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Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)

(This is not the real cover of the cookbook. It’s just one of the pictures I’d shot for the book.)

(Updated: Thanks sooooo much for your warm participation. Due to the overwhelming responses, this is now closed. I will be selecting the participants these two days. Those selected will be contacted via email. Thanks again!! )

I am almost done with the cookbook writing and am ready for recipe testing. My cookbook will be released in Fall 2011, by Tuttle/Periplus Publishing. It will be available worldwide. The title of the cookbook is not final yet, but it’s likely to be “EASY CHINESE: Chinese Classics, All-time Favorites to Dim Sum & Dumplings” or something along the line. Regardless of its final title, it’s a Chinese recipes cookbook with 80+ easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese recipes. It has tons of new recipes, color photography (styled and shot by yours truly), step-by-step picture guide, and more!

For the recipe testers, here is what I am looking for…

Chinese food fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, especially those based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. However, if you are based elsewhere, you are most welcome to volunteer.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. Your current location:
  2. Your Chinese cooking level: Professional / Intermediate / Beginner
  3. Make sure you have the correct email address in the E-mail field in the comment form so I can contact you.

What will you get in returns?

  1. Your name in the Acknowledgments chapter
  2. I’ll be giving away two (2) copies of my cookbook to the participants, so you will be entered into a raffle to win the cookbook, when it’s available.
  3. You’ll get to see the picture of the dish you will be testing (including the step-by-step picture guide, if applicable). No one has seen my cookbook pictures yet, and you will be the first one to see it!

What do you need to do?

  1. Test two (2) recipes assigned to you
  2. Fill out the recipe testing evaluation form (which I will provide) by August 22, 2010. The evaluation form is painless; it’s a 1-page form where you can rate the recipe and write your feedback and suggestions!

Unfortunately, not everyone volunteered will be selected to participate in the recipe testing. That being said, I might have to do a drawing to pick the recipe testers if the responses are overwhelming. If you are selected, I will be in touch with you via email.

Thank you so very much for your kind support and I look forward to working with you!  :)

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  1. Kim

    I’ve always wanted to try making Chinese dishes at home but am intimidated for some reason! I’d love to give it a whirl, especially since it’s supposed to be “Easy” Chinese! :)

    Current location: Iowa, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  2. Ana


    I would love to participate!

    Current location: Madrid, Spain
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    Greetings and good luck with your book!

  3. Kay

    Hey there! Love your recipes & would love even more to help you with your book by testing some of them!
    I am currently located in Austria and would classify myself at an intermediate level regarding my Chinese cooking skills.

    All the best with your book! =)

  4. I’d love to test some of these recipes for you! I do a lot of South Asian cooking, but Chinese is sadly neglected in my kitchen.

    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Chinese cooking level: beginner

  5. Sarah

    Current location: Hong Kong
    Level: Hm… I guess, intermediate.

    Looking forward to checking out your book!

  6. I know it may sound weird that me being a Malaysian wanting to test out the recipes from the cookbook. Thing is, alot of locally produced chinese recipe cookbooks and magazines don’t have accurate recipes and /or methods for the younger generations to learn more. Hence I’d hope to be one of the testers and to explore the more technical dishes.

    current location: Malaysia
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  7. I would love to participate, Bee! How exciting! I’m in San Jose, California and I’m a beginner at Chinese cooking, but lifelong die-hard Chinese food lover. Not sure if this affects my ability to help you, but I don’t eat pork. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I’ve been dabbling in Chinese cooking and took a cooking class in Shanghai earlier this year. I would love to learn more.
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Skill Level: Beginner

  9. Mike Hébert

    I would love to try. I would say my level is beginner with some experience as I try to make Chinese/Asian dishes a few times a week.
    I am in Lake Placid, Florida; USA

  10. Kary

    Current location: Washington, DC, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    I’d love to participate and can’t wait for the cookbook!

  11. Current location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

    I would LOVE to help test out recipes!

  12. I would love to participate too as i love making chinese food.
    I guess i am intermidiate. Ofcourse depending on the recipe ingridients as we do get a lot chinese things, i don’tkow if we get everything here. I would love to try new chicken dishes as my family love chicken more than beef.

  13. I love to cook, and I love Chinese food, but I don’t cook a lot of it at home. I’d love to help test recipes and learn a little more about Chinese cooking!

    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  14. tommi

    I’d like to praticipate
    Current location: Verbania, Italy
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    Rock on!

  15. Dorilys

    I can cook some Chinese food (mainly buns from scratch). So beginner/intermediate.

    I’m from Cincinnati, OH

  16. Sharon Campbell

    Hi there

    I would love to test your recipes! My resolution this year was to master Chinese cuisine!
    Location: UK
    Chinese cooking level: beginner

  17. Annie Pang

    Aloha Bee

    I’m a Malaysian living in Hawaii and would love to be your tester. I consider myself an intermediate chinese cook.

  18. Irene Chan

    Bee, alamak….forgot to tell, you can check some of my cooking from my FB. I like to cook Malaysian & Chinese cuisine during the weekend. Actually my cooking level I can said I’m proficient but not PRO. Hopefully I can hear from you soon~~~

  19. Tara

    1. Your current location: Wisconsin
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate/Beginner
    3. I like a challenge. I heart cooking. Chinese=deliciouness. We love eating the food together.

  20. Kristin

    Sounds like tasty fun!
    I’m in San Diego, CA, and I’d say I’m at least an intermediate Chinese cook. Would love to help!

  21. foodie4fun

    Lived in Taiwan. Speak and read enough Mandarin to get by on my own. Though I suspect I sound like an American version of Jackie Chan. Self taught Chinese cook. I have been cooking Chinese food for more than 20 years. Would love to help out.
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  22. Melanie

    Hi! I’m an intermediate level cook, in North Carolina (US). I’d love to be a recipe tester!

  23. Kathy Liew

    Location : Calgary, Canada
    Level : Intermediate

    Very excited for u n looking fwd to the cookbook!

  24. slammie

    location: Seattle, WA
    level: beginner/intermediate

    can’t wait to add this book to my cooking library!

  25. Zoe

    Sounds fun! I would love to participate….
    Current Location: Portland, OR
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  26. Zac Robinson

    I would love to help!
    I live in Columbia, Missouri, USA.
    I am an intermediate level Chinese cook.
    Hope I can help! :-)

  27. Alice

    Hi! I live in Atlanta, GA, USA and would love to test a recipe. My Chinese cooking level is intermediate. Thanks and good luck on this exciting book!

  28. Matthew

    Wow. I feel like I’ve already been participating for months. My Ma taught many a chef, mostly Malaysian and Chinese and Indian foods, but I’m no pro. I’m in Seattle and I’d rate myself intermediate. I’d love to contribute to your efforts … (You should subtitle your book, whatever its title becomes, “The Art and Craft of Chinese Cooking.”

  29. Shirley Wong

    I would like to try too!

    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    I have experimented with a lot of recipes that I found on internet, and I blogged about it personally on my Facebook page, which I share among my circle of friends. It’s all just for fun!

  30. hello there!
    i would like to be your cookbook recipe tester.
    i’m from melaka,malaysia and one of your fan!
    my chinese cooking level is beginner.
    i really love chinese cooking since i often eat it even i’m malay.
    this is my email
    best regard from me.

  31. MsFrugalicious

    I would be honored to test your recipes :)

    Location: Marysville, WA USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

    Thank you!

  32. Jeannie Buma

    Hello Bee,
    I live in the Netherlands.
    My Chinese cooking level is intemediate.
    I’m a Chinese food fan and enthusiast.
    Every success with your book.

  33. Luke Meadows

    Located in Adelaide, Australia
    I would say i am intermediate, but most everything i have learned has been from your site, other cook books, and experimenting! no lessons.

  34. ang chia wee

    hi! pick me please. i love your recipe. i love nyonya, penang food!
    current location : abu dhabi, uae
    chinese cooking level: beginner
    would love to have a copy of your recipe book.

  35. Natalia

    Hello! I am a big fan of your site. =) I would love to test drive your cook book.

    1.Your current location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

    Thank you!

  36. Vonny Groose

    Hi, pick me please! :) I posted some pictures of my cooking from your recipes on your facebook, I hope you remember me :)
    Current location: MA, USA.
    Level: intermediate
    Thanks! Looking forward to try your recipes.

  37. Charmaine Ferrara

    would love to help test!
    Charmaine Ferrara
    Current location: Eugene, Oregon (originally from Penang Malaysia)
    Thanks in advance :)

  38. Dianna

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, so I do look forward to the book!

    Your current location: Boston, MA
    Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  39. I should know/do more Chinese cooking being that I’m half-Chinese but I don’t! I did grow up with a grandmother who made hundreds and hundreds of won tons and spoiled us with her beef broccoli. I’d love to help if you need it – and hopefully kick-start some Chinese cooking in my own kitchen!

    Location: Washington, DC (USA)
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  40. I am so excited about this. I am retired and we live on a sailboat full time. I have a nice galley with a 4 burner stove and large top loading fridge and freezer so we do a lot of cooking onboard. Its not as easy as landlubber cooking but Im adjusting. Im a good cook, but a beginner at Chinese. I think I would be a great tester cause if you can cook it in a sailboat galley…..anyone can do it!

    Sami Bolton
    s/v Ever After

  41. Freddie Chang

    I’m always excited to try new recipe and learn new techniques, so I would love the chance to participate as a recipe tester.
    Location: Bay Area,California, United States
    Cooking Level: Intermidate (culinary student, P.C.I)

  42. Aleena Wee

    Location: Seattle, WA
    Level: Intermediate

    I love to eat and because of this, Im forced to learn to cook :) I have been using different food blogs (especially RM) to help me learn and try out different recipes. More so when Im home-sick and wanting Malaysian food .

  43. Rashda Khan


    I follow you on twitter and would love to test recipes for you!
    Current location: Texas, USA
    Chinese Cooking level: Intermediate

    Good luck with the project!

  44. Polly Welch

    Current Location: Rochester, NY
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

    From Malaysia as well, i miss a lot of the home-cooked meals, and i refer to your Web site quite a bit for ideas, thanks so much!

  45. Rachel Short

    Current Location: San Francisco, California
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate
    Love following your site for the great recipes and polished photography, excited to see a printed cookbook coming out!

  46. Willy

    I love to cook Chinese food for my family and am always looking for new recipes. I would love to participate in the testing.

    Location: Corona, CA

    Level: Beginner

  47. Mung Sar Tan

    Hi, I’m a Penangite currently based in Houston,Texas. Have started to learn cooking using your recipes since relocating here almost a year ago, with great success too, thanks to your easy-to-follow instructions. Would be honoured to help test your recipes. Level of proficiency : intermediate.

  48. caro ceren

    Would love to participate. I am a big fan of Oriental cooking ans consider myself a good cook. We have lots of the required ingredients here in the propics. Success in your venture!

  49. Chris

    What a great way to test your recipes out, by getting the people who would buy the book anyway! Id love to give some a try for you.
    Location: North Carolina (But im a Canadian ;)
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  50. Hana Azman

    I would be honored to test your recipes!

    Your current location: san Francisco, CA
    Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

    Thank you :)

  51. Silvett

    My Husband and I would love to participate!
    Current Location: New York City (Queens)
    Our Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

  52. Theresa

    I love Chinese and other Asian dishes – my all-time favorites!
    I have worked as a Personal Chef, and perhaps I would classify myself as semi-professional at this time.

    • Theresa

      I love Chinese and other Asian dishes – my all-time favorites!
      I have worked as a Personal Chef, and perhaps I would classify myself as semi-professional at this time.
      I currently live in the San Diego, CA area.

  53. Jackie

    1. Seattle, WA
    2. Intermediate

    Best of luck on your cookbook – I love the blog (as does my fiance’s stomach)!

  54. Hui

    I’m a Singaporean. I have tried several recipes from your website and love them all. Thanks!
    I would be honoured to help test your recipes.
    Location: Maryland
    Level: Intermediate

  55. Nazam

    Hi Bee! I’m a Malaysian residing in Malaysia, and would love to try out your recipes. Currently, I try out recipes, evaluate their effectiveness, and post those that make the grade (either in their original or in a modified form) in my website. Cheerio!

  56. Asia

    Hello! I would also like to be among the enthusiastic testers :-).
    Location: Poland.
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner.

  57. Angela Gibb

    Current Location: Ashburn, Virginia
    Chinese Cooking Level: (Advanced) Intermediate.

    Although I am not a professional chef, I have catered and am quite accomplished, especially when it comes to Asian cuisine. I would be SO delighted to test your recipe(s)!!

  58. Brooklyn, NY

    I’ve cooked many of your recipes from the website and had great success. So excited that you have a book coming out!

  59. Eliseo

    Hi, I am very interested, I live between San Diego, CA. and Mexico City, so I could give a try in both places, my cooking level is very proficient.

  60. Nyonya from Penang – I would love to test out your recipes.
    Current location – Buffalo, New York
    Cooking level – Intermediate++

  61. WJ

    Pick ME! *jumps up and down*

    I’ve tried making your recipes a couple of times and have blogged about it. (thanks for yr comment on my site) Would be honoured to try more of your recipes.

    Location: Italy
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  62. Louise Milligan

    I would like to try and help test your recipes. I’m a mother of 1 and I love to cook and try out different recipes. I used to work as a chef/cook (not professionally trained) at an English (England, UK) restaurant. But when I have my little girl, Bryony, I gave up work to look after her. I still cook and bake a lot.

    Here goes:-
    Location: Kent, England, UK
    Country of Origin: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
    Cooking Level: Semi-Professional/ Intermediate

  63. Rosie

    Sounds fantastic!

    Location: Oakland, CA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate (closer to beginner than advanced)

    I love cooking Chinese food and appreciate the simple techniques, fresh ingredients and healthfulness of many of the recipes.

  64. Hi! I would LOVE to be a recipe tester for you!

    1. My current location is between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    2. My Chinese cooking level is between beginner and intermediate depending on the dish.

    I really hope to hear from you! I love your website and would be Honoured to help you with your cook book!

    Thanks for your consideration!

  65. leslie


    I’m in if you need me! I live in the northeast US, and am beginner-intermediate level. My two kids will be your most enthusiastic tasters!

  66. Kerri Smith

    I’m located in State College, PA (home of Penn State and a pretty big Chinese student population, and a grocery store to go with it, so ingredients have never been a problem.)
    I’m on the border between beginner and intermediate. I’d LOVE to help!

  67. Iskandar

    hi my name is Iskandar originally from Malaysia and currently in south west of London. Would love to participate.
    Tried your satay and peanut sauce recipe the other day, they turned out superb! That was my first attempt too!

    Your current location: London, United Kingdom
    Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  68. Liz Thomas

    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

    I love your blog and photos. Have tried several of your recipes and all turned out great. Good lunk with your book !!

  69. Cheryl Town

    I’ve been an avid follower of yours for years and would love to participate and help out! I’ve previously edited a cookbook, taken many cooking classes, and have a well-worn, well-used collection of over 1,000 cookbooks lining the walls of my dining room!

    Current location: Tacoma, Washington
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate


  70. Hi Bee! I’d love to help you test recipes. I am a beginner Chinese cook but I think you’ll see on my site that I know my way around the kitchen!
    I’d be delighted to help you in any way. All best, Monte Mathews

  71. Manuel

    I am a culinary arts professor and I am willing to give you a hand with the recipes evaluations. I live and teach in Puerto Rico.This recipes could be a new twist to our standardize Chinese recipes.

  72. Claudine Koyama

    It would be so very exciting to test your recipes.
    Cooking level : Intermediate
    Current location : Seattle, WA

  73. Kristine Beck

    I’d love to recipe test. It would be fun. I’m Intermediate. Never cooked professionally. I love to learn to use new ingredients and try all cuisines. My large family will weigh in on the finished product :-) Located in Northern California on the Sonoma Coast, just south of Bodega Bay. cheers!

  74. Elena

    My current location: Aliso Viejo, CA
    My Chinese cooking level: Beginner

    I like browsing your page for simple Chinese/Malaysian recipes. As a Penangite who craves for local food, I always salivating by looking at your food pictures!

  75. ann marie + francois

    How much fun this could be !! Hubby and I live in NY– just south of Albany. we are intermediate level… we have cooked a bit more Chinese after a trip there a few yrs. ago. we have some great asian markets in our area too.

  76. Dana Stradley

    Good Afternoon! My name is Dana and I live in Amarillo, TX. I am a beginner with chinese cooking. I love to cook my own fried rice and I have attempted making eggrolls at home. I would love to learn more about chinese cooking and your book sounds great! I have my own wok that I purchased at the chinese market, and would love tomake more than fried rice. I would be honored and it would be fun if I was selected to test some recipes. Good luck and I look forward to the book, regardless!


  77. sgillies

    I would love to test your recipes! I do already.

    Location: suburban Atlanta
    Proficiency: I’ve never cooked for pay, but I’m a good amateur cook and I’m familiar with Chinese and SE Asian ingredients; and, I have access to them. Since I’m not a professional, I guess I’m intermediate.

  78. Hi i’d love to be a recipe tester! I’ve read your blog for quite some time and really love the stuff you do!
    My Chinese cooking level is intermediate.
    I live in Europe. the Netherlands!

  79. Location: Frederick, MD USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: intermediate to slightly advanced
    I have had a love of cooking Asian food, especially Malay and Singapore style since we were stationed in KL with the Peace Corps in the 70’s…Happy to thlep you out..

  80. fanmeiling

    Hello –

    This sounds great! My info is as follows:

    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Cooking Level: Intermediate (can do either savory or sweet dishes)

  81. Tom Flaherty

    I would love to test your recipes.
    Hometown: Boston, MA
    Cooking level: was a pro 20 years ago, now I cook for fun.

    I have made several of your recipes for my Chinese wife and she has loved them!

  82. Meredith Conner

    I would love to be a recipe tester.

    Current Location: Cincinnati, OH USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Beginner

    Thanks and best wishes with the book.

  83. PeterCatchpole

    1. Your current location: England
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Teach Oriental Cooking, Intermediate
    3. Hope to be selected, able to follow recipes faithfully and provide accurate feedback. Live close to large Chinese communites of Southampton and Bournemouth and will be able to source the correct recipe ingrediants.

  84. Jit Fong

    I’ve tried (and loved) several of your recipes on Rasa Malaysia (e.g. sambal telur, braised pork belly), and I would love to test recipes from your new book.
    Location: Long Beach, Calif.
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  85. Meredith Chan

    oooo, pick me, pick me.. I would love to help test!

    1. location: San Francisco/Bay Area
    2. Cooking Level: Beg/Intermediate

  86. *Current location: San Diego, CA
    *Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    I was raised on Chinese/Vietnamese cuisine. And if it makes any difference, I really hate P.F. Chang’s.

    For a sampling of my review style, please check out my yelp account:

    (Even though the comments will be limited to the form that you provide, I thought it might be helpful)

  87. Amanda Z.

    Current location: Alabama

    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    I would love the chance to help out. The best of luck with your cookbook!

  88. Lucy Tran

    Bee! I’d love to help you test your recipes! Cooking level: Good enough to not burn down the house :)

  89. AJ Chow

    Hi, a KL girl here. Currently finishing up my post-grad studies in Canada and would love to try out some authentic Malaysian/Chinese recipes. Thanks for your consideration and good luck with your cookbook.

    Location: Halifax, Canada
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  90. oncomouse

    Current Location: State College, PA (which has surprisingly great Asian Markets) (also, apparently more than one fan of this blog)
    Cooking Experience: I’ve been cooking Chinese food for the last ten years (daily for the last two years), but don’t have any professional experience, so I guess “intermediate”.

    Anyway, I’m a big fan of your site, so I’d love the opportunity.

  91. ruth hanschka

    Current location: Bloomfield, CT USA
    Cooking level: intermediate – I’m a far better baker than cook, but I’ll take a crack at just about anything.

  92. Ann

    Congratulations! Love your blog and photography and would be happy to test some recipes.
    Current Location: Portland, Oregon
    Chinese Cooking Level: Beginner

  93. Steph Yau-Peekstok

    1) I am originally from Costa Mesa, CA, but live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, now.

    2) Intermediate

  94. Lawrence Parks

    Corporate Chef located in Massachusetts, USA
    Been cooking Asian foods professionally for years. Been part of a few recipe testing scenarios for multiple cookbooks. Wife is Korean, so ingredients are always on hand.

    Enjoy your site.

  95. Marja Allen

    Ooooh pick me ! I would love to be a tester !!

    Current location: Laurel, MD

    Skill level: Intermediate/Beginner – I have done quite a bit of home chinese cooking but nothing that I would consider professional. I love to dabble and try new new recipes and techniques.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity to your readers ! Can’t wait for the book to come out !

  96. Nerrissa

    Your current location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
    Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate / Beginner

    Hi!! I love your site, I have made over 20 different recipes on here with great success (only a couple disasters) I would love to participate!! I am so excited for your book to come out, I”m on your site religiously and my boyfriend thanks you! :) Best of Luck!


  97. Jamie

    Location: Columbia, MO
    Level: Intermediate. I’m a culinary school grad, but I don’t cook Chinese food too often. Also, I don’t have a wok, but I do have a bamboo steamer.

  98. Meghan

    I would adore being a tester. I have been teaching myself various asian cuisines for a while now, but am lacking in many areas (especially authentic Chinese). Many of my Medical School classmates are Chinese, but sadly don’t cook, although they could be wealthful tasters. So I’d say beginning intermediate… Location: Currently the West Indies Caribbean, but soon to return home to Austin Texas;)-

  99. Debz

    Intermediate cooking skills, from: Herington, KS (originally Dewey, AZ)

    I’m from the middle of the United States ‘KANSAS’, and my home is practically in the center of Kansas (Herington). I have been cooking Chinese food since 1978. I would say that my pantry always has rice sticks (noodles), 3 Crab Fish Sauce, shrimp, hot pepper flakes, Chinese hot sauce, rice, wonton wraps, and tons of vegetables.

    I made your Shrimp with turmeric, fish sauce, carrots, cucumbers, and rice sticks, with red pepper flakes today. I added fresh spinach to it because I had tons in the fridge. I must say, it was good and easy to make; took 20 minutes to make.

  100. Debra Davis

    I would love to be a tester. I have been cooking Asian food for years, but would rate intermediate I guess. I love to cook for a group of international exchange students a couple of times a month to give them some tastes of home, which happens to be Malaysia for most of them.
    Current location- Texas, USA

  101. Tara

    current location: DC, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner
    I would love to participate! Thanks!

  102. Caroline

    I would love to test some of your recipes!
    Location: Zürich, Switzerland
    Chinese Cooking Level: Beginner
    I cook Asian food almost every day but mostly Korean, Thai and Vietnamese so it would be great to try some Chinese recipes.

  103. Jun

    Your current location: Malmö, Sweden
    Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

    Hi! I’m a Singaporean Chinese living in Sweden and your recipes are very much appreciated here to ease my food homesickness! :)

  104. Naomi

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Skill level: Intermediate
    Looking forward to your first cookbook!

  105. Jessica Chambers

    Current Location: Alberta, Canada

    I am a beginner level. I love trying new dishes, and my husband and son don’t mind being my guinea pigs!!! I love chinese food and would love to try and be apart of this!

  106. Stephanie Borthwick

    Would love to try your recipes!
    I’m probably beginner to medium experience at Chinese cooking. I live in Palm Desert, CA.

  107. Sandy

    Location: Las Vegas
    Cooking Level: Beginner.
    Although I consider myself to be in the Intermediate level for most of the cooking I do, I am only in the Beginner level when it comes to Asian cooking, but looking forward to increasing my skills. Subscribing to your blog has removed some of the doubt and the use of new ingredients isn’t quite as intimidating as it once was.

  108. Amanda B

    Current location: Seattle, WA
    Cooking Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    I would love to help participate!

  109. I used to own restaurants and Cafe (Malaysian, Japanese and Kiwi) in Malaysia and New Zealand and enjoy good food.
    Location: NZ
    Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I subscribe to your site and refer to it frequently for recipes and great photos.

  110. JK

    I’d love to test your recipes.
    Location: Bristol, UK ( malaysian born, lived in Australia for 20 years now currently located here)
    Level: Intermediate
    Access to ingredients: there’s an Asian groceries store here but not sure if you can get all the ingredients.

  111. Ethan Y

    Congratulations in the launch of your cookbook!
    I would love to test the recipes for you.
    I grew up in Malaysia and really missed all the ethnic Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian food. And of course, missed so much the Peranakan style dishes and desserts!
    I love to cook and guest that must have come from mom! Accompanying mom to the market and watching her is where I initially learned the intricate details, styles and techniques.
    Currently I am located in San Jose, California. And I have access to almost all ingredients and spices locally, in San Francisco or online.
    Please let me know how i can best help you.

  112. Laura

    I live in Chicago and consider myself an intermediate Asian cook. I grew up in Singapore but have lived in the states since I came over for college 10 years ago, so I am always looking for opportunities to learn how to cook food that reminds me of home. Also, my mom did not cook the way most traditional Chinese moms cook, so I didn’t get to learn a lot about Chinese cooking, picked up most of my skills from blogs like yours.

    • Jay

      I would like add if you pick me, I would like to try either noodle or shrimp dishes. Have been cooking since the age of 14 (total of 24yrs and counting)

  113. koyuki

    Congratulations on the new cookbook!

    1.Your current location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  114. Anne

    Austin, Texas, where we have some very good Asian markets and several terrific Chinese restaurants. I’d say intermediate at the cooking (many years’ practice but Chinese cooking is a huge topic so maybe I’m more of a beginner!), expert at the eating — Chinese food is always my favorite and we’ll try anything. We’ve traveled to China often, have Chinese relatives. Love every recipe I’ve tried from your website! Congratulations on the cookbook!

  115. Chaitali

    I would love to be a recipe tester!
    Current location: Buffalo, NY
    Cooking level: an enthusiastic beginner :)

  116. I would love the excuse to cook your lovely recipes (and turn my well-honed copy editor’s eye to your work):

    Current location: Portland, OR
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner to Intermediate — comfortable cook in general, but my Chinese cooking knowledge has only been gleaned from cookbooks.

  117. Jane Tan

    I am living in New Zealand and would love to be one of your testers. I am in intermediate cook only

  118. your ginger scallion crab recipe was what started my adventures in the kitchen! especially after my trip to singapore and malaysia, your recipes have been a great help for when i miss dishes like chili stingray where your recipe for grilled chili fish was remarkably quite close! now if we can only get baby kailan in the u.s.!

    i’m located in san francisco, california and i would consider my cooking school as beginner.

  119. I would love to be a recipe tester! I am from Tempe, AZ and would say that I have an intermediate level with Chinese cooking…mostly stems from the fact that I am Vietnamese and we use a lot of similar products. I have very easy access to any asian ingredient since we have specialty stores in the area that I live. I hope I am chosen and can provide you with some wonderful feedback. :) You can contact me at Thanks!

  120. I am from Manila, worked in Singapore for 9 yrs (1990-1999), love Chinese/Singaporean/Peranakan/Malay and Indian food (and Filipino food), currently staying in Glendale CA, hobby is to cook for my friends and family, a devoted father, music ministry head, food photographer and a graphic designer!
    can I put my age… 47yrs old!

    Location: Glendale, CA
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate

    God bless!

  121. Jane

    Current Location: Santa Clara, CA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate+
    Looking forward to testing your wonderful recipes!!

  122. Hi bee, would be an honour to be selected. I’m orifinally from Penang but now based in the UK and would bring a perspective on availability of ingredients. Cooking level is intermediate having not worked in professional kitchen but able to follow complex steps (e.g. Michelin chef cookbooks) if required. Also a photography enthusiast so can make snaps of end results if required. Thanks and good luck with book, Eric

  123. Michael Rasmussen

    I love Dim Sum and would love to help you.
    I live in East Central Ohio in the country near Zanesville
    I’m an intermediate cook.
    I love following recipes to the tee.
    Good luck and good wishes

  124. Stephen

    Current location: Ottawa, Canada
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate
    I’d love to help! I keep recommending your site to friends, and I find your recipes to be some of the tastiest and the most like what I had while living in China.

  125. I’d love to volunteer (or be entered in a drawing to volunteer). I’ve tried several of your recipes, and they’ve been wonderful!

    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate with fish, beginner for everything else

  126. AYSHA

    Hi hi! I would love to help test out your recipes :-) I cook quite a bit of Asian food at home, mainly Indian as my parents are originally from Bangladesh. Have not tried many Chinese recipes so would classify myself as a Beginner though I would love to learn more about Chinese cooking.
    Current Location: London, UK

  127. AYSHA

    Hi hi! I would love to help test out your recipes :-) I cook quite a bit of Asian food at home, mainly Indian as my parents are originally from Bangladesh. Have not tried many Chinese recipes so would classify myself as a Beginner though I would love to learn more about Chinese cooking.
    Current Location: London, UK
    Oh forgot to mention, I don’t eat pork

  128. Whoooo ! A great adventure !!!!!
    I was one of the Steamy Kitchen Cookbook testers and I’d love to join !

    Location : Paris
    Chinese Cooking Level : Intermediate (regularly cooking thaï food / making my own curry paste – cooking Jaden’s recipes At least Twice a month ^^)

    Have fun testing/tasting !!!!!

  129. chris

    Wow – I guess I might be a bit too late!
    But I love your blog and it would be an honour to help test out some recipes.
    Location – London
    Chinese Cooking Level – Intermediate
    Chinese Eating Level – Professional!

  130. pablo jimenez


    would love to be a tester! love your recipes and enjoy trying them! all the best for the book and looking forward to reading it. Have a nice day! pablo

  131. pablo jimenez

    hahahah sorry forgot to mention :

    based in lausanne switzerland, level: intermediate

    have a nice day!

  132. Tango888

    Current Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

    Would love to test out your wonderful recipes !!!

  133. Katherine

    I’d loooove to be a tester!! My sister and I love your site and try out your recipes as well as recipes from other blogs and cookbooks at least once a week. We’d love to add Chinese to our repertoire!

    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Level: Beginner Chinese

  134. Kat

    Love reading your blog and would love to help out! It would be great to learn a new recipe too!

    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  135. Grace Han


    I would love to participate!

    Current location: New York, NY
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner


  136. Raf

    Hi would love to help you out. I am considering writing a cookbook myself so would love to see the proces. Having lived in Europe for 30 years, raised by a mum who cooks Asian food very well I consider myself a good tester. I have experience cooking from other Chinese cookbooks and know the Chinese palate well, having visited first class restaurants in amongst others Hong Kong.

    Location: the netherlands
    Level: intermediate/professional

  137. Yilin

    1. Your current location: MN, USA
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  138. Nor Aini Adnan

    I am a cookbook writer based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Have been testing recipes for Fraser and Neave and Nestle. Chinese cooking is in the family as I’m married to one. I’m Muslim and love cooking.Great what you’re doing! Chinese level of cooking—intermediate and part professional.

    Have written 18 cookbooks. 5 of which are in English under the publication PRESTON.

    All the best to you!

    Nor Aini Adnan, Malaysia

  139. Cookie C. Choo Choo

    Dear Bee, I am a Singaporean Chinese who is currently based in London. Before I came to London, I hardly cooked, but I am kinda forced to learn when I come here, so you are like my ‘teacher’ because I learnt so many great recipes from your website! I would be so excited and happy and honoured if I can try some recipes for you! ^^ I only have 1+ year of cooking experience, so you can say I am a beginner. :)

  140. Luanna Squerzi

    I would so love to be involved in testing your recipes. While my general cooking and food knowledge is advanced, my Chinese cooking level is intermediate. Would love to learn more from you.
    Location: Tustin, California

  141. MelissaG

    I would love to help out/participate/be lucky enough to test a recipe(s)!

    Current Location: Seattle, WA
    Skill Level: between Beginner and Intermediate

  142. Susan


  143. Sounds fun! I’m Chinese/Singaporean and a decent cook, but I don’t do much Chinese cooking, so I should classify myself as a beginner/intermediate. I’m in Boston, MA.

  144. Joyce Cheng

    Hi i would love to try your recipe.. looking forward to it…must be delicious…
    Current Location: Queenstown, New Zealand,
    Skill level : Beginner

  145. Ni Cuu

    It would be great fun to test out some of your receipts for your new book.
    Current location: London, United Kingdom
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate/Beginner depend on the course

  146. Quyen

    Sounds like a great project and opportunity!

    Location: Southern CA
    Skill Level: Intermediate

  147. Peggen Tan

    Hi Bee! I would LOVE to be part of this!

    I’m from Penang, living in Melbourne Australia.

    Skill level: intermediate.

  148. Toh Chia Huay

    This idea is absolutely great!
    Location: Penang, Malaysia
    Skill Level: Intermediate

  149. Debbie current location Sacramento, Northern California.

    I would love to help test recipes. Intermediate having worked in my parents’ Chinese restaurants for years.

  150. Linda Licker

    I would love to do some recipe testing for your cookbook. My level is intermediate for Chinese recipes. I love to cook foods from many countries.
    I am in Dallas, Texas.

  151. PatA

    Would love to be able to participate in this.
    Location: Woodland WA USA
    Intermediate in Chinese/Southeast Asian and Indonesian cooking.

  152. Vera

    This sounds fun. I’m Indonesian Chinese currently living in the US. Cooking level: Intermediate.

  153. mary grace

    Hello, it would be cool to test your chinese recipes.
    I’m filipino-canadian and loves to cook for my family.
    Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
    Skill Level : Intermediate

  154. Glenn Shojinaga

    My skill level with chinese cooking is begining but I love cooking anything. I love to try your recipies for any level of cooking.

  155. Justin Timbers

    Chinese Cooking Skill Level: Intermediate
    Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  156. Semara St. Denny

    Have been cooking only Malay food until I came to the United States. Now I have tried cooking all kinds of food from all over the world, but Malay and Chinese cooking is still a staple in my kitchen. Would love to
    test your recipes

    Location: San Francisco, California
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  157. Jan Quek-Ferland

    Cooking is 1 of my passion coming from Singapore. Love to be part of your cookbook/tester.
    Current location – Thunder Bay, ON Canada
    Cooking Level – dont consider myself a professional as I dont make a living out of my cooking but I am not in the intermediate range either :)

  158. it looks like you have more than enough volunteers, but i’d like to throw my hat into the ring :)

    Current Location: Guam
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate; proficient and experienced, but not professional!

  159. Millie Lau

    Being a born and bred Penangite, I always craves for local Penang food and Chinese cuisine when I was away. I started cooking intensely when I moved to Japan 2 years ago. As a beginner, I would love to try new recipes and looking forward to your new book!

    My current location: Japan
    My Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  160. Elsie

    My level would be intermediate. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and would love to test your recipes, particularly spicy ones. Just so you know we really are serious pepperheads, we grow our own Scotch Bonnet peppers.

  161. Alice

    I would like very much to participate.

    1. Current location: New Zealand
    2. Cooking level: Intermediate / Beginner

  162. Vivian Bates

    Location: Scappoose, Oregon -northwest of Portland, Oregon
    Skill level- at least intermediate

    I have cooked many of the recipes you have posted on your site.

  163. Kevin L

    i’d like to test your recipes! I hope I’m not too late.
    Current Level: Intermediate

    Current location: Orange County, CA, USA

  164. precious

    I would love to be able to help you out!
    Current location Southern California.
    My Chinese cooking level = beginner. I’ve been around around Chinese and Vietnamese cooking my whole life! Chinese eating level = expert ;)


  165. Ed Gonzales

    I would love to participate
    Current location – Stockton, CA, USA
    Chinese cooking Level – Intermediate

  166. I love the picture and anything blue and white. I would pickup the book with that picture on the cover and look inside if I saw it at a book store.

    I live in Oklahoma with my family. We LOVE to cook together. Date night for my husband and I often means good wine, a good recipe and time in the kitchen with our two children. My 8 year old son recently made the comment, “Mamma, that smells just like saffron.” I am Norwegian, my husband from south Texas so our cooking is often a combination of the two!

    We are beginners. I’ve made pork dumplings using a recipe given to me by the Chinese teacher at our local high school. That’s it, total beginners.

    Good luck with your book! We’ll be looking for it!

  167. Miffy

    Current location: Perth, Australia (background chinese descent from Indonesia)
    Cooking level: between intermediate and professional

  168. Wendy

    Chicago OLINtermediate
    I am Australia born Chinese living in the US with a Chinese chef for a dad so would love to test a recipe of two

  169. Mark Minster

    I often use recipes from rasamalaysia. The recipes are easy to follow and authentic, in fact visitors to our place for dinner always comment on the flavours and that the food is better than restaurants.

    If your book is anywhere near as good as what you post on your website it will sell like hotcakes.

    Keep up the good work, the food just keeps getting better.

    PS My wife is Malaysian Chinese and she has commented on the food being like they have in KL and Penang.

  170. Ariyal Khoo

    Pick me… pick me! :) I started learning to cook with RM blog, hope I could learn more by being one of the lucky testers!

    1.Current location: Singapore
    2.Chinese cooking level: In between of Beginner + Intermediate

  171. Louise Ng

    I love your website and would love to help test recipes!
    Current location – New York City, NY, USA
    Chinese cooking level – Intermediate

  172. Tam Pham


    I would love to test out the recipes from your upcoming book!

    Location: Seattle
    Level: Beginner

  173. Charles H Rooney Jr

    Hello and to tell you the truth I would like to have a copy of your new cook book…. Good Luck!!
    I am located in Friendship, Wisconsin and my cooking skills are intermediate. Love to cook too!

  174. Stephen Lai

    This was the first website I used when I decided to learn to cook Chinese food. You rock!

    1. California, USA
    2. Beginner

  175. June Foo

    1. Current location: Singapore
    2. Cooking level” Intermediate

    Have been following your blog for ages & trying your recipes. Love the homely feel to them!

  176. Shannon

    Hello there!
    I’ve tried out some of your website recipes and would love to help!.
    Current location: Bethesda, MD, USA.
    Chinese Cooking level: beginner

  177. Jennifer L.

    I’d love to try out more of your recipes for testing purposes!
    1. Current Location: San Jose, CA
    2. Cooking Level: Beginner ~ Intermediate depending on style

  178. Gary C.

    LOVE your site! I try to make at LEAST one new recipe every week, usually from this site. Every time I go to Calgary the girl at the check-out asks me if I have a Thai/Asian restaurant as I’m buying hundreds of dollars of ingredients :o) I work in a grocery store and cooking is my passion! Pick me… my 9 year-old daughter is my taste tester, she’d be THRILLED!

    1.) Current Location: Creston, B.C., Canada
    2.) Chinese Cooking Skill Level: Intermediate

  179. grace

    i would like to participate. Im malaysian chinese growing up eating and cooking chinese dishes. i cook japanese dishes more now and realise that my chinese cooking is getting bad. i would say my level of cooking is intermediate. location, houston, tx

  180. I would love to participate

    Location: New York City, Antigua, Lebanon and Bankok
    Your Chinese cooking level:Intermediate

    Have extensive recipes on my facebook page many Asian Inspired.

    All the best,

    Benny Doro

  181. Ana

    Hi! I’d love to test some recipes from your upcoming cookbook!

    1.Current location: Boston, MA
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate (I’ve learned a bit from watching my father and sister in the kitchen.)

  182. Michelle Huynh

    I first fell in love with your site after seeing all the gorgeous photos! I’m American born Chinese with parents who emigrated from Vietnam, so I’m well versed in Asian cuisine. I’m currently in Seattle, WA where I have access to sometimes hard to find ingredients. My skill is more than intermediate, but not (yet) professional. I’d love to be a tester – and I can’t wait for the book!

  183. Su Yee

    I’d love to be a tester. I’m from Penang, a nyonya myself, but I really started cooking for myself when I started my graduate studies.
    Current location: Athens, GA, USA
    Cooking level: beginner-intermediate.

  184. Reshy Resh

    Hello!! Sounds amazing and would love to give your recipes a shot!

    My Location is: Melbourne, Australia
    My Chinese cooking level: Professional / Intermediate

  185. Jeff Siaw

    I’d really like to participate. I need to get better at cooking Chinese!
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan.
    Cooking Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  186. Min Ai

    Love your blog! Hopefully I’m the first one from Australia to submit an entry to increase my chances *fingers crossed*!

    Current location – Sydney, Australia
    Cooking level – Intermediate

  187. Heidi

    Wow – how exciting!! Congrats!! :)

    I’d love to help! My current location is Orange County, California. And I’d consider myself a beginner-plus to intermediate-minus on the Chinese cooking level. Hope to hear from you!

  188. Pat

    Hi, I am in Sydney, Australia and am a home cook/intermediate, would love to test run your recipes! Have tried several of your recipes and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

  189. Aaron Zhang

    Hi Bee, I’m a very long time follower of your site, but this is my first time posting! Very happy and excited to be a food tester for your very own cookbook.

    Current location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  190. Congratulations on the book! Your website is a staple in our home.

    1.Your current location: I am an Australian living in Dallas Texas
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate
    3 I’m also a food and restaurant writer and have tested recipes before. I’ve just started a blog writing about my two passions – food & my kids.

  191. isham

    Hi this sounds like great fun and a great way for me to build my knowledge of Chinese quisine. I currently live in Tasmania, Australia. I cook alot of Asian food mainly due to my Malaysian background and enjoy sharing my dishes with many of my friends who havnt experienced much Asian food. I look forward to hearing from you.

  192. Ramon Marco

    I am from the Philippines & I would really like to join. I’m just an intermediate level when it comes to chinese cooking. I like experimenting a lot on different asian cuisines as a weekend hobby.

  193. Jayne

    Oh, I’m interested :-)

    1. Your current location: Malaysia
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Between Intermediate & Beginner

  194. Adele

    I’m a Malaysian who’s living in MN for almost 17 years. Most Chinese cooking I’ve learned is from watching my mom cook, and experimenting on my own. It’s always nice to be able to get new easy and delicious recipes from a cook that is in the US, so it’s easier with measurements and ingredient substitutes. I love all food in general, but I’d love to test your recipes!
    Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
    Skill Level: Intermediate.

  195. Martha Mikel-Hong

    What a wonderful opportunity to try new recipes!! I have traveled in many Asian countries LOVE your web-site. I am so happy you are writing a cookbook and wish you much success!! Blessings in this new venture and I would LOVE to be a part of it!!

  196. Bernadette

    Greeting from sunny Singapore!
    I’m your typical Singaporean – eat, live, dream, breathe food everyday :)
    I would definitely love for a chance to be part of this interesting cornucopia of contributors.

    Cooking level:edging towards intermediate with every recipe I try from your website!

    Location: The little red dot of Singapore

  197. Jane

    I’d love a chance to be a recipe tester.
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate

  198. Gurmit Kaur

    Wow! I would love to participate.
    I’m a Malaysian, based in KL.
    Chinese cooking skills: intermediate.

  199. Regina

    Started cooking when I was 9 years old. Started my own herb garden this year. Grew up in Hong Kong, but did not learn how to cook Asian cuisine till I immigrated to the US.

    Current location: California, USA
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  200. Sharene

    Location: New Jersey, USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I would like to partipate and love to have one of your oookbooks. Never get tired of Chinese food and loves cooking Chinese food. Cook at least 5 times a week in my specially built Oriental kitchen.

  201. Wendy

    I’m an Australian Chinese living in Chicago, IL. Intermediate thanks to my dad who is a Chinese chef. Hope I can help w/ a recipe or two!

  202. Irene

    Sounds like fun!
    1.Current location: Newark, DE
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate (All of my Chinese cooking knowledge comes from my mom)

  203. sherine lim

    I would like to participate,
    my currant location is Peanag Malaysia
    cooking skill intermediate to professional in authentic hainanese food

  204. Cherry

    My entire family loves your recipes – most definitely check out your website on a daily basis.

    I would love to participate!

    1. Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    2. Cooking Level: Intermediate

    Hope to hear from you.

  205. Ruby

    I would love to participate :) I am currently based in Seattle, WA, and am a beginner level Chinese cook.

  206. Hasmin C.

    Aloha! I currently reside on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I consider my Chinese cooking level as intermediate, not yet an expert, since I love to learn about new cooking techniques/shortcuts, and finding unique ingredients. :)

  207. Jennifer

    How exciting. I would love to assist you and be a recipe tester.

    I live in San Jose, CA and an intermediate cooking level.

  208. Delicia

    Current location: A Malaysian Chinese living in Costa Mesa, California
    Cooking level: I would say in between beginner and intermediate
    I would love to participate as a recipe tester. I’ve been cooking Malaysian cuisine for my husband and would like to try your new recipes so I can learn to make authentic Chinese delicacies for him. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your site.

  209. Mei Foong

    1.I’m Malaysian and now stay in Singapore, my hometown next to Penang.
    2.May be intermediate. Like to eat and cook all food.

  210. Linda

    I’ll love to be a tester!
    Current location: Mission Viejo, CA
    Chinese Cooking level: intermediate
    Good luck on your book! :D

  211. Corlin

    I am currently staying in Australia Brisbane.
    Cooking experiences – Beginner.
    Really hope that will be pick for the your food tester. I really love the recipe you intro to us here.
    Look forward to your cook book. Wish you all the best and you have make Malaysia dish so proud :)

  212. Starr T

    I would love to be a recipe tester. Thank you for bringing back memories of all the stuff i ate whenever i go back to visit KL.
    Location = New York, NY
    Cooking Level = Beginner

  213. Chin Ai

    Hi, I’d love to test your recipes!
    My location: Australia
    Chinese cooking skill: Beginner/Intermediate

  214. Chin Ai

    Hi, I’d love to test your recipes!
    My location: Australia
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

  215. Meredith Chan

    Hi.. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help test your recipes!

    Location: San Francisco\Bay Area
    Cooking Level: Beg\Intermediate

  216. Jolita

    Current location: Hamburg, Germany
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner++

    I would also like to participate as a tester. We love chinese food!

  217. Siew Feun

    I’ve been searching for easy chinese recipes that “work”.
    It will be fun to try out your new recipes. :)
    Current location: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  218. Aff

    I’d love to be a recipie tester. Wish I could be testing your food. Mmmm…
    Already love your recipies…
    I’m so happy for you that your book is coming out soon. Hope it will be available here in Australia.

    Location: Perth, Western Australia
    Chinese food cooking level: Intermediate

  219. Hi

    I am a professional chef from UK, specialising in Asian Fusion(see my website) I would be more than happy to participate, I love asian food and travel to the far east every year. I look forward to your response.


  220. djamkul


    Recipe testing ?! Great idea ! Would love to join the fun !!
    1. Location : French-malay born in KL now leaving in Bordeaux, France
    2. Intermediate
    ciao !

  221. Yvonne Lunsong

    I am a Malaysian currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cooking level = Beginner. I’ve already tried a couple of your recipes which turned out really well and I would love to be one of your testers.

  222. Maud Christensen

    I would love to be one of your Cookbook Recipe Testers.
    I’m from Denmark, (Scandinavia-Europe) but my current location is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    My Chinese cooking level is beginner. But I love making food, and since I’ve moved to Dubai, I’ve tried a lot of new cusines (and spices), including lots of recipes from Asia & India.
    In fact, I’ve started to collect/write down my own ‘home-designed’ recipes.
    Hope to cook for u!

  223. Ananthi Parkin


    I would love to test the recipes on your book.
    My Current location is Newcastle, UK and i would say i am a professional in chinese cooking.

  224. Moreen

    So glad I discovered your blog, it’s been a blast cooking much loved dishes we so greatly miss from home! We’ve tried several recipes and absolutely love your satay sauce and satay chicken recipe! Yumm!

    Would love the chance to be your recipe tester.
    Current location: Australia
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  225. Pingchien

    Hi! I will love to be a cookbook tester. I love Chinese food but they are hard to get and expensive in Switzerland!
    Location: Malaysian in Switzerland
    Cooking level: Intermediate.

  226. Dosef

    I love your blog and have tried a few recipes already…your pictures make your food looks so enticing! I’d love t participate and look forward to the cookbook release!!


    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  227. Corrina Tan

    Would love to be part of this monumental project. Many of the Chinese cookbooks I know don’t test their recipes and more often than not, I’ve to tweak and adjust the recipes to death to get it right. So the fact that you’re getting your readers involved in the testing process gets a TEN from me!
    Am from Singapore and intermediate in Chinese cooking.

  228. iheartasia


    I love your posts and will be keen to try out a couple of your recipes! :)

    Current location: Surrey, England
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

  229. Sonia Leung

    I would LOVE to test recipes!

    Your current location: Ann Arbor, MI
    Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate-Beginner

  230. Ling Lim

    1. I’m a Penangite living in Manchester, UK.

    2. Intermediate.

    I have a Greek husband with two young children. I’m hoping to get my family to eat more easy to cook, healthy, Chinese food.

  231. HUI Mei Ling

    May i register to test out your recipes?

    I am an intermediate to advanced cook and I live in Singapore.

    I look forward to trying out your test recipes – what fun!

    Thank you.

    With warmest regards
    Mei Ling

  232. Jeremy

    Current Location: Seattle, WA
    Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I’d love to help provide you with a male cook’s perspective. I am Malaysian and have lived away from home for almost 10 years now. Cooking Malaysian food is how I keep my home sickness at bay.

  233. Andrea

    Location: Sydney Australia
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate / Beginner

    well done on getting this far in your book publishing venture!

  234. Wai Chee

    Melbourne, Australia
    Location : Melbourne, Australia

    Cooking level: Intermediate

    Love to be one of your recipe tester if I may!!

  235. Hi,

    I would like to participate. I am originally from Alor Setar and if will be great if I can participate to try your Malaysia recipes especially northern Malaysia dish. I have previously tried your Chai Buey recipe and it was simple to cook & taste very good.

    Current location: Cirencester, UK
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  236. Adam

    I’d love to help test the recipes. We eat a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, etc, etc and my Family love it all!! Hope I can be some help. Good luck with your book!!

    Location: Indiana, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  237. Thérèse

    I would love to try!
    My current location: Brussels, Belgium
    My Chinese cooking level: intermediate, but I have a proficient knowledge of Chinese cuisine (I am Chinese, and grew up with my mom’s Shanghai-style cooking).

  238. Karen

    I m a full time working mom of 2. Like to try recipes that is simple n healthy. And most importantly little preparation time. I’m a beginner from Singapore. =)

  239. Kasia


    i’d love to take on this challenge – sounds very exciting and I enojoy cooking Chinese food too:)

    Location: London, UK
    Level: Intermediate

    best wishes:)

  240. Duane Middlebrook

    Wow! I’m surprised at all the responses already here. Still, I’ll toss my hat in the ring. I am American but live in the Philippines. My Chinese cooking skills are intermediate. I have been doing it since 1982.

  241. Nancy

    I am currently staying in Tasmania, Australia.
    Cooking experiences – Intermediate.
    Love your recipes especially your Raspberry Muffins…with my fresh Raspberry from my garden…. really yummy :-)

  242. Shell Carroll

    Hi Bee, Love your blog and your recipes. I am an avid Asian cook, mainly with Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese.
    Would love to help with recipe testing!
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  243. Sumeet

    Been cooking Chinese for several years now and would love to test your recipes. Sounds great!
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Chinese cooking Level: Intermediate / proficient

  244. Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Chinese Cooking Level: professional
    Or isn’t that possible? To have a professional level as an amateur cook? :-)
    Anyway, I’m not afraid of any recipe and I think it would be fun to test some of yours.

  245. Mariceli Ramirez

    I love chinese food and I make it at home at least once a week. My expertise is intermediary. I have taken cooking lessons and I am pretty confident when it comes to cooking. I leave in Coral Springs, FL and would love to be able to test your recipes.

  246. Hang Burns

    1.Your current location: North Carolina
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner…more experience in southeast asian cooking but beginning to learn more about chinese food due to the increasing disappointment in the chinese food where we are. Love to cook, experiment, and read cookbooks. Would be honored to test a few recipes for your cookbook!!!

  247. Malou

    Hi Bee! I’d love to be a recipe tester.

    I live in Bridgewater, NJ and would have to say my skills in Chinese cooking are intermediate. My love for Asian food really began in Singapore in 2007 where I lived for a year and a half – I practically ate my way through the hawker stalls since I did not cook at all while I was there. But now that I’m back here in the US, I miss those dishes terribly!

    (Side note: I have the cookbook The Food of Singapore, have tried a few dishes like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Hokkien Mee but can’t quite get the dishes right. Maybe I’ll have better luck with yours when it comes out.)

    Hope to hear from you!

  248. Erin

    I would love to be a tester! I’m in the United States and have low-intermediate / high-beginner proficiency with Chinese cooking.


  249. hope i m not too late to register as recipe tester – i love Chinese and Nyonya food
    Location : K L – Malaysia
    Current level : Beginner

  250. Cora Partosa

    Hi there! Whether you pick me or not, I am very much interested in buying your cookbook especially so that dimsum and dumpling recipes will be included (can’t wait). My sons love dimsum and dumpling. When my eldest son was 12 years old, he asked the kitchen guy of a restaurant for the recipe of his favorite dimsum wrapper but of course, the guy didn’t give it to him. :(

    I’m from the Philippines and we love Chinese cooking over here.

    I’m intermediate level. :)

  251. Marie

    Location: London, UK
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I’m a flight attendant and travel weekly to Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Would love to recreate the taste of Asia in my home in London!!

  252. Su Low

    I’ve been following your website for awhile now and being a Malaysian living in North America, I wanted to thank you for those amazing recipes!

    Current location: Ontario, Canada
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  253. Glad to know the successful progress on your book publication, and now hope I can help a little :)
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Level: Intermediate (I have no wok though)

  254. Tracie

    Would love to test the recipes

    Location : Auckland, New Zealand
    cooking level – intermediate

  255. Josephine Lim

    Hi. I’m a Malaysian married to an aussie and living in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been following your site and have tried out many of the recipes whenever i have a craving for Malaysian food. They are fantastic and would love to try out some of the recipes in your new book.

    I wouldn’t say i’m professional but my cooking skill would be between intermediate and professional.

    Thanks. Hope to hear from you.

  256. Betty

    Hi Bee,
    I was so excited when I saw this post! I would really, really love to help you test out some recipes.
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  257. Love chinese food, cook it often, would be intrigued to be included in the testing.

    I live in London, my cooking level is intermediate.

  258. Purnima

    Your recipes are amazing! I too would love to be a recipe tester.
    I live in Berkeley, CA.
    Chinese Food cooking level – Intermediate

  259. Hi – I’d love test some recipes. A caveat – I eat gluten-free, so the dim-sum might be out, and I prefer vegetarian, but will do chicken. I do have plenty of gluten free soy sauce, though. So, we’re good there.

    Current location: Wisconsin
    Level: intermediate

  260. I would love to be a tester…I am currently based in Germany, but as an Indonesian-Chinese I have been exposed to Chinese cooking ever since I can remember. I think my Chinese cooking level is intermediate. You can check out some Chinese dishes I have made in the past in my own cooking blog:

  261. Kate

    Hi Bee. Congratulations on your cookbook! I am from Manila, Philippines and you have inspired me to start cooking a couple of years ago when I went to Canada to study. I really enjoy reading your blog. Now I would say that I am an intermediate level Chinese cook! I would dearly love to become one of your recipe testers!