Eating Penang: A Quick Snapshot
September 14th, 2006 18 Comments

Eating Penang: A Quick Snapshot

Pictures of some of the scrumptious hawker foods and snacks I have been eating in Penang. Some street foods / hawker foods are inherently not photogenic, so I will save them for future narrations and postings.


Stir-fried Balitong (Snails) with spicy peanut sauce; in order to eat the snail, you have to suck the tail and then the head to pull it out.


Otak-Otak or steamed fish mousse in a gracious banana cup.

Kuay Teow Th'ng

Kuay Teow Th’ng…

Nasi Campur / Malay Food

Nasi Campur Melayu or Malay Food.

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee or Prawn Noodle Soup with generous toppings of shredded shrimps, mantis prawns, and some spicy chili paste.

Pulut Udang

Pulut Udang wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over charcoal.

Pulut Udang

Pulut Udang is my favorite Malay snack…

Pulut Udang

…they are simply delectable.

Tee Nya Kuih

Tee Nya Kuih or rice cakes with palm sugar syrup. This Chinese delicacy is getting harder and harder to find these days. I found it at Swatow Lane. A must try. Pandan flavor is also available.

More pictures of mouthwatering Penang hawker food:

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  1. toniXe says:

    yeah, very. Is that prawn mee from the Macalister road area ? I love his mee ( the previous one before he passed away ).

  2. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Yes, that’s my favorite – Macalister Road Prawn Mee. :)

  3. fauzan says:

    look like all the dishes in the picture are very delicious..

  4. Chubbypanda says:

    Those are some tasty looking dished. I don’t think I could find half of those here in Southern California. Awesome!

    Umm… I have to ask. Is there really mouse in one of those dishes?

    - Chubbypanda

  5. cin says:

    I’m going to be in Penang at the end of October and looking forward to trying some of this food! Do you think you will be posting a list of recommended places to eat?

  6. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Cin – Yes, I will be posting a “Penang Hawker Food 101 / Directory” in about a week’s time. Am gathering all the resources now. Please stay tuned!

    Fauzan – yes, they are all delicious! :)

    Chubbypanda – No, we don’t get much in So. Cal. Even though we do, the taste is at most 70% close to the real thing. No mouse in any of these foods. :P

  7. elmomonster says:

    Ohhhh…I’m salivating! Everything looks so delicious. That last dessert brings me back. We have a similar dish in Indonesia. I haven’t had it since I was a little lad.

  8. Rasa Malaysia says:


    Yes, exactly. I was so happy when I found this at a local coffee shop. I will have to go back and get more before I head back to the US. :)

  9. Tummythoz says:

    Great pic of d Koay Teow Th’ng. Make me miss it big time. Those found ard KL just dun taste d same. :(

  10. Rasa Malaysia says:


    You have to make a trip up here…Tham Jiak was here last weekend I heard. ;)

  11. Audrey Cooks says:

    I’ll be darn! Balitong! and Nieh Kueh! I missed those a lot! especially the Nieh Kueh, where in Penang did you find it? Sow Tow Lane?

  12. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Audrey Cooks,

    Yes, I found those precious at Swatow Lane. I think this is the ONLY and LAST place to get it. I haven’t seen this around in Peanng for the longest time. They also have pandan flavors and the rice cubes are green in color. The hawker told me that people from KL would come and buy like a car load and bring them back!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Awww that Otak Otak pic looks sooo yummmy! May I know where in Penang can I get it?

    TQ and have u and have a sumptuous day!

  14. CC says:

    Awww that otak otak pic looks sooo yummmy! May I know where to get it in Penang?

    TQ and have a sumptuous day!

  15. lowie says:

    wahh…im hungry now… yum yum… sadly i still hv 2 months to go before coming back to msia…..huhuhu…

  16. Pearlyn Ng says:

    Had been to Penang two years ago with my big family from Singapore. Our intention are to hunt for street food but rather ended up disappointed because we have trouble finding our way and my sis-in-law’s handbag got snatched….. which dampened our food hunt spirit.Anyway we managed to try some local food like braised duck noodle and laksa at coffeeshops which I don’t know what is the name…LOL… the food overall were yummy and reasonably priced and most Penang folks are very friendly. Will visit Penang this year end again and hopefully can find our way to real good local food.

    • Pearlyn – sorry to hear about the misadventures in Penang. Definitely go back there again and join our culinary and private tour so you get to sample the best Penang has to offer. :)

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