Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)
August 04th, 2010 341 Comments

Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)

(This is not the real cover of the cookbook. It’s just one of the pictures I’d shot for the book.)

(Updated: Thanks sooooo much for your warm participation. Due to the overwhelming responses, this is now closed. I will be selecting the participants these two days. Those selected will be contacted via email. Thanks again!! )

I am almost done with the cookbook writing and am ready for recipe testing. My cookbook will be released in Fall 2011, by Tuttle/Periplus Publishing. It will be available worldwide. The title of the cookbook is not final yet, but it’s likely to be “EASY CHINESE: Chinese Classics, All-time Favorites to Dim Sum & Dumplings” or something along the line. Regardless of its final title, it’s a Chinese recipes cookbook with 80+ easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese recipes. It has tons of new recipes, color photography (styled and shot by yours truly), step-by-step picture guide, and more!

For the recipe testers, here is what I am looking for…

Chinese food fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, especially those based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. However, if you are based elsewhere, you are most welcome to volunteer.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. Your current location:
  2. Your Chinese cooking level: Professional / Intermediate / Beginner
  3. Make sure you have the correct email address in the E-mail field in the comment form so I can contact you.

What will you get in returns?

  1. Your name in the Acknowledgments chapter
  2. I’ll be giving away two (2) copies of my cookbook to the participants, so you will be entered into a raffle to win the cookbook, when it’s available.
  3. You’ll get to see the picture of the dish you will be testing (including the step-by-step picture guide, if applicable). No one has seen my cookbook pictures yet, and you will be the first one to see it!

What do you need to do?

  1. Test two (2) recipes assigned to you
  2. Fill out the recipe testing evaluation form (which I will provide) by August 22, 2010. The evaluation form is painless; it’s a 1-page form where you can rate the recipe and write your feedback and suggestions!

Unfortunately, not everyone volunteered will be selected to participate in the recipe testing. That being said, I might have to do a drawing to pick the recipe testers if the responses are overwhelming. If you are selected, I will be in touch with you via email.

Thank you so very much for your kind support and I look forward to working with you!  :)


341 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Ethan Y says:

    Congratulations in the launch of your cookbook!
    I would love to test the recipes for you.
    I grew up in Malaysia and really missed all the ethnic Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian food. And of course, missed so much the Peranakan style dishes and desserts!
    I love to cook and guest that must have come from mom! Accompanying mom to the market and watching her is where I initially learned the intricate details, styles and techniques.
    Currently I am located in San Jose, California. And I have access to almost all ingredients and spices locally, in San Francisco or online.
    Please let me know how i can best help you.

  2. Laura says:

    I live in Chicago and consider myself an intermediate Asian cook. I grew up in Singapore but have lived in the states since I came over for college 10 years ago, so I am always looking for opportunities to learn how to cook food that reminds me of home. Also, my mom did not cook the way most traditional Chinese moms cook, so I didn’t get to learn a lot about Chinese cooking, picked up most of my skills from blogs like yours.

  3. 1. Your current location: New York, New York
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate
    3. I love to cook.
    4. Congrats on this cook book deal – well deserved!

  4. Rosa says:

    as requested….

    1.Your current location: CANADA
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

  5. Jay says:

    Count me in:

    Location: Michigan (originally from M’sia)
    Cooking level: Intermediate

    • Jay says:

      I would like add if you pick me, I would like to try either noodle or shrimp dishes. Have been cooking since the age of 14 (total of 24yrs and counting)

  6. koyuki says:

    Congratulations on the new cookbook!

    1.Your current location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  7. Anne says:

    Austin, Texas, where we have some very good Asian markets and several terrific Chinese restaurants. I’d say intermediate at the cooking (many years’ practice but Chinese cooking is a huge topic so maybe I’m more of a beginner!), expert at the eating — Chinese food is always my favorite and we’ll try anything. We’ve traveled to China often, have Chinese relatives. Love every recipe I’ve tried from your website! Congratulations on the cookbook!

  8. Oklahoma
    Intermediate cooking level
    I’d love to help—I was a tester for Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen cookbook

  9. Chaitali says:

    I would love to be a recipe tester!
    Current location: Buffalo, NY
    Cooking level: an enthusiastic beginner :)

  10. Deena says:

    I would love the excuse to cook your lovely recipes (and turn my well-honed copy editor’s eye to your work):

    Current location: Portland, OR
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner to Intermediate — comfortable cook in general, but my Chinese cooking knowledge has only been gleaned from cookbooks.

  11. Jane Tan says:

    I am living in New Zealand and would love to be one of your testers. I am in intermediate cook only

  12. marie says:

    your ginger scallion crab recipe was what started my adventures in the kitchen! especially after my trip to singapore and malaysia, your recipes have been a great help for when i miss dishes like chili stingray where your recipe for grilled chili fish was remarkably quite close! now if we can only get baby kailan in the u.s.!

    i’m located in san francisco, california and i would consider my cooking school as beginner.

  13. Joanna says:

    I would love to be a recipe tester! I am from Tempe, AZ and would say that I have an intermediate level with Chinese cooking…mostly stems from the fact that I am Vietnamese and we use a lot of similar products. I have very easy access to any asian ingredient since we have specialty stores in the area that I live. I hope I am chosen and can provide you with some wonderful feedback. :) You can contact me at Thanks!

  14. Jimmy Q says:

    I am from Manila, worked in Singapore for 9 yrs (1990-1999), love Chinese/Singaporean/Peranakan/Malay and Indian food (and Filipino food), currently staying in Glendale CA, hobby is to cook for my friends and family, a devoted father, music ministry head, food photographer and a graphic designer!
    can I put my age… 47yrs old!

    Location: Glendale, CA
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate

    God bless!

  15. Jane says:

    Current Location: Santa Clara, CA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate+
    Looking forward to testing your wonderful recipes!!

  16. Vicki says:

    I would love to be a recipe tester!

    Current location: NYC, USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

  17. Chew Lee says:

    Hey, would like to participate…
    location: Munich, Germany
    skill level: intermediate

  18. Eric Ong says:

    Hi bee, would be an honour to be selected. I’m orifinally from Penang but now based in the UK and would bring a perspective on availability of ingredients. Cooking level is intermediate having not worked in professional kitchen but able to follow complex steps (e.g. Michelin chef cookbooks) if required. Also a photography enthusiast so can make snaps of end results if required. Thanks and good luck with book, Eric

  19. Michael Rasmussen says:

    I love Dim Sum and would love to help you.
    I live in East Central Ohio in the country near Zanesville
    I’m an intermediate cook.
    I love following recipes to the tee.
    Good luck and good wishes

  20. Helen Phare says:

    Auckland, New Zealand
    Intermediate level

  21. Stephen says:

    Current location: Ottawa, Canada
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate
    I’d love to help! I keep recommending your site to friends, and I find your recipes to be some of the tastiest and the most like what I had while living in China.

  22. Byron says:

    I’d love to volunteer (or be entered in a drawing to volunteer). I’ve tried several of your recipes, and they’ve been wonderful!

    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate with fish, beginner for everything else

  23. Jennifer Chan says:

    Location: UK
    Level: Intermediate

  24. AYSHA says:

    Hi hi! I would love to help test out your recipes :-) I cook quite a bit of Asian food at home, mainly Indian as my parents are originally from Bangladesh. Have not tried many Chinese recipes so would classify myself as a Beginner though I would love to learn more about Chinese cooking.
    Current Location: London, UK

  25. Priscilla says:

    i would love to participate!!!
    Location: Singaporean but based in Germany
    Cooking level: Intermediate+

  26. AYSHA says:

    Hi hi! I would love to help test out your recipes :-) I cook quite a bit of Asian food at home, mainly Indian as my parents are originally from Bangladesh. Have not tried many Chinese recipes so would classify myself as a Beginner though I would love to learn more about Chinese cooking.
    Current Location: London, UK
    Oh forgot to mention, I don’t eat pork

  27. marion says:

    Whoooo ! A great adventure !!!!!
    I was one of the Steamy Kitchen Cookbook testers and I’d love to join !

    Location : Paris
    Chinese Cooking Level : Intermediate (regularly cooking thaï food / making my own curry paste – cooking Jaden’s recipes At least Twice a month ^^)

    Have fun testing/tasting !!!!!

  28. chris says:

    Wow – I guess I might be a bit too late!
    But I love your blog and it would be an honour to help test out some recipes.
    Location – London
    Chinese Cooking Level – Intermediate
    Chinese Eating Level – Professional!

  29. pablo jimenez says:


    would love to be a tester! love your recipes and enjoy trying them! all the best for the book and looking forward to reading it. Have a nice day! pablo

  30. pablo jimenez says:

    hahahah sorry forgot to mention :

    based in lausanne switzerland, level: intermediate

    have a nice day!

  31. Tango888 says:

    Current Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate

    Would love to test out your wonderful recipes !!!

  32. Katherine says:

    I’d loooove to be a tester!! My sister and I love your site and try out your recipes as well as recipes from other blogs and cookbooks at least once a week. We’d love to add Chinese to our repertoire!

    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Level: Beginner Chinese

  33. Kat says:

    Love reading your blog and would love to help out! It would be great to learn a new recipe too!

    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  34. Grace Han says:


    I would love to participate!

    Current location: New York, NY
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner


  35. Raf says:

    Hi would love to help you out. I am considering writing a cookbook myself so would love to see the proces. Having lived in Europe for 30 years, raised by a mum who cooks Asian food very well I consider myself a good tester. I have experience cooking from other Chinese cookbooks and know the Chinese palate well, having visited first class restaurants in amongst others Hong Kong.

    Location: the netherlands
    Level: intermediate/professional

  36. Yilin says:

    1. Your current location: MN, USA
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Beginner

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  37. Nor Aini Adnan says:

    I am a cookbook writer based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Have been testing recipes for Fraser and Neave and Nestle. Chinese cooking is in the family as I’m married to one. I’m Muslim and love cooking.Great what you’re doing! Chinese level of cooking—intermediate and part professional.

    Have written 18 cookbooks. 5 of which are in English under the publication PRESTON.

    All the best to you!

    Nor Aini Adnan, Malaysia

  38. Cookie C. Choo Choo says:

    Dear Bee, I am a Singaporean Chinese who is currently based in London. Before I came to London, I hardly cooked, but I am kinda forced to learn when I come here, so you are like my ‘teacher’ because I learnt so many great recipes from your website! I would be so excited and happy and honoured if I can try some recipes for you! ^^ I only have 1+ year of cooking experience, so you can say I am a beginner. :)

  39. Luanna Squerzi says:

    I would so love to be involved in testing your recipes. While my general cooking and food knowledge is advanced, my Chinese cooking level is intermediate. Would love to learn more from you.
    Location: Tustin, California

  40. MelissaG says:

    I would love to help out/participate/be lucky enough to test a recipe(s)!

    Current Location: Seattle, WA
    Skill Level: between Beginner and Intermediate

  41. Susan says:


  42. Amanda says:

    Sounds fun! I’m Chinese/Singaporean and a decent cook, but I don’t do much Chinese cooking, so I should classify myself as a beginner/intermediate. I’m in Boston, MA.

  43. Joyce Cheng says:

    Hi i would love to try your recipe.. looking forward to it…must be delicious…
    Current Location: Queenstown, New Zealand,
    Skill level : Beginner

  44. Ni Cuu says:

    It would be great fun to test out some of your receipts for your new book.
    Current location: London, United Kingdom
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate/Beginner depend on the course

  45. Current Location: London, UK
    Chinese Cooking Level: Beginner+
    This is so cooooool !! I would love to help you test them out ! (^.^)

  46. Quyen says:

    Sounds like a great project and opportunity!

    Location: Southern CA
    Skill Level: Intermediate

  47. Peggen Tan says:

    Hi Bee! I would LOVE to be part of this!

    I’m from Penang, living in Melbourne Australia.

    Skill level: intermediate.

  48. Toh Chia Huay says:

    This idea is absolutely great!
    Location: Penang, Malaysia
    Skill Level: Intermediate

  49. Debbie current location Sacramento, Northern California. says:

    I would love to help test recipes. Intermediate having worked in my parents’ Chinese restaurants for years.

  50. Linda Licker says:

    I would love to do some recipe testing for your cookbook. My level is intermediate for Chinese recipes. I love to cook foods from many countries.
    I am in Dallas, Texas.

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