Chocolate Chip Brownies
October 15th, 2013 7 Comments

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Chocolate Chip Brownie

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I have been offline for a little bit due to this as I am back in Penang, so I feel totally relieved that my contributor is helping me to fill in the void with new baking recipes. After I posted the brownie butter cake recipe, I came to realize just how much my readers love baking, and that they also love chocolate and brownies. So this chocolate chip brownies recipe is for you.

Chocolate Chip Brownies

There are many variations of brownies, plain old baked brownies, chocolate mint, salted caramel, peanut butter, etc., but nothing beats chocolate chip brownies in my opinion. These cake squares are dense, rich, and studded with white chocolate chips plus chopped pistachio, so every bite is extra decadent and sinful. It’s a recipe that no one can resist, even the pickiest eater, I assure.

Chocolate Chip Brownies

If you are looking for the absolutely best brownie recipe, this is it. I won’t convince you anymore with my words, but I will let you judge for yourself with the pictures in this post. This chocolate chip brownie recipe is a keeper, yielding fudgy, chocolatey, moist, simply perfect brownies every time! Give it a try.

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  1. Lctan says:

    Wud appreciate if u can give measuremts in ozs or gms for butter, flour n sugar.

  2. How to make biltong says:


    I am sorry for your loss, But I have to say I baked these Chocolate Chip Brownies for my children and they loved them. Thank you for the lovely pictures, the detail is fantastic.


  3. Pearly says:

    Hi! May I know if you use a particular brand of dark chocolate? Thanks!

  4. Irene says:

    Hi Bee, do you have cookies receipe similar to Famous Amos type of texture? I like the crunchiness… Many thanks.

  5. MHRey13 says:

    Hi. I’m sorry to comment an old recipe post, but I’ve a question.
    I’m having trouble figuring out between dark chocolate and baking chocolate.
    Can you give me brand examples, especially those in Malaysia?

  6. zero says:

    Hi, I tried baking last week. After 35mins of baking, the edges are firm and I left it to cool completely. When I tried to cut the brownie, its wet and sticky inside. I baked for another 40mins but still not totally dry. When the brownie are not sticking to a skewer, its rather dry and does not taste good. Please advise where it went wrong?

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