese New Year recipes that I have recently posted.

Broccoli and Scallop is one of my favourite dishes to order when I eat out at our local zi-char stalls or Chinese restaurants. However, it’s usually not cheap presumably because of the fresh scallops. That’s why I like to make this at home. Being a noob cook, I am unabashed about my non-purist way of cooking, and hence I would like to share my short-cut way of remaking this dish at home. The method is super easy – simply blanching the vegetables in boiling water for just a few minutes, and then creating a fast and simple cheater’s sauce using instant vegetable stock and corn starch solution to drizzle over the vegetables & seafood. While this dish is small in effort, it is big in taste and also easy on the wallet.

With Chinese New Year coming around the corner, this is an auspicious and colourful dish to serve to your family. The broccoli florets and carrots sliced to flower shapes symbolise richness and abundance (花开富贵).

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  1. Dave

    You are right, this dish is super expensive if you order at restaurants, because of the scallops! I love this dish too, the scallops are always so QQ and sweet. I also love scallops with celery, drool.

    • That’s why I always buy the freshest scallops if I make this at home, since it is still much cheaper than ordering at restaurants :) Adding celery sounds like a great idea, it gives a crunch to the dish :)

  2. Wiffy – I almost forgot about pacific clams, loooooove those. Back home, we only eat pacific clams during Chinese New Year as family and friends would give the canned pacific clams to us. I have to try and find them at the Chinese stores here for CNY!

  3. Thank you Bee for featuring my simple recipe. Been a fan of your site for years and seeing my recipe here makes me extra happy. I hope you can find these pacific clams in the US, it’s one of my fave, I think I like it as much if not more than those canned abalone hehe

  4. Hi Bee and Wiffy

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful recipe. Your scallops looks so plump and juicy – they are one of my absolute favourite seafoods! Happy Chinese New Year to you both!

  5. I love all the mouth-watering “treasure” used in this auspicious dish! Simply awesome! It reminds me of my upcoming CNY reunion dinner. I’m so excited now!!! ;)

  6. Elena

    thanks for your recipe, i would love to try in this CNY. but, how about the vegetable cube. what is the brand you use ?? any specific flavor?

  7. Catch

    Stumble onto your broccoli with scallop recipe after I have cooked one today from left over scallops (not open) since CNY 2011. Although my family like the broccoli & scallop that i cooked, I find the scallops is not so white as those in the restaurant and yours. I have use 1 packet during EVE CNY 2011 for steamboat and found that the scallops were not so white as well. I noticed that you mention that you get the scallops from NTUC (Hmm, must try to get some to try out). But you mentioned that you are based in USA, I presumed must have moved to spore. Thank you letting us know where to get good fresh scallops.

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