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Eating Penang: Nyonya Kuih

Nyonya Kuih, Kuih Ko Sui

While I had planned to share every single meal of my Penang culinary adventure with you, alas, my initiative and enthusiasm has been dampened by one unsurmontible obstacle: the painfully slow dial-up connection at my parents’ home…

Nyonya Kuih, Rempah Udang

Thus I am sharing my adventure with you in small tastes, i. e. a few pictures at a time — sort of like stealing a bite from a friend’s plate when they turn away…

Kuih Beng Kang

This morning I woke up craving for sugar so I headed straight to the morning market at Jelutong and got myself some beautiful, colorful, and tasty Nyonya Kuih and other small treats as breakfast. Total damage was approximately US$1.00 (US$1.00 = RM3.60).

Pulut Tai Tai

Life is just sweet!

Pulut Tai Tai

Note: Kuih Ko Sui, Rempah Udang, Kuih Beng Kang, Pulut Tai Tai, and Pulut Inti.

Pictures of mouthwatering Penang hawker food:

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  1. toniXe

    no wonder u went missing for so long ! don’t forget the behtahan orkoay at the 2 ( 3 ) sisters place, so can tapau if coming to KL, TQ

  2. rokh

    wow wow…lovely penang good eats. i love nonya kuih, especially from my hometown Taiping. seem like you enjoyed your trip. i did too. look out for my reviews ;)

  3. Rasa Malaysia

    Boolicious and Rokh,

    Yeah, Nyonya Kuih is one of those things that we tend to ignore in favor of western cakes and pastries. ;)

  4. Anonymous

    Bee Yin, u posted all of my fav. nyonya kuihs..yums !! great pix !! don’t forget all the kuih talams, kuih serimuka, the white glutinous rice cake w/dried shrimps & dikons, kuih koci, “tong suis” & so on..aiyo, u’re killing me softly *pinch* btw, don’t forget PG’s famous Bee Ching Hiang “Tau Sah Piah” as well. aiyo..before my drool kills my keyboard, happy chowing :))

  5. Rasa Malaysia


    I just bought 24 packets of A1 Best Curry Paste. Of course I won’t forget the Tau Sah Piah / Tambun Piah…am going to buy a few boxes from Ghee Hiang and Him Hiang before I head back to the US.

    • bee lee tan

      Nyonya kueh is mouth watering and satisfying, best sweets in the world. It is quite easy to make, I have been teaching and writing Penang Nyonya Cuisine for many years. Anyone lives in Australia want to know about helpful hints, can email me.

      • Hi Bee Lay,

        I grew up in Taiping now in Australia.

        I am searching for recipe for Taiping Rice Crispies or Rice puffs – our relatives used to go around distributing these delicious ‘biscuit’ when some relative is getting married – in 60s and early 70s. These were shaped like a cucumber – 6″ long and between 1-2″ thickness, the centre core is hard caramel that is fluffy and hard, outside is coated with a layer of either puffed rice, puffed oat, or sesame seeds, or in combinations. They can be in natural color or dyed in very light pastal color – yellow, pink, or rainbow. We kids used to dunked this in coffee as breakfast or as a treat. They taste so wonderful, a million times better than LCM and rice crispy treats – LCM is compressed in a layer, gluey and much too sweet! I wish to learn this recipe so I can make for the kids. I suspect the centre were brown caramel nougat but I have no luck looking for this anywhere on the net. There was a recipe on the Star 3/8/2008 but this link has since been removed therefore I have no clue if this is the recipe I am looking for.
        If you know this recipe please kindly contact me.

  6. GiGi

    Do u hv a recipe for Pulut Tai Tai? my all time favorite!! i so so miss the taste here in The states and plan to make my own.

  7. becky

    for your information, I only want receipes of nyonya kuih such as kuih lapis. seri muka, kuih bingka, kuih talam, kuih kosoi, pulut and otherw…..also if you have nice nyonya cooking receipes…..

    Thanks you.

  8. Richard S

    I am former Malaysian (from JB) now living in Australia – am travelling for the first time to Penang to torture my body through over indulging.

    Am interested in recommendations on where to go in Penang whilst my family and I are there in early January. We are interested in all the old time classics – kuey teow, laksa, prathas, nyonya cakes etc etc. Too many to mention, I know…

    Also where to buy food stuffs we can take back with us to Australia – eg curry powder, dried food etc without having to throw the whole lot into a quarantine bin when we get home.

    Your ideas please….

    Thanks, Richard

  9. Stan

    Oh mi Lord… sweet was it growing up in Bukit Mertajam of the state of Penang? As sweet as all the Nonya kuihs. I live in California now but I’m really really grateful for growing up in the part of the planet that has the best food in the world. American food is crap!!! cereal and shit pancakes is all you get for breakfast out here mostly. heck people eat steaks and eggs for breakfast here.

    Nothing like Malaysia. Food food excellent beautiful food everywhere and these are foods that are fit for kings and gods. it is really a privilege and a blessing to have experienced such foods and you somewhat feel sorry for all those people who have never tasted it.

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