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Jerk Chicken and Mandarin Orange Salsa

Jerk Chicken
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Since my trip to Jamaice 5 years ago, I have fallen in love with Jamaican jerk chicken–the food that I ate in Jamaica every day during that vacation. So, as soon as I met up with Cynthia of Tastes Like Home in Barbados during my recent cruise vacation, I told her to take me to a local store to buy “real” jerk seasoning, and she kindly bought me a bottle of “Walkerwood Spicy Jerk Marinate”–a product made in Jamaica–plus other Barbabos marinate goodies.

I marinated the chicken overnight with the jerk seasoning, grilled the jerk chicken to perfection, and then brushed them with some olive oil before serving. These Jamaican jerk chicken were fiery hot and very spicy, just the way I like it…

I paired the jerk chicken skewers with mandarin orange salsa, which helped to tone down the heat. Plus, the salsa reminded of my leisure days in the islands of the Caribbean, where life is about sun, warmth, fun, and happiness.

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  1. Manggy

    Yum, fiery hot… The way I like it, too! I guessed jerk seasoning! Snaps for me, haha :)

    Canned mandarin oranges was totally the better choice for the salsa– one of the applications where it’s better than fresh.

  2. Piggy

    haha, I thought that you have some secret ingredients.. ;-) the jamaican “satay” still looks delicious nonetheless!

  3. lingzie

    oh i love grilled chicken skewers!! which is why i do so adore satay so much.
    that salsa sounds interesting! never tried making a salsa out of mandarin oranges.. :)
    don’t think i can get my hands on that jerk marinade here though. :(

  4. mumuchi

    I wonder if you could describe the taste of jamaican jerk to the nearest Malaysian analogy if you can.

    I have recipes for the jerk and I have seen jerk being prepared on TV, but have not yet had the luck to try it.

    Since I only use recipes as a guide and depend more on taste, an inkling of what it should taste like would be helpful for me to try prepare this dish.

  5. Kevin

    That looks really good! I don’t think I have ever had Jamaican jerked chicken before. I will have to look for that marinade.

  6. savvygal

    Yum delicious… mandarin orange salsa looks soooo good. So where can I buy these jerk spices?? I am drooling already!

  7. kennymah

    The colour contrast is amazing! Juicy and luscious against dark and rich… yummy! :D

    Btw, I noticed one of your comments in another blog that you’re heading to KL soon? Would be cool to meet up if so. :)

  8. Helen

    mmmm, I love jerk chicken! Here in London, around 5 minutes walk from my house, there is an annual ‘jerk cookout festival’ where the best ‘jerkers’ from around the capital come to show off their skills. The smell as you walk around is incredible and trying to choose which ones to sample is a so hard!

  9. tigerfish

    Ya….I was one of those who guessed your secret seasonings :D

    I don’t think I ever tried Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

  10. Veron

    I love jerked chicken. Lucky you to have gotten the spice in the carribean…no need to make your own if that’s the case.

  11. Hazza

    Looks like a poshed up version! Very nice! Personally, I prefer a whole chicken portion, with skin on … unhealthy, but yummy!

  12. Lori Lynn

    I love the mandarin orange salsa idea. Mandarin oranges from a can have a distinct taste unlike any other, great idea!

  13. robin (caviar and codfish)

    Do you think the bottled marinade is as fiery hot as homemade versions with scotch bonnets? I’m only asking cause my homemade version was a wee bit too spicy (read: mostly inedible) to me!!

    I <3 your photos!

  14. William Widjaja


    I’m trying to locate the Jerk Chicken receipe but to no avail.
    Can you please email me the recipes.


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