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Chinese Pantry Giveaway (CLOSED)

Update: The winners are Vonny G, Diana T and Her S.

To celebrate the official launch of my cookbook, I have lined up many fabulous prizes and giveaways. For this giveaway, I am partnering with to bring you the Chinese Pantry Giveaway. Three (3) lucky winners will win the Chinese pantry bundle, retail value: $60+.

Many people are not familiar with Chinese ingredients and that’s why I hand-picked the following items for you so you can make authentic Chinese dishes in my cookbook right away:

  • Amoy Gold Label Light Soy Sauce
  • Amoy Gold Label Dark Soy Sauce
  • Amoy White Rice Vinegar
  • Great Wall Chinese Black Vinegar
  • Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster-Flavored Sauce
  • Pagoda Shaoxing Rice Wine
  • Ming Lee Shang Soy Bean Paste with Chili
  • Queen’s Sweet Bean Sauce
  • Dried Egg Noodles

To enter, just leave a comment below.

To maximize your odds of winning, you can leave a comment every day (one comment per day strictly enforced), plus the bonus entries below:

Five (5) Bonus Entries:

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This giveaway opens to US residents only and closes on Nov. 6, 2011 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on Nov. 7, 2011. Good luck!

The prizes are proudly sponsored by, your online source for Chinese ingredients.


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  1. sonia.tjandra

    thanks for telling me to leave the comment. I know this site from asian supermarket365. hope can get a little luck to get pick.. If not then good luck to all of you

  2. jessica rich

    I Love your recipes, when my friends and family come to visit, I always turn to your fabulous recipes to make for my loved ones.

  3. Nicole

    I don’t know if my comment went through, but looks like everything I need, but too rushed to stop and get!

  4. Christine Kan

    I miss home so much! Being a student, Asian groceries are really expensive and it would be so great to win this as I love cooking some comfort food :)

  5. Trish C.

    Oh this is great! I’ve moved to an area without an Asian supermarket and have been missing Asian cooking essentials.

  6. Mae

    Another fabulous giveaway item. Since I do have access to an asian market within 25 min drive from my home; please do not enter me for this giveaway. I just want to wish everyone luck with their entries. Good Luck !!!!

  7. Shelly Robinson

    Thankyou to your website, and your book, I have found my pantry lacking, and I am restocking, this is the perfect giveaway!

  8. Deanna Stillings

    I have already liked you on FB. But since the Market is in NY and I am not, I will not be liking them.

  9. we could sure use all those here on the farm! We love cooking with our own farm grown meats, vegetables and fruits, along with grains from neighboring farms. These ingredients would expand our pantry!

  10. Gail

    A whole pantry. I could actually cook! I live in East Texas and while we have a local grocery store, I drive 75 miles to Beaumont, TX for supplies several times a month. I would have to drive to Houston to stock my pantry with what you are offering. A stocked pantry would be a luxury and a creative tool all in one.

  11. Cheryl

    Just the words “Chinese pantry” thrill me!!! Imaging what delicious goodies might be in it can occupy me for hours!!!

  12. shosh

    i just relocated so my pantry is pretty dry – i have to rebuild it again! i love experimenting with asian cooking and love love love asian cuisine! this would be a great addition to my cooking hobby :)

  13. phinphana ward

    Hello from Tustin,Thanks for the chance I would really love love your easy Chinese recipes. I just discovered your website today and in love . you did a great job!! congrats on your new cookbook.

  14. Jayne

    Oh man… I wish I could win all these things. Maybe if I get picked, I can get these send to relatives living in the US? :-)

  15. Chantal

    This would be awesome to win. I have a very meager pantry that I am slowly trying to build up as I get some spare cash. This would be an amazing addition!!!!

  16. Jeannie Kenny

    I have the kitchen shelf to put this on, all picked out! Would really love to win the Chinese Pantry items!

  17. My husband and I have been cooking more asian dishes but keep finding that we don’t have the proper ingredients! This would be such an excellent addition to our pantry!! :-)

  18. Grace

    I’ve never used Shaoxing wine before–I’m sure it’s delicious in cooking–would be nice to get to use it in my kitchen!

  19. Elaine

    My one-a-day…Thank you for all of these awesome giveaways! Even if I don’t win (odds are against me!) I’m learning a lot about some really cool products!

  20. Mark In St Pete

    And who wouldn’t want all the makings of a Chinese pantry? Almost everything you need to make all of the delicious recipes here.

  21. Vonny Groose

    Ok, might as well take a shot on this one, although I want the other one so bad. But wouldn’t mind to win this. Great giveaways!

  22. Tanisha Champion-Benjamin

    I hope I am one of the lucky winners for this pantry. My kids and I are very culturally diverse and I love cooking asian cusine, plus I need a new rice cooker. :D

  23. Elaine

    here is my one a day entry! all of these would make it so much easier to replicate some of my mom’s dishes :)

  24. Valerie

    Thank you so much again to RasaMalaysia and the sponsor, Asian Supermarket 365 for this great giveaway.

  25. Aileen Smith

    Need to restock the Rice wine vinegar in my pantry. The Pantry Giveaway will be greatly cherished.

  26. beth jamieson

    If I win these spices, I’ll finally have what I need to make all of your delicious recipes!

  27. Jeannie Kenny

    I would love to open my cupboard and see these ingredients sitting there! I would love to win this!

  28. Patricia in Denver

    I am just getting into Asian cooking. Winning this Chinese Pantry Giveaway would help immensely.

  29. Mae

    Just told my niece in Georgia about your wonderful website and new cookbook. She loves to cook but finding an Asian market in her area is very difficult. The closest market is about an hours drive away. Therefore, I’m entering this giveaway for my niece. I hope she wins.

  30. Kevin

    Would be nice to use the greatest ingredients possible for my cooking if I won this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. foodie101

    I don’t know if all of these are available to me locally so I’d love to win this and be able to try them all!

  32. phoenix

    i have tried the chicken chow mein and it was fabulous. Me and my fiance just love asian type food and we try alot of your recipies and its great.

  33. Abbey F

    I just came across this website yesterday and i LOVE all the authentic Asian recipes that’s on here! I live in the States now but i was born in China and i miss Chinese food sooo much! I want to try and win these ingredients so i can learn to cook with them!

  34. Valerie

    I promise I will make yummy dishes from Rasa Malaysia’s website and cookbook if I win this chinese pantry giveaway :)

  35. Valerie

    The first thing that I am going to cook with this ingredients is mom’s hakka duck with soy sauce with spices, it uses most of the ingredients here :)

  36. Valerie Tan

    All these ingredients and condiments are must haves in a chinese household, thank you so much for the awesome giveaway Rasa Malaysia and :)

  37. Elaine Mundy Pry

    I now like Asianmarket360 on facebook and would really enjoy the Asian Products package.

  38. Valerie

    These condiments are perfect for my hubby who is a ‘fan tong’ and loves his Chinese dishes every day!

  39. ktang

    can i leave one extra comment for having signed up for rasa malaysia email subscription for this contest too?

  40. ktang

    and also leave 1 extra comment for having ‘liked’ RM on FB (?) i hope it applies here too! thanks!

  41. catastasia

    With all the cooking that I do at home, I always need to buy condiments on a regular basis. Winning this one would be great!

  42. Jen Doucette

    I would love to win the Chinese pantry as I had to throw out all my items that were in the refrigerator due to a freak October snow storm that left me without power for 2 days :(

  43. catastasia

    oh my god we are almost done with this giveaway! Can’t wait to see who is gonna be the winner.

  44. Gustavo

    Perfect if I win this I can make real chinesse food and off course will be the best husband around for couple days.