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Drunken Clams Recipe

Drunken Clams


Recipe: Drunken Clam (Manila Clams with Chinese Cooking Wine)

1 lb of Manila Clams
2 inches of fresh ginger (cut into thin strips)
2 stalks of scallion (julienned)
1 cup (or 2 cups) of Chinese cooking wine (rice wine or Shaoxing wine preferred)
Salt to taste
A dash of white pepper powder
A dash of sesame oil


Heat up a claypot or wok with some oil. Stir fry the fresh ginger until they turn light brown. Add in the clams, Chinese cooking oil and cover the claypot or wok for 3 minutes. Open the cover, add in the scallions and have a quick stir. Then, add in a dash of sesame oil, white pepper powder, and salt to taste. Cover the claypot or wok for another 1 or 2 minutes or until all shells are opened. Serve hot.

Cook’s Notes:
  • If you like your dish extra intoxicating and your clams really drunken, go ahead and use 2 cups of cooking wine!
  • To make the clams even better, add in a teaspoon of Japanese Mirin (sweet seasoning cooking sake).
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    1. Rasa Malaysia

      Simcooks – yep, the juice was indeed tasty.

      Teckiee – LOL.

      Babe_KL – It’s really not that messy; just eat the flesh and toss the shells. You should try them at home sometimes. ;)

    2. Hakka House

      I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I’m a Singaporean living in L.A., and I just started my own food blog. I would love it if you could link me ( =)

    3. Passionate Eater

      Thank you Rasa Malaysia! My father has made me this clam soup, and although I never tried to make it myself, your recipe makes it sound so easy! Looks wonderful (like all of your recipes do)!

      Also, thank you for the tip about dumpling restaurants in Southern California!

    4. tigerfish

      Love it! So simple yet tasty, I bet. Wanna try it some time if I could. How I wish I could try eating your clams…hahaha.
      But I can only try cooking it.

    5. Rasa Malaysia

      Hakkahouse – welcome and thanks. I will check out your site.

      ToniXe – :)

      PE – You are correct, clam soup is so good with the shredded ginger. Great for winter. I will have to make it soon!

      WMW – :P

      Bayi – Wow, Teow Chew Porridge…haven’t had those in ages!

      Chubbypanda – or we can pour your sake into the clams! LOL!

      Stephanie – all clams are good, I have never had bad clams, oh well, provided they are fresh. Stale clams are nasty! Hahaha.

      Maryeats – I remember you said that you don’t even like clams; have I convinced you yet? ;)

      Tigerfish – if you are in the bay area, you should cook this dish yourself as you can get fresh clams there…

    6. Chris

      I tried your recipe, and my friends loved it! We were having a small little party at my place, and the first serving was gone in 5 minutes. I then drove out, bought some more clams, rushed home, and made two more woks of bee bee’s drunken clams…goshh…that was real tiring, but the response was overwhelming…We just couldn’t resist those naughty little “drunk” clams. =P

      thanks bee

    7. Rasa Malaysia

      Chris – wow, I am so proud of you (and happy that you tried out my recipe). Wow, I guess you will have to throw more drunken clams parties. The next time, send me your pictures so I can post them them up under “Reader Submissions.” LOL!!

      Michael – Sure…with or without cooking appratus that is. :P

      Elmo – 99 Ranch has some big and fat ones. And yes, your pictures please for “Reader Submissions.” LOL!!

      Lyn – you can prepare anything drunken…shrimps, lalas, clams, chicken, etc. ;)

    8. lucia

      drunken clams? i’ve heard (and tasted) of drunken prawns but not drunken clams. well i guess any food can be cook to be ‘drunk’ if we want to. haha.

    9. Anonymous

      I just tried your Drunken Clams with rice wine and man it came out great. Love your blog and keep the great recipe coming.

    10. kimberly

      hi there, i love all your recipes – great job! but whenever i attempt this dish, it turns out a tad too bitter. any ideas on how to overcome this? could it be due to the brand of shaoxing wine i used?

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