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Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) Recipe

Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters)
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A few months ago, I introduced Malay cooking to you via this post. Today, I am very glad to have Mastura of Foodilicious on board as a guest writer, a talented Penang food blogger and photographer who cooks beautiful and sinfully delicious Malay food and more. On Foodilicious, Mastura shares mom-daughter Malaysian home cooking, street food, baking, and restaurant dining. I personally learn a lot about Malay cooking from Foodilicious and I hope you do, too! :)

Cucur Udang (Malaysian Prawn Fritters)
Guest Writer: Foodilicious

This weekend, my special Malaysian food to share with the world would be “Cucur Udang” or prawn fritters. Almost every Malaysian’s favorite, prawn fritters are eaten as evening tea snacks or as an appetizer to main meals. Cucur Udang is also commonly known amongst Malaysians as “jemput jemput udang“, “jemput” meaning “invitation” and “udang” being “shrimps”. It is called “jemput” because of the bite-size of the fritters.

Other Malaysian favorite fritters are Cucur Bawang (onion fritters), Cucur Ikan Bilis (anchovies fritters), Cucur Jagung Manis (sweet corn fritters) and Cucur Badak (hippo fritters… well, direct translation that is but it is called so because of its roundness!). So today, let me share with you a home made family favorite Malay dish: Cucur Udang…

Malaysian Recipe: Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters)What does Cucur Udang taste like? Crispy golden brown crust on the outside, once bitten, a softer texture reveals and you will taste fresh shrimps, crunchiness of the sweet corn kernels, and a slight spiciness to it. Deliciously savory! Cucur Udang can be eaten on its own but my family enjoy dipping it with either sweet chili sauce or peanut sauce.


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