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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bread

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bread
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This chocolate chip cookie dough bread takes only two ingredients.

Two. Ingredients.

Yes, you heard it right.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bread

If there is a genius recipe award, I’d give this to my friend Javan at The Dining Table (Singapore Food Guide). This recipe is made of two ingredients: your favorite ice cream (not low fat) and self raising flour. Two ingredients, 5 minutes of mixing time, and 45 minutes of baking time, and you have a loaf of sweet, tasty, and aromatic bread that tastes like you had a very complicated recipe and spent the whole afternoon baking. And the best of it all, you can make just about any flavor of this bread using your favorite ice cream. Dark chocolate chip bread? Sure. Peanut butter S’mores bread, not a problem. Salted caramel truffle bread? Check. You can make just about any bread you like, using your favorite brand of ice cream. It’s magic!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bread

Fresh off the oven, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bread tastes so delicious. It’s got all the flavors and perfect sweetness. You don’t even need any jam. You can just eat it as is, or if you like, with a spread of butter. This recipe is also toddlers and kids friendly. Who doesn’t like their favorite ice cream in the form of a bread? Try the recipe today and I am sure you will love this effortless and easy baking recipe.

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47 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Tuty

    Hi Bee,
    Incredible recipe :) I am definitely going to try this recipe. Wouldn’t it be neat if you have a round-up of different bread flavors from your faithful readers around the globe?
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Cherie

    I cannot think of a recipe my little baker would enjoy doing more – totally like magic and incredibly versatile!

  3. Uh… wait. What?! I still cannot wrap my head around this but this is such an amazing idea! I need to give this a go as soon as I get some ice cream. And so versatile too. Imagine all the fillings I can add: nuts, chips, dried fruit etc.

  4. Chantal

    *mind blown* My head almost exploded thinking of all the possibilities. I have a jar of Smarties ice cream I keep hidden from the kids in case of emergencies (you never know). I will try making the bread with it. I shared your recipes with everyone I know who can read english!

  5. Emily

    Hi Bee,
    If I were to use this recipe and bake them as small buns (in a lined cupcake tin, should the baking time and temperature be reduced? Thanks! :)

  6. Serene Chua

    I try immediately the next day when I saw the recipe you posted. But my bread texture is not as nice as yours. Maybe is the ice cream I used. Will try again next time. Really a great recipe.

  7. phil

    I’m going to try this with some creole cream cheese ice cream soon. Fwiw one of the best dessert pairings ever is creole cream cheese ice cream and warm carrot cake. Try it one day if you can get your hands on the ice cream. It’s readily available in new Orleans :)

  8. SM

    May I know the conversion from cup to gram please? The oven temperature is based on fan forced oven or without fan-forced oven?

  9. donna


    Just to check with you about the texture of the cake. Is it dry,compact and slightly tough texture unlike those of the normal cakes? Easy to make and not too sweet just not that springy and spongy.

    Please advise. Will try making it again with other ice cream.


  10. rachQ

    Hi, just want to ask for the 2 cups chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream equivalent to how many grams? same as 1 1/2 cup self raising flour as well.

    • Joseph

      There’s no exact weight-per-cup with ice cream. This is due to the “overrun” percentage in manufacturing. Overrun is the amount of air added while making ice cream. 200% is the maximum volume in the US. The higher the overrun, the greater the volume—but not the weight, that’s still the same! ¶Try this: measure 227 grams of water. This is 8 ounces, which is 1 cup. Double that [1 US pint]. Now fill that container with you favorite ice cream and weight it. Then you’ll have how many grams you’ll need. But remember, it’s always easier to measure the volume than trying to convert volume to weight.

  11. TatoTati

    i am excited for weekend so i can try this recipe. had a note in the fridge already “DON’T TOUCH THE DOUBLE DUTCH.”

  12. Charmaine

    Tried last night with Haagendaze Belgium Chocolate + Vanilla Flavor. Bake with rice cooker’s baking function, very soft & fine texture.

    Thanks much for the recipe :D

  13. AmateurChef

    Hi Bee,

    I tried this recipe recently but texture was not good at all. It was very dense and had the texture of a cake that did not rise. Any suggestions as to what I can do differently next time? PS I did use a good quality ice cream.

    • Yes, it is sort of like a cake texture and a little dense. It’s not going to be like the fluffy and soft cake since this is a very simple recipe…serve it warm and it’s actually quite good.

  14. Briony

    Do you think this could be made with homemade ice cream? Or is it all the additives etc. in normal ice cream that makes this bread work? Thanks!

  15. Christina moses

    Interesting recipe.if I make my own self raising I have been taught it is1 tsp fr one cup flour.your recipe States 1 1/2 tsp for one cup it will be totally 21/4 bk powder I guess for one and half I right?

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