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Cookbook Promo Video (and Blooper Reel)

A few weeks ago, my friends at Eat A Duck I Must came to Irvine to shoot a sizzle video for me. The video is mostly about what I do on a daily basis, with a heavy emphasis on my cookbook. If you have been curious about my “gourmet kitchen,” “professional photo studio,” and the “huge mansion I live in,” you will get a glimpse of them, plus bloopers! *wink*

Cookbook update:

Easy Chinese Recipes is now available on The book will officially hit the book stores in the US on Sept 10, 2011. For the complete list of book stores selling my book, please refer to the cookbook official page (scroll down to the bottom).

Thanks so much to Alice and Jared for shooting and editing the video, and for putting up with my “creepy” facial expressions during the shoot. If you are interested in hiring them, check out their portfolio at Zhao Photography. They also shot the ingredients shots in my cookbook.

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  1. Katina

    It’s great to get a glimpse of your kitchen and what Rasa Malaysia is all about. Such lovely videos, love the mom-baby bonding scenes.

  2. Wynand Van Ellewee via Facebook

    Your book is also available at The Book Depository at a lower price than Amazon with free worldwide delivery! I’m getting one right now!

    • Mandy – How are you? Regarding staying slim, I didn’t put on much weight when I was pregnant, and I was back to my normal weight a few weeks after birth, mostly because of lack of sleep and taking care of the baby. LOL. A LOT OF WORK!

  3. Emily L

    Bee, great videos! Your baby has grown so much. Finally found your cookbook in mph, Midvalley Mall. I’m now right chuffed. I think it’ll make a wonderful Christmas present to a lot of people this year! :-)

  4. Great videos Bee! I loved the behind-the-scenes look at where “all the magic happens.” Shows that you don’t need a gourmet kitchen or professional studio to create the great food and photos that you do – it just takes great talent :)

    Your little boy is so cute! Loved the blooper reel with the two of you together.

  5. LOVE IT! This video really does prove that your restaurant quality dishes can be made straight out of any home kitchen! And your friends that made this video are so talented! =)

  6. Peter Pantry Raider

    Great videos. My! my! how baby G has grown. Beautiful kid. XOXO’s for him.

    I am amazed that you do not look like a blimp after so much cooking and eating all that delicious food.Would sure love to move next door to you and get invited to “try” out all your dishes. I see your lovely cast iron wok is made in China. I was told by a hawker using a cast iron wok in Penang who recommended me to buy the locally made cast iron woks as they are much better and heavier. Told me not to buy the made in China ones but I don’t know where to get the local made on\es cos the shop he told me selling them said there is no more production of local cast iron woks. :(

  7. You’re a natural in front of the videocam… very pretty :p next time can have your own cook show too :) I can’t find your cookbook at Borders or the Popular outlet at my area…. will try to look for it again keke

  8. Video by Alice & Jared really captured who you are Bee, so nice to see some ‘behind the scenes’ of you working and with baby G! Hey, you’re a Wok Star! Your cast iron wok is looking really nice and black, good job. Can’t wait to try some recipes from your cookbook. Congrats again, Bee.

    P.S. hope your fans will enjoy my ‘seasoning a cast iron wok’ section. It’s the most important process to set up your wok for a lifetime and you’ll just love using it to cook everything.

  9. gabesmom

    Congrats Bee! Love your website! And didn’t realise that you are so pretty!! You make all Penang girls very proud :D

  10. Hi Bee!
    It is just wonderful to see you in action in your beautiful kitchen. Have always wondered how you would look like when you cook and create all the awesome food!

    Good job and make Malaysians proud! :)

  11. Thank goodness I didn’t miss out on this! Alice & Jared did a great job. I am sure this will always be cherished :) ..P.S. : I still have not been able to see your book at the bookshops. Think I will need to go back and check again…

  12. We all enjoy your recipes a lot. Why? you always make them in a simple way, so that any one can make it.

    The best Chinese & Malay food recipes, I came across.

    And from your Video, we learned one thing more. That you are every simple. No celebrity attitude :), Just one of us.

    Liked the video, I always wanted to know how your dishes look so nice in picture. We had chance to see that too.

  13. Pablo Jimenez via Facebook

    hahaha excellent videos, very nice to see you cook and the funny faces in the second video. All the best!

  14. Hello Bee,
    I just love Malaysian food….buying it…cooking it….eating it…Yummm!!!
    I can’t wait to get your book. Thanks for sharing your video…the bit of you taking pics of your cooking?…..I do that alot.
    I’ll be In Penang for a week in October and hope to do one of your private tours over there…I’m so looking forward to it.
    Take good care of you and your beautiful family.
    Kind regards,

  15. Tintin

    I was so excited to get hold a copy of your cookbook and immediately tried three of your wonderful recipes. It was indeed easy to follow and taste awesome too. Love your cookbook and video. Thanks and hope to see your next cookbook soon:)

  16. Simon

    Well. I must say that we have the same philosophy about food Bee. I just realized that its already been a few years i followed your blog. haha, I’m jealous at your husband to be quite frank. I really wish my gf could cook like you, but unfortunately (or fortunately for her?) I’m the “housewife” in the relationship LOL.

    I want to order your book out of appreciation for everything your blog have taught me through the last few years. In fact I stopped visiting chinese restaurants all together because I believe its achievable to make fresher and better results at home.

    • Hi Simon, thanks for your great support. You can order the book online now at Amazon. Yes, you can totally make restaurant-quality food at home, without the extra grease, MSG, and so much cheaper. I wish I have a husband who can cook though. ;)

      • Simon

        Well. I believe its difficult to cook food that contains no msg at all, but it’s at least possible to reduce it heavily by using homemade stock, not adding ajinomoto, making dishes less saucy etc. From my experience using msg can actually ruin contrasts between flavors in the food. It’s absolutely no natural flavors in MSG. What I noticed about most chinese restaurants here is that most of the dishes are lacking contrast in their flavors. 80 dishes on the menu, 4 different sauces.

        btw. Aren’t the kids adorable at that age? Cant wait to become a uncle for the 2nd time soon.

  17. Lily

    Dear, just viewed yr short video and it’s just great!! Baby is so adorable. Congratulations again to your Easy Chinese Recipe book but i have yet to get a copy for myself… soon.

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