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Fried Fish with Soy Sauce

Fried Fish with Soy Sauce
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I love fish, but I don’t eat enough of them here in the United States; I can hardly find the ones I love most.

Growing up in Malaysia, fresh fish is abundant. There are all kinds of fish available in the wet market–big, small, tiny, deep-sea, or fresh water.  I prefer smaller and tiny fish, deep-fried to crispy goodness that I can just eat the whole fish with bones.  If you’ve tried those, you know how great they are.

Recently, I found a bucket of small red cod on sale.  Each of them was about 6-8 oz. If you read my steamed fish recipe, you’ll know that I love red cod. Without any hesitation, I got a couple of them and made fried fish with soy sauce–one of the simplest recipes for fried fish, but super delicious especially when you drench the ginger soy sauce with steamed white rice…mmm heavenly…

If you are tired of plain old fried fish with salt, try my fried fish with soy sauce recipe.  I bet you will love it.

Now, what fish do you like?

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  1. I want to know if your fish sticks to the wok… mine always does. Still recall sage advice (or should it be advise?) from mum, never move the fish when one if wok frying or it’ll break into pieces….

    • Rasa Malaysia

      Young Werther – do you use a non-stick wok? Just make sure your wok is super hot before you drop the fish into the wok before frying. Another tip is to pat dry the fish with paper towels and then oil the fish before you fry so they don’t stick easily. I use deep fryer now so I hardly have the sticking problem.

  2. dorothy

    i love yr receipt, i’am staying in penang n notice this blog from the intervies btw u and kwong wah. well done !

  3. When u mentioned small little fish fried till we can consume all the bones, that reminds me of ‘cai yu’ which is what my mum n grandma calls it. It’s really tedious cleaning them up because they’re so small and cute.
    Definitely miss those. I can take about 5-6 easily even after all my rice is gone.
    Fried cod fish is awesome but not that cheap in Malaysia. Envy you for getting so many cheap cod fishes. They’re sweeeettt..

  4. Valerie

    What is a good fish to fry? I live in the US too. I frequent our local farmer’s market and there is tons of selection! But never move out of my comfort zone to try any. Yes, btw what fish is this? Usually husband will get cod (for dinners) or mahi mahi (when we are at the restaurants; we had it in Hawaii and they were really sweet and yummy)!

    Thanks for the recipe!!

    • Valerie – For the US, I find pomfret a great fish to fry and this recipe works great with pomfret. You can get them frozen at Asian markets, and they taste great. One of my favorite fish. This fish is baby red cod or called “idiot” fish. They have big head and eyes! ;)

  5. My favourite fish dish!!
    I love small fish too, used to have deep-fried little fish as snack when I was kid. Went back to my hometown (Kuala Selangor) 2 weeks ago, brought back lots of small fish. Those were from my fisherman uncle, frozen them then packed in foam box with ice cubes. They stayed frozen after 5 hours drive from KS to Penang.

    • My Kitchen – I am jealous! I’ve heard much about KS and fish. I definitely need to ask my friends to take me there next time I am in KL. Enjoy your bounty of catches!

  6. I live in Vancouver Island so we’re supposed to have good fish…. but we don’t! That really ticks me off. I love fish, I’d much rather eat fish than meat. I am originally from the Philippines and pan fried crispy fish is a popular lunch or dinner item. Here, I’m reduced to fish and chips, what sacrilege, fried fish should be eaten with rice lol! Your crispy fried fish looks very yummy the sauce reminds of Kylie Kwong’s recipe.

      • We have salmon and halibut then the occasional cod and ahi tuna… they’re cut in fillets usually and the real good ones are only available at certain parts of the year (halibut is in season right now). They’re really meaty though and kind of oilier too. I like the medium-sized grouper or that baby cod you have on the picture, because then you can fry it and make it kind of crisp… yum!

  7. HeadToToe

    Hi Bee, huge fan of your work here including the lovely photos.
    Wondrin’ what camera you use to give the photos such ‘pro’ appearance :)

  8. Uncle B

    The American south has rivers full of “Asian Carp”, considered an invasive species – Can they be eaten? Do we lack only the proper preparation methods and recipes to turn this seeming ecological disaster into a High protein bonanza?

    • Uncle B – I wouldn’t dare claiming expert in wild catch besides the ones I find in the comfort of FDA approved grocery stores. Please do verify these Asian carp with experts before you attempt any cooking and eating of your catch.

    • Bustoff

      I have cooked and eaten Asian carp. The meat is very good but there are a lot of bones. I hear they are popular in Asia. I just wish I knew how they cook them. Where can you find out, other than taking a trip to China?

  9. maria

    where exactly are the recipes?????? they all talk about what to look for but doesnt include the steps or the amount one has to use for the chinese recipes

    • Got it from the Soon Huat grocery store in Rowland Heights. Remember those big eyed big headed red fish? These were smaller sizes they had in store that day. Lucky me and yes we attacked down to the bones :) Yummy!

  10. stham

    Any recommendations for fishes to be used with this in Australia?

    There are no wet market and it’s so difficult to find a whole fish for cooking here!

  11. Noorhashima

    Any recommendations to substitute the Shaoxing wine to any other sauces.since I’m a muslim that loves chinese foods i find it difficult to follow most of the recipes.kindly in future put a note for us to substitute the sauces in your new recipes ok.

  12. vecha

    thank you for sharing this recipe, i tried this today for dinner, it was yummm…wanna make this again tomorrow :p

  13. She

    tried this recipe out yesterday and it turned out AMAZING!
    it was my first time cooking this dish and didnt expect it to turn out so good. super simple, super delicious.
    however, while i was deep frying the fish, it got stuck to the pan and its skin came off. any suggestions on how to avoid that?

  14. ct

    made this for dinner tonight and OMG—IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! I think this is my favorite recipe from you so far and my brother loved it (he’s very picky about his food) so much he cleaned his plate!!! I salted the fish a bit before frying but i didn’t need to because the soy sauce was enough. for those who plan on making this dish, DO NOT USE ANY SALT WHATSOEVER, the soy sauce and ginger is enough, trust in the recipe. ummm, when is the cookbook coming out?

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