Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)
August 04th, 2010 341 Comments

Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers (Closed)

(This is not the real cover of the cookbook. It’s just one of the pictures I’d shot for the book.)

(Updated: Thanks sooooo much for your warm participation. Due to the overwhelming responses, this is now closed. I will be selecting the participants these two days. Those selected will be contacted via email. Thanks again!! )

I am almost done with the cookbook writing and am ready for recipe testing. My cookbook will be released in Fall 2011, by Tuttle/Periplus Publishing. It will be available worldwide. The title of the cookbook is not final yet, but it’s likely to be “EASY CHINESE: Chinese Classics, All-time Favorites to Dim Sum & Dumplings” or something along the line. Regardless of its final title, it’s a Chinese recipes cookbook with 80+ easy, healthy, and delicious Chinese recipes. It has tons of new recipes, color photography (styled and shot by yours truly), step-by-step picture guide, and more!

For the recipe testers, here is what I am looking for…

Chinese food fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, especially those based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. However, if you are based elsewhere, you are most welcome to volunteer.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. Your current location:
  2. Your Chinese cooking level: Professional / Intermediate / Beginner
  3. Make sure you have the correct email address in the E-mail field in the comment form so I can contact you.

What will you get in returns?

  1. Your name in the Acknowledgments chapter
  2. I’ll be giving away two (2) copies of my cookbook to the participants, so you will be entered into a raffle to win the cookbook, when it’s available.
  3. You’ll get to see the picture of the dish you will be testing (including the step-by-step picture guide, if applicable). No one has seen my cookbook pictures yet, and you will be the first one to see it!

What do you need to do?

  1. Test two (2) recipes assigned to you
  2. Fill out the recipe testing evaluation form (which I will provide) by August 22, 2010. The evaluation form is painless; it’s a 1-page form where you can rate the recipe and write your feedback and suggestions!

Unfortunately, not everyone volunteered will be selected to participate in the recipe testing. That being said, I might have to do a drawing to pick the recipe testers if the responses are overwhelming. If you are selected, I will be in touch with you via email.

Thank you so very much for your kind support and I look forward to working with you!  :)


341 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Jayne says:

    Oh, I’m interested :-)

    1. Your current location: Malaysia
    2. Your Chinese cooking level: Between Intermediate & Beginner

  2. Adele says:

    I’m a Malaysian who’s living in MN for almost 17 years. Most Chinese cooking I’ve learned is from watching my mom cook, and experimenting on my own. It’s always nice to be able to get new easy and delicious recipes from a cook that is in the US, so it’s easier with measurements and ingredient substitutes. I love all food in general, but I’d love to test your recipes!
    Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
    Skill Level: Intermediate.

  3. Martha Mikel-Hong says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to try new recipes!! I have traveled in many Asian countries LOVE your web-site. I am so happy you are writing a cookbook and wish you much success!! Blessings in this new venture and I would LOVE to be a part of it!!

  4. Bernadette says:

    Greeting from sunny Singapore!
    I’m your typical Singaporean – eat, live, dream, breathe food everyday :)
    I would definitely love for a chance to be part of this interesting cornucopia of contributors.

    Cooking level:edging towards intermediate with every recipe I try from your website!

    Location: The little red dot of Singapore

  5. Jane says:

    I’d love a chance to be a recipe tester.
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Chinese cooking level: intermediate

  6. Gurmit Kaur says:

    Wow! I would love to participate.
    I’m a Malaysian, based in KL.
    Chinese cooking skills: intermediate.

  7. Regina says:

    Started cooking when I was 9 years old. Started my own herb garden this year. Grew up in Hong Kong, but did not learn how to cook Asian cuisine till I immigrated to the US.

    Current location: California, USA
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  8. Sharene says:

    Location: New Jersey, USA
    Chinese Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I would like to partipate and love to have one of your oookbooks. Never get tired of Chinese food and loves cooking Chinese food. Cook at least 5 times a week in my specially built Oriental kitchen.

  9. I would love to try out the recipes.

    1.Your current location: Selangor, Malaysia
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  10. Wendy says:

    I’m an Australian Chinese living in Chicago, IL. Intermediate thanks to my dad who is a Chinese chef. Hope I can help w/ a recipe or two!

  11. Hi! I’m interested to participate.

    Location: Manila, Philippines
    Cooking skills: Intermediate
    My email add:

  12. Irene says:

    Sounds like fun!
    1.Current location: Newark, DE
    2.Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate (All of my Chinese cooking knowledge comes from my mom)

  13. sherine lim says:

    I would like to participate,
    my currant location is Peanag Malaysia
    cooking skill intermediate to professional in authentic hainanese food

  14. Cherry says:

    My entire family loves your recipes – most definitely check out your website on a daily basis.

    I would love to participate!

    1. Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    2. Cooking Level: Intermediate

    Hope to hear from you.

  15. Ruby says:

    I would love to participate :) I am currently based in Seattle, WA, and am a beginner level Chinese cook.

  16. Hasmin C. says:

    Aloha! I currently reside on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I consider my Chinese cooking level as intermediate, not yet an expert, since I love to learn about new cooking techniques/shortcuts, and finding unique ingredients. :)

  17. Jennifer says:

    How exciting. I would love to assist you and be a recipe tester.

    I live in San Jose, CA and an intermediate cooking level.

  18. Delicia says:

    Current location: A Malaysian Chinese living in Costa Mesa, California
    Cooking level: I would say in between beginner and intermediate
    I would love to participate as a recipe tester. I’ve been cooking Malaysian cuisine for my husband and would like to try your new recipes so I can learn to make authentic Chinese delicacies for him. Thanks for the opportunity! Love your site.

  19. Alain W. says:

    recipe-tester? sounds like my dream job come true!

    1. Los Angeles, CA
    2. Beginner

  20. Mei Foong says:

    1.I’m Malaysian and now stay in Singapore, my hometown next to Penang.
    2.May be intermediate. Like to eat and cook all food.

  21. Linda says:

    I’ll love to be a tester!
    Current location: Mission Viejo, CA
    Chinese Cooking level: intermediate
    Good luck on your book! :D

  22. Ivy says:

    location: Phoenix, AZ
    Chinese Cooking Level: beginner

  23. Corlin says:

    I am currently staying in Australia Brisbane.
    Cooking experiences – Beginner.
    Really hope that will be pick for the your food tester. I really love the recipe you intro to us here.
    Look forward to your cook book. Wish you all the best and you have make Malaysia dish so proud :)

  24. Krystle says:

    1) Your current location: Napa County, CA, USA
    2) Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  25. Starr T says:

    I would love to be a recipe tester. Thank you for bringing back memories of all the stuff i ate whenever i go back to visit KL.
    Location = New York, NY
    Cooking Level = Beginner

  26. Chin Ai says:

    Hi, I’d love to test your recipes!
    My location: Australia
    Chinese cooking skill: Beginner/Intermediate

  27. Chin Ai says:

    Hi, I’d love to test your recipes!
    My location: Australia
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

  28. Veronica Tack says:

    I am in Battle Creek, MI. and am a beginner Chinese cook.

  29. Meredith Chan says:

    Hi.. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to help test your recipes!

    Location: San Francisco\Bay Area
    Cooking Level: Beg\Intermediate

  30. location: subang, malaysia
    cooking : beginner but i am producing recipes for my products already

  31. Katrine says:

    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Level: Beginner

  32. Jolita says:

    Current location: Hamburg, Germany
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner++

    I would also like to participate as a tester. We love chinese food!

  33. Siew Feun says:

    I’ve been searching for easy chinese recipes that “work”.
    It will be fun to try out your new recipes. :)
    Current location: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Chinese cooking level: Intermediate

  34. SueSue says:

    Sounds interesting. Would like to give it a try.
    Location : KL
    Cooking Level : Intermediate

  35. Aff says:

    I’d love to be a recipie tester. Wish I could be testing your food. Mmmm…
    Already love your recipies…
    I’m so happy for you that your book is coming out soon. Hope it will be available here in Australia.

    Location: Perth, Western Australia
    Chinese food cooking level: Intermediate

  36. Hi

    I am a professional chef from UK, specialising in Asian Fusion(see my website) I would be more than happy to participate, I love asian food and travel to the far east every year. I look forward to your response.


  37. djamkul says:


    Recipe testing ?! Great idea ! Would love to join the fun !!
    1. Location : French-malay born in KL now leaving in Bordeaux, France
    2. Intermediate
    ciao !

  38. Location: England, UK
    Cooking level: Beginner/intermediate

    Would be absolutely fab to get involved, all the dishes on your website look amazing!

  39. Yvonne Lunsong says:

    I am a Malaysian currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cooking level = Beginner. I’ve already tried a couple of your recipes which turned out really well and I would love to be one of your testers.

  40. Maud Christensen says:

    I would love to be one of your Cookbook Recipe Testers.
    I’m from Denmark, (Scandinavia-Europe) but my current location is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    My Chinese cooking level is beginner. But I love making food, and since I’ve moved to Dubai, I’ve tried a lot of new cusines (and spices), including lots of recipes from Asia & India.
    In fact, I’ve started to collect/write down my own ‘home-designed’ recipes.
    Hope to cook for u!

  41. Ananthi Parkin says:


    I would love to test the recipes on your book.
    My Current location is Newcastle, UK and i would say i am a professional in chinese cooking.

  42. Moreen says:

    So glad I discovered your blog, it’s been a blast cooking much loved dishes we so greatly miss from home! We’ve tried several recipes and absolutely love your satay sauce and satay chicken recipe! Yumm!

    Would love the chance to be your recipe tester.
    Current location: Australia
    Cooking level: Intermediate

  43. Pingchien says:

    Hi! I will love to be a cookbook tester. I love Chinese food but they are hard to get and expensive in Switzerland!
    Location: Malaysian in Switzerland
    Cooking level: Intermediate.

  44. Dosef says:

    I love your blog and have tried a few recipes already…your pictures make your food looks so enticing! I’d love t participate and look forward to the cookbook release!!


    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Cooking Level: Intermediate

  45. Corrina Tan says:

    Would love to be part of this monumental project. Many of the Chinese cookbooks I know don’t test their recipes and more often than not, I’ve to tweak and adjust the recipes to death to get it right. So the fact that you’re getting your readers involved in the testing process gets a TEN from me!
    Am from Singapore and intermediate in Chinese cooking.

  46. iheartasia says:


    I love your posts and will be keen to try out a couple of your recipes! :)

    Current location: Surrey, England
    Chinese cooking level: Beginner/Intermediate

  47. Sonia Leung says:

    I would LOVE to test recipes!

    Your current location: Ann Arbor, MI
    Your Chinese cooking level: Intermediate-Beginner

  48. Ling Lim says:

    1. I’m a Penangite living in Manchester, UK.

    2. Intermediate.

    I have a Greek husband with two young children. I’m hoping to get my family to eat more easy to cook, healthy, Chinese food.

  49. HUI Mei Ling says:

    May i register to test out your recipes?

    I am an intermediate to advanced cook and I live in Singapore.

    I look forward to trying out your test recipes – what fun!

    Thank you.

    With warmest regards
    Mei Ling

  50. Jeremy says:

    Current Location: Seattle, WA
    Cooking Level: Intermediate
    I’d love to help provide you with a male cook’s perspective. I am Malaysian and have lived away from home for almost 10 years now. Cooking Malaysian food is how I keep my home sickness at bay.

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