Food Blogging in 2006?!
July 04th, 2006 5 Comments

Food Blogging in 2006?!

I know…it’s so yesterday to have a food blog, for crying out loud, it’s already the second half of 2006.

Well, I actually started a blog way back in 2002 (when just came out!) but didn’t find any good use of it. Lately, I have been busy redesigning and learning about food photography so I am willing to take another stab at this. I have some fresh ideas plus some finger-licking good food pictures this time around so hopefully it will blossom into something fun and delicious.

I intend to use Rasa Malaysia to share Malaysia’s culinary delights, especially Penang food, with you. Rasa means “taste” in Malaysian language. Even though I am not physically in Malaysia now, I will do my best to write about them. After all, there are a lot of Malaysian restaurants around the world. In the United States alone, the very popular “PENANG” chain serves up authentic Malaysian and Penang food in the east coast. In Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Southern California, Malaysian restaurants have flourished in recent years and foodies are slowly discovering this very special cuisine. Plus, I cook a lot of Malaysian food at home, so hang around and read on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to read more about Penang food and your adventures!

  2. waiwan says:

    Your web on food makes me mouth watery. As I love Penang food very much too. The article was very good especially the photos of the curry mee.

    Wai Wan

  3. Kok says:

    Hey, I love the new web design. Very clean, easy to navigate. I really think the M’sian tourism board should hire you. Seems like you have been dreaming food in your sleep.. : ) Well, I am just as much an eater myself. This past Xmas when I was home, I bought 2 M’sian Cuisine cookbooks and tons of spices. I’m looking for critics to sample my cooking.. : )

  4. wongtooigiap says:

    I love your web design, crisp, sharp, neat,exudes an air of tranquility.Good work.

    I have just started to blog last week.My blog title : Healthy Diet for busy people, especially for Malaysian. I would like to link info on your site.can I have your permission ?
    My blog :

    Wong Tooi Giap

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alamak!!.thought i was home for a moment just browsing thru ur website.Excellent website,(keep it up).A Malaysian meself n missing the M’sian food very much.(especially Javanese style cooking -Beef Rendang -dry curry.Lot’s of Malaysian food here(Vanc.B.C.)but,macham-biasa–not original-lah.Would you by chance had recipe for this dish?–Terima-kaseh.—Mike.

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