Grilled Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped with Smoked Chicken Breast
January 25th, 2007 22 Comments

Grilled Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped with Smoked Chicken Breast

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Grilled Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped with Smoked Chicken Breast


1 pack of chicken breast deli slices
1 stalk of celery (sliced into small pieces for garnishing)
2 packs of Enoki mushrooms


Fold the chicken breast deli slice into 1-1.5 inch width. Put some Enoki mushrooms in the middle of the chicken breast deli slice and wrap around. Stick one toothpick in the middle to hold the Enoki mushrooms. Garnish with sliced celery. Grill for 3 minutes or until lightly charred. Serve hot.

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22 comments... read them below or add one

  1. tigerfish says:

    Hey, gave me a fright! I thot those were jellyfish leh ;p Jellyfish with chicken head and mushroom body LOL!
    Plus the arrow that hits the bull-eye (“jellyfish head”)…lucky u use celery and not endive…if not…it’s like the surrender(white) flag raised by the “jellyfish”! But these are real cute…
    I just used up my enoki for my beef kway teow…if not I can try immediately ;p

  2. sc says:

    oooooo… i love the enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon (and panfried, not grilled)..yummy! yours is a much healthier version :)

  3. Tummythoz says:

    Looks like tiny octupuses to me. Cute.

  4. team BSG says:

    gosh, we thought it was jellyfish !

    actually RM is recipe or art ( or science ?)

  5. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Tiga – sorry sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, do they really look like jellyfish? (I thought my food photography was good!) LOL!!

    SC – I love cherry tomato wrapped with bacon and grilled, ala Japanese yakitori style!

    Tummythoz – OK, at least you weren’t scared by these little “octopuses.”

    Simcooks – sorry, another scared by my pictures. :P

    Team BSG – another jellyfish victim?!

  6. Precious Pea says:

    So simple yet so appetising. Are you into food catering business??

  7. Ho Jiak says:

    Can try fast boil the Enoki mushrooms. May look more fresh.

  8. BuddingCook says:

    just saw that in my cookbook – enoki mushrooms that is. :) and on tigerfish’s blog. do they taste fishy. they look fishy…hehe

  9. Claude-Olivier says:

    hi, first thank you for your comment, you are so nice !!! I don’t know this mushrooms and I’m sure that I will not find that here…too bad. The presentation is just a pure bonheur ;-) But what is your job ???


  10. sue says:

    Are you on a diet? Or is this just an appetizer? ;)

  11. Shilpa says:

    haha, you guys have vivid imaginations! :) rm, your food photography is awesome! In fact, I’m so envious, ‘cos it looks like you have an abundant supply of natural light! And how do you get the black background, if you don’t mind sharing?

  12. Danielle says:

    I don’t like mushrooms, but those just look fun to eat!

    …maybe I should make them out of marzipan instead.

  13. Jackson says:

    wow! I love enoki mushroom! I never try this before and im sure gonna try this whenever im having a cocktail buffet coz its so ex to prepare.

  14. elmin says:

    Best wishes you all, from Istanbul :)

  15. linnish says:

    Hey RM, I find that you have lots of little cute ideas for food, how creative is that!

  16. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Precious Pea – No, I am not in the food catering business, but I like to make little hors d’oeuvres because they are so pretty. :)

    Ho Jiak – the thing about enoki mushrooms is that they cook so fast, if they are boiled, they would become soggy looking. Even though they look dry in the pictures, they were perfectly cooked, crunchy and moist.

    Budding Cook – no, they don’t taste fishy at all. I don’t think mushrooms taste fishy. ;)

    Claude – I think you will be able to find these mushrooms in your place…try them, they are the best mushrooms. When I am not cooking, I work on internet-related projects.

    Sue – no, I am not on a diet. Yeah, I ate all of them so they were like a proper meal, almost!

    Shilpa – Thanks for your nice compliment about my food photography. I am really not all that; such an amateur. It’s my wall. It’s dark brown actually but they turn out so dark it looks like black. No trick and no photoshop. But to get color background for your pictures, you can buy poster boards of various colors. ;)

    Danielle – they don’t have the typical mushrooms, such light and crunchy. They come in a small bunch, you should try and see if you like them.

    Jackson – yes, a sure way to impress your guests.

    Elmin – Hi and welcome. Wow, Istanbul, very cool!

    Linnish – Thanks. It was my idea and little experiment. Turned out quite well.

  17. Keropok Man says:

    Were you preparing it for some house parties? Invite us over leh…

    I love those mushrooms! (cooked in anyway hehe…)

  18. Shilpa says:

    Hi RM, thanks! OK, I guess I’ll have to invest in something new now! :)

  19. Arisa Go says:

    wow. it looks very healthy and fresh. and there is no need for additional flavouring. i will give it a try!

  20. Thalie says:

    Hi Rasa, glad to discover your blog, thks to Claude-Olivier, the swiss blogger who divinely cooked your satay chicken.
    I love enoki-dake mushrooms, they are also so funny to look at ;o)
    I wrap mine in smoked or non-smoked bacon. But real bacon not the one we see sometimes in supermarkets named this way, do you know what I mea ? ;o)Then I cut them in two, right in the middle of the bacon so they look like a “bouquet” of enoki growned in bacon ;o) Then I eat them with edamame…
    I will surely try to use chicken slices instead.
    Unfortunately for me, if I can easily find fresh shiitake, its a little bit harder with these ones.
    I guess you can find them much more often than we do ?
    Nice pictures and lovely blog.

  21. Rasa Malaysia says:

    KM – yes, they are very good in steamboat too, so crunchy.

    Shilpa – those color poster cardboards are very cheap. I got 5 colors for only like $3.00 and you can use them forever.

    Arisa Go – yes, no flavoring at all. Easy and tasty.

    Thalie – welcome and thanks for your nice words. :) Yes, I guess being in California, we are so lucky. I can get a lot of scarce ingredients here and they allow me to cook authentic home recipes.

    I will have to try your bacon suggestion as one of my favorite yakitori dish is bacon wrapped with cherry tomato. :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped with smoked chicken breast sounds sexy. A must try recipe.

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