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French Snails (Bulots Mayonnaise) Recipe

French Snails (Bulots Mayonnaise)
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In French cuisine, snail is a much celebrated delicacy. So, when I was in France, I did it the French way–chowing down a bowl of these sea snails/whelks, or Bulots in French. (Thanks Pip for your information.)

I absolutely loved them and couldn’t get enough. Served cold with garlic mayonnaise, all I could say was “C’est si bon!” (It is so good!)

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I found a recipe of Bulots Mayonnaise here, but for your convenience, I have summarized it below:

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  1. Chuck

    I have to agree with Manggy. Hot is great. Cold… the jury is still out. I’ll have to try them cold before I can give you the final verdict.

  2. pip

    your ‘sea snails’ are actually bulot in french, or whelks in english. land snails are escargots and tend to be cooked in garlic butter. personally, i prefer the bulots … you can buy them already cuit (cooked) from seafood stalls in france … and they are absolutely divine!

  3. Wandering Chopsticks

    Oh, I would devour them with a Vietnamese dipping sauce of fish sauce, chili peppers, lime, and ginger. Mmmm.

  4. May

    Oh man! These snails are exactly like those I ate in the Buffet prepared Chinese style. All you can eat, eat until pengsan.

  5. JadedOne

    Yes!! I had these in France as well. They were so good. I prefer them over regular ole garden snails. Unfortunately, they also gave me food poisoning, but it was worth it haha.

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve had shrimp, crab, and fish (cerviche) hot or cold, depending on the dish. So I’d try snails cold, but I might switch back to the French way afterwards, since I love them that way.


  7. Rasa Malaysia

    All – thanks so much for your comments. Good stuff.

    Chuck – the seafood trays served in the restaurants in France are mostly cold/chilled seafood. I started to really like them cold. :)

    Lucia – they taste great. It’s like balitong, but without the slimey-ness. Really! If you like balitong, you will like it, they taste nothing like mussels, but with similar briny sweetness.

    JadedOne – me too. After I tasted these, I will say that I prefer them over escargots / garden snails. They are just very good.

    Joe – they are quite big, bigger than escargot.

  8. cherrypie

    Once again…….thanks for your butter cake recipe. I love baking cake but never turn out right. Most of the time my cake turn out dry even I follow step by step! I feel very proud after my friends tasted my cake. Oh!one more thing I want to share with you…I’m from Ipoh.

  9. Zen Chef

    I ate so many of those!
    So delicious but so hard to find in the US. I need to plan another ‘eating rampage’ in France.

  10. Anonymous

    i think c’est si bon is a wrong transalation..

    it should be c’est bon!..cause “c’est si bon” means if it IS good.

    c’est bonne comme ca

  11. Christina

    I recently had bulots at a little French restaurant here in New York City where I live.

    I loved them and would like to find out where I can find them for purchase (preferably already cooked, but if that is an impossibility I’ll take them any way I can).

    Many thanks for any help you may offer.

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