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Longrain Restaurant and Bar, Sydney

Longrain Restaurant, Sydney
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Thanks to my friend Syrie at Taste Buddies, I savored some of the best Thai food that I have ever tasted in my life–at the famed Longrain Restaurant and Bar in Sydney today.

The food was so good that I just had to buy the cookbook right there and then.

I have to call your attention to the restaurant’s signature dish–eggnet with ground pork, prawn, peanut, bean sprouts in sweet vinegar; it is practically to-die-for. Despite its “netty, creative, and somewhat fusion” appearance, it’s every bit distinctively Thai–sweet, sour, spicy, and salty…

While in Sydney, one has got to try out the world-famous rock oysters, so I ordered one freshly shucked rock oyster with red chili, lime juice, and deep-fried eschalots (shallots)- they sure tasted heavenly on top of the silky smooth rock oyster. After this treat, I don’t think I can go back to the plain cocktail sauce and lime with oysters anymore. It’s heaven and earth.

Longrain Restaurant and Bar
85 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills,
NSW, Australia 2010

Note: I am not a big fan of fusion food; those over-the-top and neither east-nor-west food. There are definitely Thai/Chinese fusion dishes at Longrain, but they still retain the signature flavors despite the western presentation and plating. Just reading through the recipes, I know that the cookbook is a keeper…just the eggnet recipe is worth shelling out $16 for.

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17 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. MyF

    Thai food! I love Thai Food!!! The pics looks so delicious… What’s the one in the ”web” of.. izzit eggs? Is that pad thai?

  2. Syrie

    I knew you’d love it! I’m so jealous Bee…but no matter, I’ll be home at the end of the year and guess where I’ll be going for dinner!

  3. team bsg

    We always find traditional thai food fresh , very tasty , natural and amazing. But to find so good thai in Sydney is even more amazing, wonder whether there is good Pg in Sydney too?

  4. cooknengr

    I am curious, what does Betel leave taste like ? Older Sarawak natives chew the leave with some kind of ashes and spit the red juice after they are done. Supposed to give you a high.

  5. rdesailly

    There are a great many Thai restaurants here in Sydney and several are excellent. Sydney is the Thai food capital of Australia, for some reason!
    What is “Pg” food, Team BSG? Perhaps I can advise you on where to find good examples in Sydney.

  6. rdesailly

    There are a great many Thai restaurants here in Sydney, and several are excellent. Sydney is the Thai food capital of Australia, for some reason.
    What is Pg food, team bsg? Perhaps I can advise on where to find good examples in Sydney.

  7. Botacook

    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I’ve stopped by a few times already, but this is my first comment. It’s a great source of inspiration for me who just adore traditional and modern asian food, and your photos are simply wonderful.
    I’ll come back for sure! :)

  8. Sammy

    What a combination! I wonder what Betal leaves taste like though, never tasted one before!

    Well, glad you enjoyed the food in Sydney :)

  9. Jun

    ah, i see tht u’ve sampled the quintessential aussie “salt and pepper (insert any food here)* as well as the oysters and mussels. any plans on coming to adelaide? ;p

  10. Bell

    I could never bring myself to eat fresh oysters… I need my food to be very very dead… as in impossible to revive via CPR! :P But it’s great that you enjoyed your food there! Looks and sounds divine!

    You’ve probably already found out by now, but eschallot/eschallotte are just other names for shallots. (see the resemblance?)

  11. Lin

    What kind of oyster is nice in US?? I have tried Pacific oyster, but it has different taste compared to Sydney rock oyster.

  12. RogerG

    I just finished making the “Braised Beef Ribs” from the Longrain cookbook. Sticky, salty, sweet and chock full of flavour. I regularly make the “Braised Beef Shin” and double the salad mix. This is a terrific source of modern Thai and one my all time favorites.

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