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Chinese Porridge Recipe (Congee with Dried Oysters and Chicken Recipe)

Chicken Porridge with Dried Oysters
Chicken Porridge with Dried Oysters pictures (3 of 7)

What do you eat when you have your teeth pulled out? A bowl of chew-friendly Chinese porridge/congee. (I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted last Friday and this is what I have been eating.)

For ingredients, Rasa Malaysia recommends dried oyster and chicken breast fillet. Top the porridge with fresh shredded ginger, chopped scallions, a few drops of sesame oil and a dash of white pepper powder…you will feel better in no time…

What are you favorite ingredients for porridge?

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  1. Amy

    Mmm I love congee. It makes my tummy all warm and happy. I love century egg congee. Posting a recipe (sorta, my congee is always changing) later this week. :)

    Ouch about the teeth! I hope you heal fast! I hate going to the dentist, it’s one of my worst fears.

    • salie

      pls. i would like to have a recipe of your congee w/ pork and dried oysters. i’ve always wanted to know how make that dish. every time i eat at dimsum, that’s the first thing i order, but i don’t get to go to dimsum place cuz it’s an hour drive where i lived. i would appreciate it so much if u will share your recipe. thanks……………

  2. Anonymous

    Hi !
    My favourite porridge is with :-
    peanuts, dried oyster and pork.
    Sometimes I used dried scallops to replace the dried oyster.
    And a must have – yau char kuey to go with it.

    Have a nice day and hope you will get well soon.


  3. wmw

    You must have been kinda “knocked out” after such an ordeal, some more can still cook??? Terrorlah!

  4. C2

    Mmm kai Chook. Men and women from afar have been known to embark on culinary pilgrimages just for a fix. Finely shredded steam chicken, lots of pepper and top with crispy euw char kueh. Great midnight snack. Nice work on the weekend pubication and hope the tooth fairy visits. As we say here, Cheers Big ears:-)

  5. Marvin

    I love rice porridge. Filipinos have a version called Arroz Caldo, with chicken, ginger, garlic, black pepper and scallions.

  6. PrincessJournals

    i can have porridge anytime of the year. i made it once before using basmati rice and it didn turn out as nice as yours. maybe i shud get some jasmine rice huh?

  7. tigerfish

    I can have porridge anytime!

    Dried scallops, and shredded chicken with all the toppings here and not forgetting fried shallots! Recently, I made my congee with abalone and dried scallops. But no toppings :O

    Hope you are feeling better now, and can eat more “solid” food too! You cook so solid, so must eat solid mah! *lol*

  8. Nate 2.0

    Four at one go?! Ouch! You are very brave.

    We make a broth from either chicken or pork bones. The rice has to be jasmine rice – basmati doesn’t come together as well. What else goes in depends on what is on hand. Chicken, pork, fish, dried scallop, century egg, fermented tofu, green onions, cilantro, fried shallots or garlic, preserved vegetable, white pepper…the possibilities are endless. However I’ve not done dried oysters before.

    We don’t make our own you tiao but do get it if we’re having porridge at East Lake Seafood Restaurant in San Jose.

  9. Oppss

    four wisdom teeth extracted on the same day? man, it must be horrible and scary! poor RM, sayang sayang~
    I love porridge too!

  10. Susan

    I lived on milkshakes when I had mine extracted. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Congrats on your write-up in the paper too–it’s well deserved. :)

  11. Selina

    My fave toppings are thousand year old eggs, minced pork, scallions…yum!

    Other things could include crispy anchovies, or the canned fish (dace) with black beans

  12. Stephanie

    I feel for your mouth: when i had my four wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic just before I went to university years ago my face swelled up to three times its size and yellow, purple and black bruises welted my chest. Hideous…. Mum fed me junket and yoghurt and soup.
    Re congee: I feel like I missed out when I lived in HK… I just never really got into it and now, back in Melbourne, looking at your post, I’m sad about that!

  13. sc

    i like mine with dried oyster, century egg, mince pork, salted egg (mash the yolk and stir in the white) and loads of shredded ginger..

  14. fatboybakes

    century egg, peanuts, lean pork, yow char kwai, ….abalone, if i can afford it… and i like mine the cantonese style, where the rice is all smooth and creamy…not the teochew

  15. Rasa Malaysia

    Amy – I agree, going to dentist is always not fun, and the “grilling” sound of the machine always gives me creeps…argh!

    Pablo – Somehow I never like yau char kuey in my porridge because I don’t like soggy stuff. I love my yau char kuey crispy and hot off the frying wok.

    May – yes, dried scallops are great with porridge, but my brother told me a scary story about dried scallops and now I am very skeptical and don’t dare to eat them too much. :P

    WMW – have to cook lah, or what else to eat? Yoghurt every day? Hehe. :P

    Maya – I am still on medication, not fun. :(

    Simcooks – what to do, have to get rid of them once and for all. I was sedated so I didn’t feel anything until they were pulled.

    C2 – thanks for your kind word and your well wishes. :)

    Marvin – Filipino has a porridge version too? Cool, sounds very similar. :)

    Princess – yep, jasmine is the way to go.

    Tiga – I must add, fried salted fish is also great with porridge…I must dig them out from my pantry. ;)

    Nate 2.0 – correct, the possibilities of porridge are endless. Really. My other used to make porridge with crabs, oh my, soooo good.

    Oppss – awww, you are sooo nice and sweet. Thank you and I feel much better already. :)

    Susan – I also have yoghurt in addition to porridge. Thanks for your kind words on the featured articles. :)

    Selina – yes, canned fried dace with black beans, how can I forget that?

    Stephanie – oh no, swelling face? I am lucky because I do not like a swollen face, well, maybe just a little but not 3x the size of my face. Don’t be sad about congee, you can make it yourself at home…really easy.

    SC – ooooh, yes, salted eggs, how can I forget that?!

    FBB – wah, abalone with porridge, that’s the first time I heard of that topping, but don’t you think it’s a little sayang to take porridge with abalone. Yes, Cantonese creamy style is awesome. Mine was half way there because I was too impatient to wait for them to boil…haha.

  16. pablopabla

    Herein lies the secret :

    Slice yau char kuey thinly or not more than 1 cm thick.

    Place it in a toaster oven and give it a 1 – 2 minute toast.

    Enjoy the crispiest yau char kuey you can find!

  17. babe_kl

    no wonder you’re so wise bee yinn but to extract 4 in one go is really a painful experience. but then again having it done just for once certainly make up for the 4 times of pain.

    psstt… i’m totally unwise at all :D

  18. msiagirl

    Poor you with the teeth. I just had two out one by one, and that was not nice at all, so sending lots of warm fuzzies your way.Get better soon!

    I like all rice porridge, salted fish/eggs, century eggs, pig intestines and offal like kidney and liver! Fish porridge, chicken porridge, pork mince porridge with that orange preserved veg – well looks like if you make porridge with it I will enjoy it :)

  19. Hakka House

    I love dried oyster & pork congee. My grandma use to make that when we were little. Another on of my favorites is with dried scallops. It gives a nice sweetness to the congee.

    ~ Mina

  20. lyn

    i love peanuts and dried scallops and those preserved chinese pickles

    i always pick the mussels/dried oysters out.

  21. team BSG

    r u saying now you are 4 less wise ? quickly come up with some hard hot spiking meal then everything ok !

  22. Tummythoz

    Read ‘teeth pulled out’, *pengsan*. Got up, read ‘extracted teeth’ pengsan. 4 at 1 go?!! Sorry, cannot read further edi. *wiping off cold sweat*

  23. Passionate Eater

    I hope that you are feeling better now, and that you are able to eat solids soon! My favorite ingredients are 1000-year old egg (pi dan) and scallions. But dried oysters and chicken sound fantastic!

  24. Lannie loke

    Try porridge with scallops, peanuts, dried oysters and yam / taro. This porridge is named ‘ Fah Sang Hou See Chouk’. Has been a favourite porridge for 3 generations in my family.

  25. eatdrinknbmerry

    Hi RM, i can never not order the ground pork/duck egg porridge with extra scallions and wontons skins. (pi dan su ro zhou).

  26. Kok

    rasa malaysia,
    I don’t like oyster leh. I like my porridge with salted egg/fish, prickle vege, century egg, wanton skins, peanuts, chicken/pork/fish, etc… never ending story lah. hehe.

    Wish you’ll get well soon. Rest well. :)

  27. Keropok Man

    ouch. i am resisting my wisdom tooth to be taken off, though the dentist advised me too.

    i like to “chai sim”, those pickled ones in bottles with my porridge. they are so so yummy if the correct brand is bought.

    and also “bak hoo” (pork floss) in porridge. so so delicious!

  28. Rasa Malaysia

    Pablo – thanks for the tips…I tried before and nuked too much it became too hard. LOL.

    Babe – No lah, I have 4 wisdom teeth but it doesn’t mean I have wisdom. LOL. I don’t know why they are called wisdom teeth to begin with.

    Msiangirl – pig intestines in porridge…bravo, you are a true Malaysian girl.

    Hakka house – yes, dried scallops give that great sweetness, but let me tell you this story later about dried scallops… ;)

    WC – I am already better and am eating in Beijing now. LOL.

    Kok – aiya, you don’t know what you missed out…you must have had bad dried oysters…high quality dried oyster are so good.

    Lyn – yes, preserved Chinese pickles are the best…if only the western version ones taste more like those. :P

    Keropok – Bak hoo…OMG, I almost forgot…that’s awesome with porridge, you are right!

    Panda – thanks for your hugs. :)

    BSG – I am already too wise beyond my age so I do not need wisdom teeth…too pandai also no good. LOL!!!!!

    Tummythoz – aiyo, like that also scared. You got yours pulled / extracted already not? Hehe.

    PE – wow, century eggs…you know your porridge. Hehe.

    Andaliman – you should try dried oysters…they are great as a flavoring agent for soup and porridge. I absolutely love them.

    Lannie – I never tried porridge with yam/taro, sounds intriguing as I love yam soooo much! Share the secret 3-generation recipe please? ;)

    May – OK, drum roll please? My brother used to work in China and he told me that some Chinese food processors make fake scallops with snakes! He saw that with his own eyes…I am not kidding!!! He said they peel the skin of the snakes off, then pull out their little bones, and then cut them up and dry them. Think about it…the snake flesh is creaming white and scallops too. After they are dried, you can’t tell as snakes are supposed to taste good too hence people use snakes to cook soup in China. So that’s my scary story…

    Eatdrinknbmerry – you certain love your porridge. Slurp slurp.

  29. Jas

    i luv mine with deep fried “ikan billis” d tiniest kind, pork/chix floss, pototoes/carrot/cabbage…ah.. congee d best :)

  30. Le Belch

    Mmm.. the basic MUST have toppings on my porridge are quite simple.

    A dash of soy sauce.
    A dash of pepper.
    Golden fried chopped garlic with the oil.
    Oooh, and that preserved black shredded olives that comes in those jars.
    MMM, GOOD!
    And for colour, a few ringlets of spring onions wouldn’t hurt.

    Good job on the blog!
    Le Belch.

  31. *快乐仙子*

    Mine kinda weird…. I love porridge. Just like everyone love to eat rice. I rather choose to eat porridge than rice nowadays. However, My favourite ingredients for porridge is pumpkin and chicken; dried scallop and dried mushroom; oyster mushrooms with seaweed…
    Kinda weird right? But I just love it..

  32. Nic

    Sounds divine, yummy. Where are the methods/instructions? Assumed the rice/water/dried oyster & chic are to boil together? thanks :-S

      • lis

        I was looking for congee recipe I could send to my sister’s bf because she just had her wisdom tooth extracted. I bumped into your website but didn’t find recipe. The photo looks inviting, guess I have to look elsewhere for now (but I can’t wait to check back for updates on this).

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