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Ginger Soy Soba
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My friend Simply Reem is famous for her ginger soy soba noodle. Her soba noodles with sweet ginger scallion sauce is one of the most pinned noodle pictures on Pinterest, and that says a lot about the recipe (and the accompanying photos).

When I told her to fill in for me and guest post on Rasa Malaysia while I am traveling overseas, I suggested to turn her famous ginger soy soba noodles into a party food fit for holiday parties, and that the serving is on a soup spoon. She delivered and here is her gorgeous photography with the simple yet delicious ginger soy soba noodles.

Ginger Soy Soba

If you don’t have many soup spoons to serve at your party, you can always make a big batch of the noodles so your guests can help themselves. You can also serve the noodles in small appetizer bowls so the presentation of the ginger soy noodle looks enticing to the eyes as well as to the taste buds.

This is the last recipe before the holidays. I hope you have enjoyed the many cookie recipes and party food recipes on Rasa Malaysia in the past few weeks.

Happy holidays to you all and have a wonderful and safe celebration!

RECIPE HERE: Ginger Soy Soba
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Ginger Soy Soba


Ginger Soy Soba Recipe

Makes 12-14 individual appetizers bites. Total Time: 15 minutes.


2 oz. soba noodles
Salt and pepper as per taste
1 teaspoon sesame seeds, lightly toasted
Little chopped scallion green and cilantro for garnish

For Sweet Ginger Sauce:

2 teaspoons soy sauce
½ teaspoon ginger, minced
2 teaspoon sesame oil/grape seed oil/any neutral oil
½ teaspoon chili oil
½ teaspoon rice wine vinegar
2 teaspoon honey
Salt and pepper as needed


Mix all the ingredients for sweet ginger sauce in the bowl, check for the seasoning. Keep it aside (The quantity sauce may look very less but it will be enough).

Boil the soba noodles as per the instruction on the package, If you need them cold drain well with the cold water once they are cooked or just drain the water in which they boiled if you like them hot.

Add the sauce, sesame seeds and toss the noodles well, check for the seasoning one last time and serve them in an individual soup spoon as shown in the picture or in small appetizer bowl as appetizer bites. Garnish each with chopped scallion and cilantro.

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