Instant Fried Noodles Recipe (Indomie)
August 20th, 2006 12 Comments

Instant Fried Noodles Recipe (Indomie)

Indomie Goreng with ShrimpNo matter how much of a foodie you are now, everyone has lived the instant noodle lifestyle at least once in their life. Whether you were a broke college student, a busy working professional, or a harried soccer mom, at some point instant noodles were (or still are) a primary staple food. It sure was mine when I went to college.

Most people never lose that taste for instant noodle soup, I haven’t, but now I like mine dry and fried. The tough choice is which brand to select. Walking down the aisle in any Asian supermarket one can find an amazing variety from all over the world. There are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, or American (Cup Noodles, etc.). For me, after sampling all the different instant noodles from around the world, I always go back to Indomie, which is originally Indonesian. Don’t get me wrong, I love our own Malaysian Maggie Mee, especially AssamLaksa and Tom Yam flavors, but when it comes to Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles), Indomie is the one. Period…

Now how do you make a plate of seemingly uninteresting fried noodles into mouth-watering Deluxe Fried Noodles? Here is what I do.

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  1. boo_licious says:

    Awww, that looks good and it’s definitely the ultimate Mee Goreng for us. I just blogged abt mee goreng last week – the mamak version with nothing much except a fried egg on top.

  2. elmomonster says:

    Props to you for this IndoMie post. IndoMie has a place close to my heart, and not just because the contents of that oil packet has forever clogged my arteries.

    Like you, I always eat IndoMie with a fried egg…the lacier, the better. But I’ve yet to put shrimp into the mix. BEE, you ARE a GENIUS!!!

  3. deeroy says:

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  4. Kris says:

    oh my! i’m SO cooking this for dinner tonight! but cant buy mi goreng here :(

  5. Andaliman says:

    I love Indomie

  6. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to Indomie. I douse it with sweet thai chili sauce and add a poached egg to the mix. Yummy!

  7. yanbean says:

    i looove indo mie goreng! but its so EVIL~ it makes me gain weight! *sigh*

    I love my indo mie goreng with crunchy salted fish, dried shrimp [fried a bit first] & sunny-side-up egg. once its all done, pop the yolk & let the sunny goodness run down all over…yurrrmmm!

  8. Anonymous says:

    4 packet maggi mee boil hot 15 mins
    drain of the water rinse it pipe water using a continainer
    grinded dried prawns pastes and grinded ikan billis an grindeded belachan babas meat curry powder and chilly powder i tsp sugar
    pepper a dash or two and salt.
    lit the stove por in oil fry in some onoin and chopped green chillies black soya sauce 2 tsp
    dry tahu fried in oil add in the noodles add in the tahu and boiled potatoes cut into small square dry prawn p ut all the masalas and mix well put in the salt chilly powder and grinded paste all in one go fry in the rempah and seve hot

  9. katie says:

    so tasty looking! just had Indomie. realised that i think the seasoning is too much. not sure what i’ll do next time, maybe use half of what they provided. or simply fry it with oil and onions and vegetables. hmm..shrimps is not cheap though..

  10. M. Goh says:

    I grew up eating this lol! not the healthiest thing, but like you said, we all need instant noodles once in a while. Indomie goreng is quite a popular street food in Indonesia, as simple as it is, i really enjoy it.
    I really enjoy your blog and its fantastic food photography. I have same passion myself and this is definitely very inspiring.

  11. msglover says:

    For extra artery-clogging goodness, try mixing your Indomie goreng with corned beef. Yum!

  12. syamsu furqan says:

    I love indomie…the best noodle in the world..very delicious

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