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Dan Dan Noodles (Dan Dan Mian/担担面)

Dan Dan Noodles (Dan Dan Mian/担担面)

Dan Dan Noodles (Dan Dan Mian/担担面) is another classic Sichuan dish that one shouldn’t miss out when you’re in Chengdu. While Dan Dan Noodles are easily available in many Chinese restaurants nowadays, nothing beats having a  bowl in its place of origin…the taste and authenticity triumph it all.

When my Dan Dan noodles came, I wasn’t sure of it because of the plain look (pictured below).  After I mixed the noodles with the spicy mala sauce (similar to the sauce on bon-bon chicken), the flavors started to develop and shine through. The ground pork and crushed peanuts paired with the noodles so well that I finished my serving in no time and asked for more…

Dan Dan Noodles (Dan Dan Mian/担担面)Dan Dan noodles can be found at many street food joints all over Chengdu. Approximately RMB5 per bowl.

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  1. You know each time i see the food you ate in China, makes me want to take a plane and fly to china to have the dleicous food.
    Well one can dream and also drool here.

  2. Oooh those bowls of noodles served in Chengdu are huge! Remembered we had trouble asking for spoons since they don’t usually provide that utensil.

  3. Jessie Loh

    Dear Rasa,

    I have benefit and enjoyed alot from your web, but recently I could not get any recipes. I have subscribed with Feedburner, they do send me notices whenever new post is out, but without any recipes. Can you guide me how to get your recipes. Thank you and Good Days

    • Hi Jessie. Thanks for dropping me a comment. I have been on business trip the past 4 weeks. Going home this weekend. Stay tuned as I have some new recipes coming when I get back to my kitchen :)

  4. Ce'nedra

    I loooove dan dan mian! Although I’ve never tried the ‘dry’ version, only the noodle soup. I’ve been looking all over the place for a good, authentic dan dan recipe but am running low on my luck. I really hope hope you try making it and post about it one day :)
    Anyway, gorge photography as always.

  5. Tassiemate


    First time I tried “Dan Dan Mien” was at a restaurant in Hobart, I absolutely love it. Went back to the same restaurant a second time, and a third time. But was not that happy the third time. I could (and certain) that I tasted peanut butter in the sauce (which was quite clumpy). But the waitress told me it is not and that it could be sesame oil! I can tell you that it looks different from your photo. It is a soup version and gets thicker as you start eating the noodle. I think the minced pork may have been cooked with flour, which thicken the soup as you progressively stirred the noodle to eat.

    Like the other readers of yours, I look forward to your post on the recipe. Thanks.

  6. me-me the fioricet junkie

    Oodles of noodles in rich sauce. I think I would like two have two bowlfuls right now with rice and some ice cold green tea. I wonder if the Chinese restaurant I frequent have Dan Dan Mien in their menu? I sure hope they do.

  7. Jim

    I just found this great site when I was looking a dan dan mian recipe. Have you been able to post it yet? I will keep searching your site.

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