Guess What?
October 12th, 2008 18 Comments

Guess What?

Guess What?

I’ve just come back from a fun-filled trip to Tokyo, it was a blast! I had been to Tokyo a few times before, but this trip was definitely the best trip by far with great company and totally cool people, you know, sometimes everything just comes into place and it feels magical.

Tokyo is such a great city–clean, organized, with the most well-mannered people on earth. And the food…the FOOD is a class of its own that can’t be compared to any other cuisines in the world–fresh, delicious, refined, so refined, beautiful, healthy and yet fundamentally simple. I can only think of one word: sublime.

Anyway, I will share some food pictures in my next post, but today, I wanted you to guess what the above is? I was very intrigued by it when I first saw it. It’s a very brilliant kitchenware that I wish I have in my kitchen…(another picture after the jump)

Guess What?

So, what is this for? Leave me a comment! I will unveil the answer in my next post.

Guess What?


The answer is a wood grill box with a hot stone at the bottom, and used for roasting seaweed (nori) sheets. So neat!

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  1. Min Ai says:

    Hmm.. interesting indeed! Is it like a mini grill that has room for a tealight candle to heat/cook food? I love Japan myself and wish I could go back soon!

  2. Renee says:

    Looks like a grill with adjustable slots for getting the heat just right

  3. Billy@atablefortwo says:

    looks like an individual griller or some sort. You put the tea light candle inside at the bottom and then on top you put fish ? octopus? wagyu beef? :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    looks like a mouse trap to me :D

  5. Terri @ A Daily Obsession says:

    yes it looks like a table top grill but why is it made of wood? hmmm…i want ur job, whatever it is, all tt travelling!

  6. Kavita says:

    Is it a tofu mold?

  7. lingzie says:

    you’ve got me stumped! at first i thought it was a knife holder!! hahaha
    gonna guess that its some kind of toaster. :P

  8. DMS says:

    looks like a sieve or a utensil stand

  9. worldwindows says:

    Food warmer/dryer?

  10. tiptup says:

    tofu press?
    mini hibachi?

  11. Mistyfahying says:

    mini smoker box?

  12. Salt N Turmeric says:

    I cant even guess but Michael said, “some kind of box”! hahaha.

  13. knio says:

    i think it is a mini grill that you would use to toast sheets of seaweed.

  14. Diary of Kay El says:

    Looks like the box Ninja Jones KL used to grill eringi mushrooms at customers’ table.
    Can’t wait to see your post on how you use this.

  15. Chong Seng D says:

    I was guessing it is something to do with grilling. What I didn’t aware is it use stone! What an amazing piece of work.

  16. lunzeea says:

    table grill…

  17. ChichaJo says:

    Ah! That is the cutest thing ever! I love these type of local cooking tools! :)

  18. KawaYvonne says:

    A portable grill?

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