Eating Taipei: Classic Taiwanese Dishes
August 23rd, 2006 6 Comments

Eating Taipei: Classic Taiwanese Dishes

Fried OystersFried Oysters with Basil Leaves is a classic Taiwanese small eat, what in the US would be called hor’deurves. Big, fat, succulent oysters coated with flour, deep fried in oil, and garnished with fried basil leaves. A very simple delicacy great for your next party.

Taiwanese Chicken Rolls Even though they are made of practically all pork, these are called Chicken Rolls. Don’t ask me why because I sure couldn’t find any chicken meat inside the rolls (maybe they call them Chicken Rolls to fool the pigs. “Invite Piglet in for some Chicken Rolls!). The pork are cut into strips, seasoned with five-spice powder and some other seasonings, then wrapped with tofu skin. Deep fry these rolls to golden brown and you have Pork Rolls Chicken Rolls…

In fact, Malaysia has exactly the same dish, but our version is called “Lo Bak.” Lo Bak is particularly popular in Penang; they are usually served with chili sauce and a sweet and sticky brown sauce flecked with threads of egg.

Shrimp FrittersI tried out the Taiwanese version of Shrimp Fritters two times while I was there recently. As you can see below, there aren’t really any shrimp inside; justchopped vegetables, spring onions, and more chopped vegetables. Probably named by the same person who came up with “Chicken Rolls.” I was disappointed. TheMalaysian version of Shrimp / Prawn Fritters are certainly better. They have shrimp in them for one thing.

All the above Taiwanese classics can be found at food stalls at the popular Shilin Night Market or the many Chinese restaurants serving authentic Taiwanese Cuisine. I particularly like Shin Yeh Restaurant.

Shin Yeh Restaurant
34-1, Shuang Cheng Street
Taipei, 104
Tel: +888 (0) 2 2596 3255


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  1. Ritz Ghazali says:

    Like this one ah.. no need show others food show Penang/ Malaysia one ony. Come to Malaysia/Penang to makan

  2. yum says:

    My Malaysian friend used to make some type of shrimp fritters that were delicious… Unfortunately we lost touch and I lost the recipe. Could you post it?

  3. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Hey Yum,

    Just saw your comment. Yeah, my mother makes the best prawn fritters…I will make it sooner or later.

    Please stay tuned.

  4. Jabe says:

    Hello, May I ask? Where is the recipe for the “chicken rolls”, the item in the second picture? Looks delish and would love to try it! Thanks!

  5. JC says:

    Chicken Rolls in the second picture is 雞卷 in Chinese. However, it was derived from Taiwan and Hookien dialect meaning Additional Roll. That is why you wont see a single chicken meat inside.

    Shrimp Fritters in the third picture is made of shrimp paste and filled with vegetables inside. You wont see the shrimp pieces because its already mashed which formed the outside of the fritter.

    Hope this clarifies your confusion and disappointment. You may post your query in case you have additional questions.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

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