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Chinese Biscuits

Chinese Biscuits
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This week is going to be a crazy busy bee week as I am hosting an important event at my company, and then I am off to San Francisco for more work.

My regular recipe posting will be taking a hiatus while I juggle my professional life (and shmooze and mingle with the corporate kinds). Instead, I will be serving up some food porn for your ogling pleasure.

I hereby kick start my food porn series with these savory Chinese biscuits filled with chopped scallions. They are called 蟹壳黄, or literally yellow crab shell, and yes, chopped scallions do make a fantastic filling! I love these biscuits; they are my favorite weekend munchies…

They are available at my favorite Taiwanese joint here in Irvine, California:

A & J Restaurant (半亩园)
14805 Jeffrey Rd # D
Irvine, CA 92618

There are branches in San Jose, California, too.

For more food porn, click here for my food photography. Happy President’s Day!

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  1. Love_at_first_bite

    Ooh, SF huh? Let me know if you plan on trying stopping by the east bay and I can give you some recommendations. Hope there’s time for some good eats in between all the work.

  2. tigerfish

    A & J ? There is a eatery(Taiwanese too) by the same name in the bay area but I don’t think it sells these snacks. Stay busy but don’t become crazy , okie? Hmmm…missing you in SF…again! :(

    P.S hey, I know Dan Shui has a version of very hard iron eggs that I don’t enjoy either. Those are hard-boiled eggs that are boiled so many times -making it a good “preserved” snack. Heee heee…I think every decent county in Taiwan has “Ah Po” something for that nostalgic feel. Hahahah…those tea eggs I featured are just like tea eggs. You will like it! :D

  3. Christine

    I’ve never had these but they look delicious. I’d like to try making them with chinese chives too.

    Hope you have some fun in S.F. :)

  4. Veron

    Oh bee, I miss chinese biscuits. Those look absolutely scrumptious. there’s nothing like chopped scallions as a filling, YUM!

  5. eatingplum

    Tigerfish-A&J does have those in least, I’m pretty sure they did a few years ago. Dunno about recently though.

    Rasa-don’t work too hard! And thanks for the food porn. My goal is to have photographs close to yours someday. =)

  6. Love_at_first_bite

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from digging in each time I dished up a bowl of the hokkien mee so there are no photos =(. The next time my freezer is full of shrimp shells I will be sure to take a few snapshots.

  7. Argus Lou

    Hi, Rasa Malaysia. Other bloggers recommended your blogsite, Wonda and Tunku Halim of Writelah (if I remember correctly from last year).

    Such yummy pictures!
    Is the dumpling one or two posts below something like ‘siu mai’?
    (Sorry, I cannot read Chinese.)

  8. kennymah

    Sounds tasty! What really jumped out at me though was the lead photograph… stunning colours for me, in a subdued old Chinese painting way… (Stunning? Subtle? What tokking you, Kenny?)

    Anyway, all the best with your busy week… Don’t forget to breath, dear! :)

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