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Lobsters in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico

Lobsters in Puerto Nuevo
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TRAVEL ALERT: Updated Jan 8, 2008

I was informed by a reader that there have been recent attacks by masked, armed bandits in Rosarito and Puerto Nueve. Kindly read this article on MSNBC and US Department of State Travel Warnings site before going.

Where can you get some of the best–and affordable lobsters–in the world? The answer lies in a small coastal town named Puerto Nuevo, or self-described as “Lobster Capital of Baja California” in Mexico; a convenient 30 to 40 minutes drive south of the San Diego-Mexico border.

Other than the milder weather, nice environs and good food, one great perk of living in Southern California is the fact that I can practically go abroad in 2 hours, driving. I have been to Puerto Nuevo many times to savor the scrumptious lobsters, but this post marks the first entry in Rasa Malaysia and serves as an ultimate guide to eating the best lobsters in the world. Click the image aboveto view all pictures and read the following guide to eating the best lobsters in Baja California, Mexico…

Dining Guide: Lobsters in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico

How do I get to Puerto Nuevo?

Take 1-5 South all the way to the US-Mexico border. As soon as you cross the border, stay in the right lane and you will see a signboard that reads “Rosarito-Ensenada.” Turn right and just follow the signboard. As you come to the top of the hill, follow the signboard that says “Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada Cuota.” (Cuota stands for the Toll Road). Pass through two toll gates (each for US$2.40), then exit when you see the “Puerto Nuevo” sign. Turn left and head south on the old highway. Puerto Nuevo is located on your right about 2 miles south of the “Puerto Nuevo” exit.

Which restaurant should I go to?

There are over 30 restaurants in Puerto Nuevo but I always go to Puerto Nuevo I or Restaurant Nuevo. This restaurant is hard-to-miss; located on your left hand side with a big “1” sign on its roof as you enter Puerto Nuevo. Puerto Nuevo I is constantly packed with diners, with a beeline of eager (and hungry) patrons lining up outside of the restaurant. There is only one thing served here: lobsters. Choose the size of your lobster–small, medium or large; each order comes with 3 lobster halves. (I strongly recommend medium sized lobsters.) The lobsters are served with sides such as beans, rice, chips, salsa, unlimited supplies of fresh, homemade flour tortillas (which is easily the best ever!).

Restaurant Nuevo AKA Puerto Nuevo I
Km. 44 Carr. a Ensenada Puerto Nuevo (Km. 44 Old Highway to Ensenada New Port),
Baja California,
Tel: (661) 614-1411

When does lobster season start in Puerto Nuevo?

The lobster season is from October through March each year. Restaurants are open during off-season, but you might get frozen lobsters instead of fresh ones.

What makes Puerto Nuevo lobsters better than others?

The answer is simple: live local (California coast) spiny lobsters pan-fried with lard so the meat stays tender and succulent, with that unmistakenly lobster aroma. Yum!

How much are the lobsters?

Price ranges from $15-$30 each (usually 3 lobster halves per person with sides included). At Puerto Nuevo I/Restaurant Nuevo, medium-sized lobsters are priced at $20 each.

What else should I see or do while in Puerto Nuevo?

  1. Check out the local shops and souvenirs stores.
  2. Sipping Margarita at restaurants/bars along the sea, looking out the beautiful Pacific coastline, preferably open air if weather permits.
  3. Try out the sweet tamale sold by this mobile vendor outside of Puerto Nuevo I restaurant. He is not always there, but if you are lucky, don’t miss out his sweet tamale.
  4. Visit the famed Hotel Calafia–a beautiful mission-style hotel where Titanic was filmed. Hotel Calafia is a few kilometers north of Puerto Nuevo, along the old highway.
  5. Stop by Rosarito, the beach town north of Puerto Nuevo. Visit the local market and shops for sourvenirs, Mexican handicrafts, or get cheap beer at the numerous watering holes in town.

There you have it, my guide to eating the best lobsters in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico. Try it, you will not regret it, I promise! For in-depth resources about Puerto Nuevo, check out this website and please stay tuned for my pictures of Puerto Nuevo in my next post!

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  1. Kenny Mah

    Oooh, lobsters! They look so succulent in your pictures… served simply with wedges of lime. I guess I really, really must make some time for a trip to California, eh? ;)

  2. team bsg

    lobsters we like as being more firm and pure than prawns but how to eat when one small one here costs >RM100 ?

    then we need to eat 3 each ! hahaha

  3. chiffOnade

    I cant afford lobster, but me and my boyfriend, “THE MANAGER” (he manages some ladies in Clearwater, florida) LOVE fake crab meat from walmart.

    I fixed it for his family on Christmas and topped it with some hot pepper oil to spice it up.

    Your photos are really good.

    BE CAREFUL and dont get “gouged” when you buy lobsters or fake crab meat. I called several different places and found the prices on fake crabmeat to be way different.

    By saving money, I can stretch my $100 grocery gift card further and even have some money left to buy some used books.

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Wow those are really tempting pictures! Shall have to plan a visit south next time I’m in LA. Thanks for the tips.

    And happy new year, Rasa Malaysia!!

  5. Sam

    ;) Fijian lobsters are pretty tasty too – especially when you can have them both for lunch AND dinner nearly every day for more than a week…

    (I was careful to leave no clues in my image name as you found out, but now you know where I was)

    The Menu for Hope results stunned me when I got back this morning! woohoo. I was stuck at LAX for 9 hours – should’ve nipped over to Puerto Nuevo, eh?

  6. Krizia

    Oh my gosh! I really needed this guide, especially since I’ll only be in SoCal until Jan. 17th and I’ve been craving lobster all year. This should be a great little road trip. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!!

  7. daveg

    My husband totally agrees with your guide. He is from San Diego and has driven to Puerto Nuevo nearly 30 times just for meals. He swears by the food there, especially at Casa Media.

    I am staying tuned as we are heading to Puerto Nuevo this summer for lobsters! Would love to go right now but I broke my foot and am immobile for a while.

    Thanks for a yummy read!

  8. Jen

    Wonderful pictures and blogs! Thank you. I just moved down to Southern CA. Is it safe to drive into this part of Mexico if we wanted to spend the night there at a hotel? Some people were telling me to buy some kind of insurance before crossing the border, but seems like others just drive on through… Again, thank you for such a detailed post :)

  9. lucia

    the lobsters look so yummy!

    you are lucky to have to travel to puerto nuevo and to taste its best in the world lobsters!

    i love lobsters too but as team bsg pointed out, very expensive in malaysia, so hardly got to try it.

  10. Piggy

    Happy new year!

    Wow, what a scrumptious meal! The bread looks like Indian naan though. does it taste the same as naan?

  11. Sophie

    These are really stunning lobster pics! They make me wish I lived nearer to the sea (sadly Oxford is about the farthest point from the sea in the whole of England)

  12. Susanna

    I love these lobsters soooooo much!!! Ever since my first trip some 10 years ago, I just have to have me some lobster. I even have them on my catering menu!

  13. Tammie

    I ate at Nuevo I 25 years ago. I remember it to cost about $10.00 at that time. We were even allowed to bring in our own cooler of Corona’s. We purchased a whole case for only $7.00. Wow how times have changed.

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