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Going Home for Chinese New Year

OK, it’s official, the tickets had been purchased…I am going home to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year. Yay!

In addition to Penang, it looks like I will have time to go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) this time. KL is another home away from home as I lived there for a few years when I was in college. There are many friends that I would like to visit, and, of course, there is the scrumptious food that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. As a matter of fact, I have jotted down a list of eateries that I plan to go:

  1. Wong Ah Wah’s Chicken Wings – the best grilled chicken wings ever.
  2. Ampang’s Hong Hong Yong Tow Foo – the best Yong Tow Foo (assortment of stuffed bean curds with fish paste, fish balls, etc.) in KL.
  3. Petaling Street’s Portuguese Grilled Seafood – very good grilled fish/seafood served in aluminum foil.
  4. Petaling Street’s Claypot Chicken Rice.
  5. Somewhere with very good seafood dinner (KL/PJ bloggers – any good recommendations?)

I can’t wait for the trip; I am going home for Chinese New Year! :)

P.S.: If you have other recommendations for great makan places in KL, please leave me comments. Or, better still, maybe we can organize a Malaysian food bloggers get-together. *wink*
P.P.S: Eating Asia, if you are reading this, I am still waiting for you to come up to Penang so I can take you to the markets. *smile*

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  1. MeiyeN

    oh wow!! :D good to hear that you will be coming home to celebrate cny!!!!!!!! let’s see if we have da chance to gather and go for some yummy-licious seafood! :D

    happy new year to you!

  2. Chris

    I’m not sure if you’re planning to go to Genting, but if you are there, try the best lamb chop I’ve ever tasted at “New Orleans”, in casino itself. I go there at least once a month.

    And, in Subang, there’s a stall selling the best roasted duck rice in town, not sure if you like roasted duck.

    Anyways, welcome back and hope to see you soon

  3. sue

    The last time I had good seafood, it was in kampung subang. But it has been 2 years since. So, no 100% guarantee on the quality. However, never never never go to teluk gong. That place has been going downhill since a few years ago.

    Talking about Subang, there’s very good rojak+cendol and very good nasi lemak. :)

  4. UnkaLeong

    If you pop by Ipoh on your way down to KL, drop me a line. Will take you out to mouth-wateringly delicious curry mee! Seafood in KL/PJ, there is a restaurant in Kampung Subang which cooks up a storm! Cheap too.

    Have a safe trip home ;)

  5. Rasa Malaysia

    All – thanks for the suggestions so far and keep them coming!

    Simcooks – it looks like I might stop over in Singapore for a day too…you will have to share your list with me. :P

  6. Andy

    have a nice trip home! Petaling St’s claypot chicken rice and Portuguese Grilled are simply lovely! I remembered we had lots of lovely grilled last December while there on vacation!

  7. Melting Wok : Asian Food Recipes & More.

    Bee Yinn, the claypot chicken rice with “salted fish” is to die for. The taste still sits in my mouth as if y’day..haha..double up for me as well, ya ?:)
    Btw, I heard bout this portugese curry fried rice with fried taro, a real goodie as well !

    p/s: want some helping hand w/ur refrigerator goodies b4 ur flight home ?:P

  8. Lannie Loke

    Hi! Bee Yin,

    I have been following yr blogs since beginning of last year. I am a Malaysian residing in Nederlands. Have been almost 1.5 years since I was back in Malaysia for my dad’s funeral. Hearing of you ‘balik kampung’, I’m very happy for you. Eat more and enjoy yr Chinese New Year.

  9. Dr ve Thru

    RM, so envious… have a great holiday and a great CNY. :)
    Like Ben, I’ll be looking forward to your blog when you are there.

  10. Passionate Eater

    Have a great trip abroad and I also wanted to wish you a wonderful new year! I hope that you can grab some delicious meals in Singapore and Tokyo too (and that those places aren’t just quick stopovers)!

  11. tigerfish

    It’s always good to be home esp during CNY,where you get plenty of CNY goodies and CNY-themed foods. I’m going bac to SG near CNY too.Hope CNY cheer already started then for me to catch it.

  12. Robyn

    So you’re going home for CNY — but we are going away! Let me know your dates … perhaps we’ll have some overlap.


  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Foodcrazee – let’s see if we can all schedule a time to meet up…if time permits.

    Ben – I can’t wait either for my own posts either…it will be fun (now I just need a new DSLR camera!).

    Andy – yes yes, they are to-die-for.

    Melting Wok – I will TAPAU the left over for you.

    Lannie Loke – thanks for following my blog; you should come back and visit again! :)

    Dr. Ve Thru – thanks!

    PE – it looks like I will be able to stop over in Singapore…as for Tokyo, it’s going to be hard, but yeah, I had been to Tokyo a few times…absolutely love the food there.

    Tigerfish – it’s always fun to be home during the festive season; it’s almost depressing celebrating holidays here in the US if you don’t have family here. ;)

    Robyn – I will send you an email and we can play it by ear. :)

  14. mott

    If hawker food is what you’d like, there is this corner coffee shop in OUG, it’s the only one with NO NAME (facing the parking entrance of the wet market), which has the best combo of hawker food galore… paan mein, yong tau foo, pork noodles, char kway teow and wan tan mein. Honest. I kid you not.

    Seafood – in the boondocks of Klang wud be the best bet.

  15. Xiu Long Bao

    hmmhmm…im bck 2 msia for gud 8 days ago n hav been eatin out crazily. Would luv 2 join ur floggers gathering. *cheers*

  16. Keropok Man

    you can start your trip by makan-ing in singapore… then slowly makan in JB, then Batu Pahat, then Muar, the Melaka.

    Then eat the Seremban Siew Pau, then makan in KL.

    Slowly move up to Ipoh, then don’t miss Tambun seafood, then up to Penang.


  17. Rasa Malaysia

    Mott – thanks for the suggestion…too many foods to eat and too short the time…sigh. :(

    Xiu Long Bao – we shall play it by ear when the date draws closer.

    WMW – Without a doubt, I will be eating well!

    Keropok Man – Are you sure you are a Singaporean? You sure know your Malaysian food! Good for you, yes, Tambun, thanks for reminding me. Didn’t get to go when I was home in Sept.

    Mallika – thanks.

    Food Marathon – sorry, but there is always a Belacan Grill here. :)

    Lucia – yes I would love to meet up with you…will contact you when I get home and we can go out and eat a lot of shrimps. LOL!

  18. malaykid

    socal wud be lonely w/o u RM. :(( anyway, have u tried the seafood noodle place in segambut?

    farina aka malaykid in pokerpages. lol!

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