How Sinful Are You?
February 09th, 2007 8 Comments

How Sinful Are You?

I am 40% greedy, 40% lazy (sloth), and have 20% of pride. But wait a minute, I am 0% in envy, gluttony, lust, and wrath?! That can’t be right. 0% gluttony? Me? (I am scratching my head with a puzzled look.)

Well, 14% chance I will go to hell is acceptable, but NO, I do not want to die in a shuttle crash (knock on wood!) or on the way to my resort on the moon. For me, there is only one way to die, that is, die in my future private island surrounded by aquamarine sea somewhere in Southeast Asia. Now, that’s sinfully sexy.

Take the test now and find your sins…

Your Deadly Sins
Greed: 40%
Sloth: 40%
Pride: 20%
Envy: 0%
Gluttony: 0%
Lust: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You’ll Go to Hell: 14%
You’ll die in a shuttle crash, on your way to your resort on the moon.

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8 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Rasa Malaysia says:

    This is a test comment…my blog is not publishing. :(

  2. tigerfish says:

    Aiyo…the test said I will die a BORING death :O…and 0% gluttony too(?) …
    U better or not ? Eat some congee, cook those very watery one, if you no appetite to eat the rice/porridge, just drink the “porridge water”…lotsa of Vitamins, and easy on the throat.

    where’s your 美美的好料:D

  3. laurent says:

    too funny this test ;-) Your ilsand in south east asia looks good idea only if you can grow some cacao tree on the island !

  4. UnkaLeong says:

    Comments published, so I guess blog must be publishing. I got the exact same results as you did? Hahaha…Feeling better?

  5. BuddingCook says:

    Your Deadly Sins:
    Sloth: 60%
    Pride: 20%
    Wrath: 20%
    Envy: 0%
    Gluttony: 0%
    Greed: 0%
    Lust: 0%
    Chance You’ll Go to Hell: 14%
    You will die with your hand down your underwear, watching Star Trek.

    Wah I rather it say I would die in my sleep. It’s prediction sounds gross! :D

  6. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Tiga – Thanks I am feeling better and busy cooking again…heheheh. 美美的好料 is posted. :)

    Laurent – No, I won’t grow cacao trees, but I will grow coconut, mango, rambutan, banana trees, etc., plus I will grow all the herbs I need for Malaysian food: lemon grass, curry leaves, kaffir lime, bird’s eyes, well, you get the idea. :)

    Unka – I am feeling better…oooh, we have the same sins and fate? OK, you can have your private island behind mine if you want so we can all be neighbors.

    BC – yeah, it’s a little morbid. It’s just for fun, no worries. Hehe.

  7. Chris says:

    I got 60% Greed and 40% Gloth.. LOL

    The best part is, I’ll die in a castle, surrounded by servants.

    Muahahaaa…. fun

  8. Vero says:

    Oh my god, I’ll die while sleeping, and no one will notice!!! I’d rather die in a car shuttle!!! (this is Envy, though I had 0% according to the test…)14% to go to hell too…
    Funn, I thin I’ll use it in my blog too… :-)
    By the way, nice new picture!!

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