Chocolate Spiced Biscotti
December 04th, 2013 1 Comment

Chocolate Spiced Biscotti

Chocolate Spiced Biscotti

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‘Tis the season for baking, lots of baking: cookies, sweet treats, cakes, and holiday biscotti. Biscotti is such a wonderful Christmas cookie—crunchy, crisp, and absolutely yummy—they are a great treat and especially great with a cup of coffee. I also love it that we can make a bunch of biscotti weeks before the holidays and they stay crunchy, as long as they are properly stored.

I’m so happy that my friend CP Choong is sharing two of her favorite biscotti recipes with us this holiday season. I love this chocolate spiced biscotti because there are more eggs used in the recipe so the end result is eggy, with a nice touch of chocolate and just a wee bit aroma of the spices. If you like your biscotti to be more spice-laden, you can feel free to add a little more.

<p>I also love the almonds in this <strong>chocolate spiced biscotti recipe</strong>. Every crunchy bite is accompanied by the nutty flavor of the almond. For the chocoholic, you can also add some melted chocolate dip to the biscotti to make it even better. However, if you do so, make sure you cut your biscotti into thicker slices so the biscotti doesn’t lose its crisp.</p>
<p>So gather your ingredients and start <a href=baking today. It’s never too early to start baking for the holidays. I am doing a lot of Christmas recipes ideas and baking recipes on Rasa Malaysia Facebook page. Like me to follow my daily updates and new recipes!

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  1. May says:

    Love biscotti, especially with my dark coffee.

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