Hibachi Grill and Mizkan Product Bundle Giveaway (CLOSED)
July 31st, 2011 488 Comments

Hibachi Grill and Mizkan Product Bundle Giveaway (CLOSED)

Cajun Classic Hibachi Grill

Update: The winner is Sookie. Please reply to my email to claim your prize before this Thursday. If not, you will be forfeited.

Good news! My sponsor Mizkan is giving away a cast-iron Hibachi Grill and Mizkan product bundle to one (1) lucky reader of Rasa Malaysia. Hibachi Grill is a tabletop and portable charcoal grill. This Hibachi Grill resembles traditional, Japanese, charcoal-heated cooking utensils called shichirin. The Hibachi Grill is pre-seasoned cast iron, round in shape, durable, and measures 15 inches across the cooking grid and 8 inches high. This Hibachi Grill will allow you to prepare authentic Japanese dishes such as flank steak with ponzu and miso butter, grilled salmonbeef rollsyakiniku (Japanese BBQ), yakitori, anytime you like, indoor or outdoor. It is also great for camping!

The Mizkan gift bundle consists of two (2) bottles of Mizkan Japanese condiments, which you can use in a wide range of Japanese cooking:

  1. Mizkan AJIPON® Ponzu
  2. Mizkan (Bonito Flavored) Soup Base
  3. MIZKAN HONTERI® Mirin Seasoning
  4. Mizkan Rice Vinegar
  5. Mizkan Sushi Seasoning

The total retail value of the prize bundle is approximately $150.

To enter to win, just leave a comment below. To maximize your odds of winning, you can leave a comment every day (one comment per day strictly enforced), plus the bonus entries below:

Two Bonus Entries:

  • Like Mizkan on Facebook. Leave 1 bonus comment for this.
  • Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook. Leave 1 bonus comment for this.
  • Retweet this post on Twitter. Leave 1 bonus comment for this.

This giveaway opens to US residents only and closes on August 14, 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on August 15, 2011. Good luck!


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  1. Harrison says:

    that looks amazing!

  2. Harrison says:

    also liked you on facebook

    • queenvon says:

      AWESOME! They have DELICIOUS, GOOD products which I use in cooking. Love this Hibachi! Perfect for Satay or grilling fish or yakatori….getting hungry

  3. Viet P. says:

    Looks like fun item to play with!

  4. Viet P. says:

    Liked Mizkan on FB.

  5. Viet P. says:

    Liked Rasa Malaysia on FB.

  6. Wow this is one of the coolest prize ive seen online!

  7. Brian Lew says:

    I love to have the Hibachi grill. A great complement to my new smoker :)

  8. Hibachi grill! I can only imagine the aroma from the food prepared by it!

  9. Tiffany says:

    Ooh I’d love a cast-iron grill. :)

  10. Brian Lew says:

    I liked the Mizkan page

  11. Kevin Lee says:

    I would love to win this! :O

  12. wp7ap says:

    Ooohhh!! What if I retweet? Do I get a bonus chance?

  13. Laura says:

    Great giveaway!

  14. Mike Hébert says:

    OMG!! The grill looks wonderful but I could really use that Mizkan selection!!

  15. Tony says:

    Great giveaway! I could use a bew grill!

  16. donne says:

    This grill is the perfect size for my small place!

  17. uclakd says:

    What a wonderful way this would be to try out all of the products! Hope I win it!

  18. Jan says:

    I am a long time hibachi cook, but have never seen a round Japanese style grill like this. Wow.

  19. Rebecca says:

    I would love to have this! Very cool!

  20. may yap says:

    this would be a great addition for my deck!

  21. Eka says:

    That’s what I’ve been wanting for…! ;)

  22. Goe Lee says:

    What a great way to cook!

  23. Rebecca says:

    I liked Mizkan on FB

  24. Rebecca says:

    I like Rasa Malaysia on FB

  25. What a great little grill!

  26. I re-tweeted (rsislandcrafts)

  27. I like Mizkan on facebook

  28. I already like Rasa Malaysia on facebook :)

  29. Jayne says:

    I’ve been looking at small-sized barbecues!

  30. Sabrina Jones says:

    Like your Rasamalaysia page on FB. Would love to have this hibachi grill :-)

  31. Diane Lucchesi says:

    Great bundle! Would love to have a cast iron grill.

  32. Calvin H says:

    Wonderful giveaway!

  33. ruudje says:

    amazing … i like to win

  34. Judy says:

    I love Japanese yakiniku! A hibachi grill would be so much more convenient than going out to eat all the time!

  35. Judy says:

    Liked Mizkan on FB!

  36. Judy says:

    Also liked RasaMalaysia on FB!

  37. Lynda Clark says:

    I always use Mizkan brand when I buy rice vinegar and mirin for recipes. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  38. Lynda Clark says:

    Liked Mizkan on Facebook as Lynda Clark

  39. John Oechsner says:

    Cool! I hope I win!!

  40. Carol Liedke says:

    This is a quality Hibatchi grill. Where can it be purchased in the Seattle area? Have only used the Mizkan Ponzu and Rice Vinegar, but will keep in mind when I need more Miran.

  41. Andrew Engshun says:

    Amazing! I wouldn’t leave the kitchen for days!

  42. Lynda Clark says:

    Liked Rasa Malaysia on Facebook as Lynda Clark

  43. Will Cox says:

    I would love to cook on it, looks amazing…..

  44. Bobbie says:

    I use Mizkan products all the time, but don’t have a Hibachi grill – I would love to get one someday.

  45. Lynda Clark says:

    Tweeted this giveaway @lyndacooks!/lyndacooks/status/97751718841954304

  46. Kathy says:

    This is awesome!!! My kids love to eat, especially when it comes to eating when the food is being cooked on the table.

  47. Daria says:

    I would love this grill as we make a lot of Korean food at home but have nothing to grill on.

  48. Himura says:

    Thats a cool grill

  49. caroline says:

    what a great giveaway!

  50. Joanna says:

    I’d love to have one!

  51. Oh boy, another giveaway!

  52. Nnair says:

    I would love to win this:)

  53. Meghan Smith says:

    What a great package! Fabu again Bee.

  54. Becky says:

    Pick me! This would be perfect for the kids and I to incorporate with our new healthy eating plan!

  55. Doreen teoh says:

    Love to have this, BBQ indOors!

  56. Rudy says:

    Used to use a hibachi since the early 60’s. Even used it in a motel until we got caught… hey, we were new immigrants and didn’t know the rules!!

  57. Bob Allen says:

    Looks really nice, Please Thank them for all of us!

  58. Wendy says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway. :)

  59. Wendy says:

    I retweeted. :)

  60. Billymo says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  61. Anne says:

    This would be so perfect for camping or even for an outdoor BBQ at home! I want to try it out.

  62. Anne says:

    I also liked you on FB.

  63. Bonny says:

    What a cool grill!

  64. Kendra says:

    That looks so cool!

  65. Russell says:

    Missed these small hibachi’s in Hawaii…

  66. Lee Fielder says:

    Liked mizkan on facebook. Use their products often

  67. Lee Fielder says:

    Would like to win the hibachi as well.

  68. Jennifer says:

    Love hibachi grill…. would love to have this and cook up some delicious grill food :)

  69. Veronica says:

    Probably can grill satays too.

  70. Seni J says:

    I would love to have this :)

  71. Hang Burns says:

    Would absolutely love to have this :)

  72. mike conigliaro says:

    thanks for the oppurtunity

  73. Jackie Blohowiak says:

    I love Rasa Malaysia

  74. Julie Cheah says:

    Its great to have giveaways once in a while like this. Everyone would love to have one of these so see who is the lucky one. Its a great set, though.

  75. Will Cox says:

    looks amazing…..

  76. Vivian says:

    Would love to have one to entertain with. Definitely a conversation piece!

  77. chilipadi says:

    Have never used Mizkan products before but will definitely try now.

  78. Eliseo says:

    Awesome! I want it!

  79. tcvt says:

    A nice complement to all the good recipes.

  80. Mable Charn says:

    I love Rasa Malaysia.

  81. Laura says:

    I want want want this grill!

  82. Catherine Armendarez says:

    You have shared some wonderful recipes.Very easy to use. I would love this Hibachi!!

  83. Catherine Armendarez says:

    I also like Mizkan on FB!!

  84. Catherine Armendarez says:

    I also liked Rasa Malaysia on FB

  85. Catherine Armendarez says:

    I also retweeted on twitter!!

  86. juin says:

    This looks fantastic! Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  87. juin says:

    Liked Mizkan on facebook

  88. mimi says:

    amazing giveaway :)

  89. juin says:

    Liked rasamalaysia on facebook

  90. Ern says:

    Oooo hibachi grill! Hope I win…

  91. Joanna Hughes says:

    As always… a tasty temptation! Would love to use the Hibachi and Mizkan! =o)

  92. Duane Middlebrook says:

    The grill looks like one I used for camping years ago. Plenty of nostalgia!

  93. Quyen says:

    What a fun giveaway! :)

  94. Quyen says:

    I like Rasamalaysia on FB.

  95. winnie lee says:

    sounds fantastic!

  96. Lindy Landry says:

    My birthday is near and Hibachi sounds just great!

  97. Randy says:

    love your site!

  98. Joseph says:

    Hibachi grill was my very first grill. I hope I win this one.

  99. Mike says:

    Wow! Another great giveaway!!!!

  100. Naomi says:

    Hibachi grill for yakitori. Yakitori sauce made with Mizkan Mirin. Perfect!

  101. Pat H. says:

    Love, love your site! Would love to have that grill too!

  102. Cat says:

    Awesome! I love yakitori and have always wanted a charcoal grill!

  103. Nan See Cheah says:

    Hibachi sounds good to me! Love it so much…

  104. Leslie says:

    Would love to try some grilled squid on the Hibachi!

  105. Ann Morrissey says:

    Loved Rasa Malaysia, never fail to read each and every one, esp those that bring back memories. Also those receipes that do not require heaps of ingredients. I am beginning to look closely at those mizkan, ponsu, etc … hm, quite an eye opener. That flank steak receipe looks quite simple and sounds delicious, and am going to try it out. I had to ask the meat guy at the super what is the flank! Over here, we have the schnitzel … ah. You’ve a great site!

  106. Aileen Smith says:

    Have been trying to obtain the Mizkan

  107. Aileen Smith says:

    Great give away bundle.


  108. maria noemi says:

    i really love to eat and experiment on new taste and new food.thanks!

  109. Renee says:

    Ohh, this looks like so much fun…my daughter would love it!

  110. catastasia says:

    this is a fantastic giveaway!

  111. Jay says:

    Cool little grill, I could use one!

  112. clara says:

    i am dreaming of yakiniku :D

  113. Brian Lew says:

    I have retweeted the post

  114. Brian Lew says:

    I already like the Rasa Malaysia Page

  115. Leang says:

    wow i want one of those

  116. Leang says:

    i like you on facebook

  117. Jayne says:

    I love Mizkan! Awesome brand for Japanese and Asian cooking.

  118. Evelyn says:

    I wish I win…would be so cool to be grilling with it.

  119. Ring says:

    I would love to use that grill!

  120. Fung says:

    Luv cooking with cast iron pans. Would like to add this cast iron Hibachi grill to my cast iron pans. I would luv to try the Mizkan bundle.

  121. emily says:

    looks amazing! definitely would be a keeper

  122. Ann M says:

    Me please! :D Cooking up ideas in my head already.

  123. ELLE says:

    That would be awesome!

  124. kim says:

    great giveaway :)

  125. kim says:

    liked mizkan on fb

  126. says:

    I want to thank Mizkan for sponsoring Rasa Malaysia. She definitely
    fills a nich. I was intoduced to Japanese Cooking 50 years ago, while living in Hawaii. I learned Hibatchies and Terriyaki Chicken and Beef and Vegetable Terriyaki and Miso Soup. Japanese food seemed to become populare in the US, slowly. I was very happy when Sushi and Sashima became popular.
    Any way keep doing what your doing. You genuinely fill a nich both for providing flavorable and nutritious food. We need you!

  127. Dot says:

    Hibachi grill looks nice.. Would love to win this. :)

  128. Dot says:

    Love to win this Hibachi grill

  129. marissa says:

    cool! I would love to win this!

  130. Cheuk Siu says:

    I like to win this .

  131. Kim says:

    Great gifts. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  132. Girlrobot says:

    Wow i would love this!!!

  133. mark w says:

    Would really love to win the cast iron hibachi and try the mizkan products, as it is way better then my old cheap one.

  134. kim says:

    Ohh, I would love this!

  135. Tim Wong says:

    Please let me win this one

  136. Tim Wong says:

    I am a facebook fan of RasaMalaysia so here is round two

  137. Christine Kan says:

    I love Japanese food! :D

  138. I have just started cooking and prefer Asian foods. Recently I tried some Japanese Sushi, came out fine, but want to try more. Do I use “Sticky” rice for Sushi?

    Any advice/recipes will be most welcome. Of course I would love to win this prize.

  139. Robert P. says:

    I think this is one of the best giveaways in a long time. The grill is really nice and love to cook on it as well…

  140. Andrew Engshun says:

    I’m determined to enter once a day!

  141. Naomi says:

    I used to use a hibachi but no longer have one. I like the round shape of this one.

  142. Naomi says:

    I already “like” you on facebook.

  143. Sandra says:

    This would be a great way to entertain your guest and still have a good time cooking,

  144. Viet P. says:

    Giving it another shot!

  145. Panida says:

    Oh wow! I need one of these! :)

  146. Roy says:

    Looks good. Where can I buy one since I never win anything!

  147. Sybil C says:

    I like that it’s outdoor AND indoor.

  148. kim says:

    This looks awesome

  149. Linda d says:

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I would love to have one of these!

  150. Noho says:

    Would love to win this and try new recipes!!! ^_^

  151. Masao Drexel says:

    me me me me me me.

  152. dina says:

    Awesome! this is an exciting giveaway.

  153. Paul Dunham says:

    Love cast iron! Looks like alot of fun to cook on.
    Good luck everyone!

  154. scott jay regner says:

    Looks like a great Hibachi!

  155. seth says:

    I want the thing

  156. Wendy says:

    This would be a great addition to hot pot night! Esp with cold weather coming soon!

  157. cat says:

    Hoping to win! Would love to try it out!

  158. mick says:

    sweet hibachi! you can always count on mizkan!

  159. Dan says:

    I would love that hibachi!

  160. Dan says:

    liked Mizkan on FB

  161. Dan says:

    liked Rasamalaysia on FB

  162. daveruds says:

    ooh that’s a really neat looking grill

  163. Dee says:

    Still interested in that hibachi & the Mizkan gift. thanks for the opportunity!!

  164. Eryn L. says:

    what a fantastic giveaway!!!

  165. Dee says:

    Still interested in the hibachi grill & the Mizkan products!!
    Since I’m posting a comment, wanted to share – – I tried the recipe for Agedashi Tofu, which was posted a while back on Rasa Malaysia. It was AMAZING and even better than that which I had at numerous Japanese restaurant. And of course I used the Mizkan Ponzu!

  166. catastasia says:

    this looks like an amazing present!

  167. gracie says:

    cast iron is the best!

  168. IRENE CHAN says:

    wish i can win this

  169. Babs says:

    Hibachi cooking/grilling is a really fun way to marinated skewered foods.
    Hope I win!

  170. Diana says:

    just came back from camping in Yosemite. That grill would have been great!

  171. Kevin Lee says:

    Commenting round 2! I would do the whole facebook/twitter thing but I dont really support those services =/

  172. Phyl says:

    Looks like an amazing prize that can be used for many summer grilling projects, for years to come
    and beyond!

  173. Mike says:

    Now all I need is some binchotan.

  174. Judy says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. :)

  175. Mike says:

    BONUS ENTRY – Like Mizkan on Facebook (Mj Mcq).

  176. Jackie says:

    I love Hibachi grills

  177. Mike says:

    BONUS ENTRY – Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook (Mj Mcq).

  178. Mike says:

    BONUS ENTRY – Retweeted tweet (@LuccaQ).

  179. Selwyn Solomon says:

    Always wanted to try grilling on an authentic Hibachi

  180. Charlotte says:

    I would love to win this package!

  181. angelia lin says:

    I can totally bring this grill on camping trips. Love the flank steak recipe.

  182. kim says:

    giving it another shot

  183. Emil Andreas says:

    It is a dream grill. I would like to have one. It comes with excellent design, well made, safe to use and easy to carry wherever we go. Love it!!! love it!!!!

  184. Heidi says:

    I wish I can win it!

  185. sophanny says:

    great giveaway =)

  186. Jes says:

    very cool! seems perfect for a little get together! ^^

  187. angela says:

    that cast iron grill looks amazing :)

  188. r054 says:

    I;d love to have the cast Iron Grill :)

  189. Pete says:

    Ohhh .. winter is coming to Alaska!.. I need to win this. :-)

  190. Tim Wong says:

    This would be a nice prize

  191. JayB says:

    Wow, this looks great! It would be perfect for summer parties and BBQs!

  192. Viet P. says:

    Another day, another entry!

  193. kim says:

    Yay, another day and another chance to enter!

  194. Sybil C says:

    I’d love to be trying more Rasa Malaysia recipes on this.

  195. Dee says:

    Here’s my entry – – another day, another chance to win!

  196. noel says:

    I want this please !!!!!!!!!

  197. Michael McLean says:

    Really would like to win this! Also “liked” you on Facebook!

  198. heather says:

    this would be awesome :)

  199. Melissa says:

    So, a guy walks into a bar with a Hibachi and says to the other bartender……. :) (:

  200. Mike says:

    They were just talking about Japanese grilling on the radio over the week end.

  201. Joann L says:

    I’m marinating my salmon for RM’s salmon teriyaki recipe tonight!! yum yum :)

  202. Tony says:

    sweet, I want one =)

  203. cat says:

    I <3 Rasa Malaysia!

  204. tim says:

    in it to win it

  205. Trish C. says:

    What a great giveaway! Perfect for RASA Maylasia’s authentic recipes.

  206. sarabel says:

    thanks for all the super recipes! you make home-away-from-home lovelier! :) cheers~

  207. Christine D. says:

    Would LOVE to win this! Great blog :)

  208. Roy says:

    Nice looking grill. Will look even better on my porch!

  209. Jennifer Pan says:

    Wow, that looks like an awesome hibachi grill!

  210. Kevin Lee says:

    I want this sooo bad XD

  211. catarm3 says:

    It seems like everyday I find a great new, easy recipe thanks. I would love to win that grill!!

  212. Diana says:

    Love your site!

  213. VSW says:

    Would love to win this. It would be great for entertaining!

  214. Andrew Engshun says:

    fingers crossed!

  215. Aaron Belk says:

    This looks awesome.

  216. Aislinn says:

    Mmm! I love Asian food!

  217. Fung says:

    Great looking grill to use with the Mizkan product bundle

  218. George Teoh says:

    I’d LOVE to win a hibachi grill! Wish me luck!

  219. Judy says:

    I love your recipes. They’re so simple and easy to make. :)

  220. mike conigliaro says:

    second chance please and thank you

  221. mike conigliaro says:

    Like Mizkan on FB

  222. mike conigliaro says:

    Like Rasa Malaysia

  223. Tina says:

    You recipes are great. Would love to learn to grill with the habachi…

  224. juin says:

    Retweeted on twitter!

  225. Mari C Shanta says:

    Nice Hibachi Grill and Mizkan Product Bundle Giveaway – what a great gift

  226. Mari C Shanta says:

    Liked Mizkan on Facebook

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    Liked Rasa Malaysia on Facebook

  228. Kim says:

    I love this Hibachi! Please enter me in the contest, and thank you!

  229. Kim says:

    I “like” Mizkan on Facebook. Thanks!

  230. Kim says:

    I “like” Rasa Malaysia on Facebook.

  231. Kim says:

    I retweeted your tweet!

  232. momgateway says:

    I’ve always wanted to grill on a real hibachi. Been trying to find one for a long time. This is an awesome giveaway! Hoping to be blessed with this win!

  233. Traci says:

    Love cast iron! I think this is one of the most impressive give-aways that I’ve seen.

  234. kim says:

    hope to win this great prize

  235. Andrew Engshun says:

    Can’t sleep so I might as well post again and browse for a new recipe to try

  236. Sydney Fanovich says:

    Fantastic prize, would love to win!

  237. Viet P. says:

    Entering again. Thanks!

  238. Sybil C says:

    This is a great prize.

  239. kim says:

    Can’t wait to try one of these!

  240. Jenga82 says:

    Love your recipes and photos! And would love to win this grill!

  241. Barbe says:

    I’ve never seen one of these grills before. It kick-started the part of my brain that holds recipes. Would love to add this to my kitchen tools. Thanks for having these give-aways.

  242. Kitty says:

    Like Mizkan and Rasa Malyaysia on FB.
    It’s been a very long time since I cooked over a Habachi. Thanks

  243. Renuka says:

    Thank you so much for this, I would love to win this hibachi grill too !!!!!!

  244. tim says:

    in it win it!!!

  245. Tim Wong says:

    Another shot at the prize

  246. Mike says:

    Woah…that rotiboy looks delish!!

  247. Kimiko says:

    What a great prize to win! I love Mizkan products, especially their sushi seasoning

  248. Kimiko says:

    I like Mizkan on Facebook

  249. Kimiko says:

    I like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook

  250. Xuan says:

    I’d use this to grill beef. A lot of beef.

  251. Suzanne C says:

    Wow… this prize will make someone VERY happy!

  252. Suzanne C says:

    Liked Mizkan on FB, and I really do love and use their products.

  253. Suzanne C says:

    Your site is great!! Also liked on FB

  254. Kevin Lee says:

    I want this prize :X

  255. Traci says:

    Love cast iron for cooking.

  256. Margie says:

    I would love a Hibachi, especially since it would be amazing to grill outside on a hot summer day. I don’t have anything resembling, just a cast iron grill pan :(

  257. Margie says:

    Retweeted you on twitter! I’m so glad that I found this website :) for my southeast asian cravings

  258. I’d love to win this to create great recipes!

  259. I Like Mizkan on Facebook.

  260. I tweeted about the giveaway on twitter!

  261. I like Rasa Malaysia on FB!

  262. jtu says:

    I would love to win this!

  263. Lyna says:

    Oh amazing … I want one!!! Hope I win!!

  264. Carrie Lau says:

    Thank you for all your great recipes.

  265. Mel says:

    that’s a pretty cool grill!

  266. Peter says:

    Please choose me!

  267. Sybil C says:

    I’d love to be trying more Rasa Malaysia recipes on this hibachi grill.

  268. Traci says:

    Liked Rasa Malaysia on FB.

  269. Mike says:

    This has to be the greatest giveaway so far!

  270. Leah says:

    Love that grill!!

  271. Leah says:

    Can’t wait to make the flank steak with ponzu and miso butter this weekend!

  272. catastasia says:

    I really would love to win this grill!

  273. Tim Wong says:

    This would be a useful gift

  274. Diana says:

    thanks to you and your sponsor!

  275. Chantal says:

    This would be so unbelievably amazing to win.

  276. Kevin Lee says:

    Hoping for the win :X

  277. Joann L says:

    Just made me some RM coconut shrimp for lunch today, worked out great! So crunchy and not greasy, yum!

  278. Joann L says:

    I also “liked” Rasa Malaysia on Facebook :)

  279. Pat says:

    Love that grill.

  280. Shannon says:

    Looks wonderful! I’d love to win it.

  281. Michael says:

    I’ve been wanting something like that for so long! Gonna be on a wishlist very soon!

  282. Michael says:

    I liked Mizkan on Facebook. So excited!

  283. Michael says:

    And to spam comment I also liked Rasa Malaysia as well on facebook.

  284. Viet P. says:

    So excited about this!

  285. alex says:

    I love to win this cool Hibachi!

  286. mike conigliaro says:

    back to charcoal. =D

  287. Viv says:

    I would love to own a hibachi! That’s great!

  288. Thai says:

    I NEED this grill!

  289. Michelle says:

    This giveaway looks great! Hope to win!

  290. kim says:

    hope to be the lucky one

  291. sawhster says:

    Oh nice..mama like!

  292. mike conigliaro says:

    counting down =)

  293. Roy McCarroll says:

    OK, I wasn’t going to beg for the grill but now I am begging for the grill! Please, I need that grill. OK, I want that grill but you get the idea!

  294. dorothy lin says:

    Love to win this giveaway gifts. The hibachi grill is very convenient to bring on vacations. The mizukan vinegars are very good for making sushi rice,salads, and cooking food.

    Dorothy Lin

  295. Thao says:

    Oooohhh niiiicccee. I likey. I would love to win that!

  296. catastasia says:


  297. Sybil C says:

    I’d love to be trying some more Rasa Malaysia recipes on this hibachi grill.

  298. You have the best food site on the web.

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    I “liked” Mizkan on Facebook :)

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    Asian food with this. Love the products, couldn’t
    have such tasty food without them.

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  334. Roy McCarroll says:

    Ok, I’ve cut the tree down and am making charcoal for trhe grill! Now have to find a small pig to raise for barbecue and keep it hidden from the city or they will confiscate it or worse yet, want to eat it and those people will not leave any for me and they would probably try to steal the grill! Times are tough?

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  399. Randy Page says:

    I had to comment on this because I actually bought one of these last weekend. I can tell you that not only is this a fantastic grill that cooks food to the highest standard it’s also a fantastic addition to any garden. I genuinely looks great on my patio.

    So for me I don’t actually need this but had to comment as whoever wins this, especially with all the additional stuff is one very lucky reader. If it’s any consolation I’ve sent this website address to my list so they have a chance to win it too.

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  404. Sybil C says:

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    gimme gimme…
    May I know where to buy?
    Liked all in fb!

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    only a few days left and i feel more and more like i need this grill! I promise to use it forevers, and I’ve already got a weeks worth of meals lined up for it. You don’t want to disappoint me do you random picker generator thing! DO YOU!

  428. Joann L says:

    Today, we had a simple yet delicious dinner, can you guess? Chee Cheong Fun! Mmmm yummy! Man, brought me back to my roots hehe, I felt a little bit of home :) Then I started craving the real Penang hawker food real bad! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I get to win this hibachi so I can make some other delicious dinners until my next visit to Asia! Luck luck luck! I’m calling you :)

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    Can I make a small request to add a category for “Confinement recipe” in your blog?

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