Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)
August 04th, 2010 341 Comments

Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)

(This is not the real cover of the cookbook. It’s just one of the pictures I’d shot for the book.)

(Updated: Thanks sooooo much for your warm participation. Due to the overwhelming responses, this is now closed. I will be selecting the participants these two days. Those selected will be contacted via email. Thanks again!! )

I am almost done with the cookbook writing and am ready for recipe testing. My cookbook will be released in Fall 2011, by Tuttle/Periplus Publishing. It will be available worldwide. The title of the cookbook is not final yet, but it’s likely to be “EASY CHINESE: Chinese Classics, All-time Favorites to Dim Sum & Dumplings” or something along the line. Regardless of its final title, it’s a Chinese recipes cookbook with 80+ easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese recipes. It has tons of new recipes, color photography (styled and shot by yours truly), step-by-step picture guide, and more!

For the recipe testers, here is what I am looking for…

Chinese food fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, especially those based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. However, if you are based elsewhere, you are most welcome to volunteer.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. Your current location:
  2. Your Chinese cooking level: Professional / Intermediate / Beginner
  3. Make sure you have the correct email address in the E-mail field in the comment form so I can contact you.

What will you get in returns?

  1. Your name in the Acknowledgments chapter
  2. I’ll be giving away two (2) copies of my cookbook to the participants, so you will be entered into a raffle to win the cookbook, when it’s available.
  3. You’ll get to see the picture of the dish you will be testing (including the step-by-step picture guide, if applicable). No one has seen my cookbook pictures yet, and you will be the first one to see it!

What do you need to do?

  1. Test two (2) recipes assigned to you
  2. Fill out the recipe testing evaluation form (which I will provide) by August 22, 2010. The evaluation form is painless; it’s a 1-page form where you can rate the recipe and write your feedback and suggestions!

Unfortunately, not everyone volunteered will be selected to participate in the recipe testing. That being said, I might have to do a drawing to pick the recipe testers if the responses are overwhelming. If you are selected, I will be in touch with you via email.

Thank you so very much for your kind support and I look forward to working with you!  :)


341 comments... read them below or add one

  1. OMG! I have been waiting for this. These are my details:
    1. Melbourne, Australia
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate
    Please and thank you :)

  2. Andrea says:

    Location: Sydney Australia
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate / Beginner

    well done on getting this far in your book publishing venture!

  3. Wai Chee says:

    Melbourne, Australia
    Location : Melbourne, Australia

    Cooking level: Intermediate

    Love to be one of your recipe tester if I may!!

  4. H.S.Ooi says:


    I would like to participate. I am originally from Alor Setar and if will be great if I can participate to try your Malaysia recipes especially northern Malaysia dish. I have previously tried your Chai Buey recipe and it was simple to cook & taste very good.

    Current location: Cirencester, UK
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  5. Hannee says:

    Current location : Singapore
    Level: Beginner to Intermediate

  6. Adam says:

    I’d love to help test the recipes. We eat a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, etc, etc and my Family love it all!! Hope I can be some help. Good luck with your book!!

    Location: Indiana, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  7. Thérèse says:

    I would love to try!
    My current location: Brussels, Belgium
    My Chinese cooking level: intermediate, but I have a proficient knowledge of Chinese cuisine (I am Chinese, and grew up with my mom’s Shanghai-style cooking).

  8. Karen says:

    I m a full time working mom of 2. Like to try recipes that is simple n healthy. And most importantly little preparation time. I’m a beginner from Singapore. =)

  9. Kasia says:


    i’d love to take on this challenge – sounds very exciting and I enojoy cooking Chinese food too:)

    Location: London, UK
    Level: Intermediate

    best wishes:)

  10. Duane Middlebrook says:

    Wow! I’m surprised at all the responses already here. Still, I’ll toss my hat in the ring. I am American but live in the Philippines. My Chinese cooking skills are intermediate. I have been doing it since 1982.

  11. Nancy says:

    I am currently staying in Tasmania, Australia.
    Cooking experiences – Intermediate.
    Love your recipes especially your Raspberry Muffins…with my fresh Raspberry from my garden…. really yummy :-)

  12. Shell Carroll says:

    Hi Bee, Love your blog and your recipes. I am an avid Asian cook, mainly with Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese.
    Would love to help with recipe testing!
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  13. Sumeet says:

    Been cooking Chinese for several years now and would love to test your recipes. Sounds great!
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Chinese cooking Level: Intermediate / proficient

  14. Robin says:

    Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Chinese Cooking Level: professional
    Or isn’t that possible? To have a professional level as an amateur cook? :-)
    Anyway, I’m not afraid of any recipe and I think it would be fun to test some of yours.

  15. Mariceli Ramirez says:

    I love chinese food and I make it at home at least once a week. My expertise is intermediary. I have taken cooking lessons and I am pretty confident when it comes to cooking. I leave in Coral Springs, FL and would love to be able to test your recipes.

  16. Hang Burns says:

    1.Your current location: North Carolina
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner…more experience in southeast asian cooking but beginning to learn more about chinese food due to the increasing disappointment in the chinese food where we are. Love to cook, experiment, and read cookbooks. Would be honored to test a few recipes for your cookbook!!!

  17. Malou says:

    Hi Bee! I’d love to be a recipe tester.

    I live in Bridgewater, NJ and would have to say my skills in Chinese cooking are intermediate. My love for Asian food really began in Singapore in 2007 where I lived for a year and a half – I practically ate my way through the hawker stalls since I did not cook at all while I was there. But now that I’m back here in the US, I miss those dishes terribly!

    (Side note: I have the cookbook The Food of Singapore, have tried a few dishes like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Hokkien Mee but can’t quite get the dishes right. Maybe I’ll have better luck with yours when it comes out.)

    Hope to hear from you!

  18. Heather Bonner says:

    I would love to help.
    Location: Greenville, North Carolina
    Level: Intermediate

  19. Guindilla says:


    Present, if you need some more European volunteers :-)

    Location: Madrid, Spain
    Level: Intermediate

    Good luck wtih the book!

  20. Erin says:

    I would love to be a tester! I’m in the United States and have low-intermediate / high-beginner proficiency with Chinese cooking.


  21. Jon Wong says:

    hope i m not too late to register as recipe tester – i love Chinese and Nyonya food
    Location : K L – Malaysia
    Current level : Beginner

  22. Cora Partosa says:

    Hi there! Whether you pick me or not, I am very much interested in buying your cookbook especially so that dimsum and dumpling recipes will be included (can’t wait). My sons love dimsum and dumpling. When my eldest son was 12 years old, he asked the kitchen guy of a restaurant for the recipe of his favorite dimsum wrapper but of course, the guy didn’t give it to him. :(

    I’m from the Philippines and we love Chinese cooking over here.

    I’m intermediate level. :)

  23. Marie says:

    Location: London, UK
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I’m a flight attendant and travel weekly to Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Would love to recreate the taste of Asia in my home in London!!

  24. Linda B. says:

    Kansas City

  25. Su Low says:

    I’ve been following your website for awhile now and being a Malaysian living in North America, I wanted to thank you for those amazing recipes!

    Current location: Ontario, Canada
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  26. Glad to know the successful progress on your book publication, and now hope I can help a little :)
    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Level: Intermediate (I have no wok though)

  27. Gabriella says:

    London, UK

  28. Tracie says:

    Would love to test the recipes

    Location : Auckland, New Zealand
    cooking level – intermediate

  29. Barbara says:

    I would love to be a recipe tester!!!
    1. My current location: Trieste (Italy)
    2. My Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  30. Josephine Lim says:

    Hi. I’m a Malaysian married to an aussie and living in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been following your site and have tried out many of the recipes whenever i have a craving for Malaysian food. They are fantastic and would love to try out some of the recipes in your new book.

    I wouldn’t say i’m professional but my cooking skill would be between intermediate and professional.

    Thanks. Hope to hear from you.

  31. Betty says:

    Hi Bee,
    I was so excited when I saw this post! I would really, really love to help you test out some recipes.
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  32. Bron says:

    Love chinese food, cook it often, would be intrigued to be included in the testing.

    I live in London, my cooking level is intermediate.

  33. Purnima says:

    Your recipes are amazing! I too would love to be a recipe tester.
    I live in Berkeley, CA.
    Chinese Food cooking level – Intermediate

  34. Deanna says:

    Hi – I’d love test some recipes. A caveat – I eat gluten-free, so the dim-sum might be out, and I prefer vegetarian, but will do chicken. I do have plenty of gluten free soy sauce, though. So, we’re good there.

    Current location: Wisconsin
    Level: intermediate

  35. Alice says:

    Great idea! I just tested out your filling recipe for Char Siu Bao this week — excellent! It was documented by a foodie friend ‘cuz cooking Chinese in Mexico is always adventure

    Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    Level: Intermediate

  36. I would love to be a tester…I am currently based in Germany, but as an Indonesian-Chinese I have been exposed to Chinese cooking ever since I can remember. I think my Chinese cooking level is intermediate. You can check out some Chinese dishes I have made in the past in my own cooking blog:

  37. Kate says:

    Hi Bee. Congratulations on your cookbook! I am from Manila, Philippines and you have inspired me to start cooking a couple of years ago when I went to Canada to study. I really enjoy reading your blog. Now I would say that I am an intermediate level Chinese cook! I would dearly love to become one of your recipe testers!

  38. Yih Lin Goh says:

    Current location: Ithaca, NY,but I am Malaysian.
    Level: Intermediate

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