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Kaya Toast
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Kaya toast.

The sheer mention of the name kaya toast brings water to my mouth. Imagine warm and crispy toasted bread, slathered with a nice layer aromatic kaya jam (Malaysian coconut egg jam), and complete with a thin slice of cold butter. As you hold the kaya toast in your hand, the warmth of the freshly toasted bread melts the butter inside, and as you sink your teeth into the bread, the kaya jam and the butter come oozing out of the bread…ahhhh, heavenly.

Such is the breakfast enjoyed and loved by many in Malaysia and Singapore. While the rest of the world indulge in fruity jams, we devour with no guilt or with any health concerns the saturated kaya, which is made of eggs, coconut milk, and sugar.

Kaya Toast

When I posted my kaya recipe a few days ago, I promised to teach you how to make kaya toast, so here is the step-by-step. I will tell you that the key is warm crispy toast. Traditionally, the bread is toasted by hand using charcoal fire, which adds a tint of smoky flavor to the bread, but in modern days, a toaster works just perfectly. The other secret is cold butter, rock solid cold butter which you cut a thin slice and then put in between the two warm toasts.

Serve your kaya toast with a half-boiled egg, and a cup of dark coffee, preferably Malaysian kopi-O. This is how we enjoy our breakfast back home. I hope you get to try my kaya recipe and also make yourself and your family kaya toast, for breakfast, tea break, or a before-bed snack. Enjoy!

Kaya Toast


Kaya Toast

Kaya (click the link for the recipe)


Kaya Toast

Toast your bread and cut out the crust. You can keep the crust if you like. Cut the bread into two pieces and spread a nice layer of kaya jam on top of the bread.

Kaya Toast

Cut a thin piece of cold butter and put on top of the toast. Make sure the butter is cold so it’s easier to cut.

Kaya Toast

The other half of the bread ready to go on top.

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast.

The warmth of the freshly toasted kaya toast melts the butter and both kaya and butter mix together and come oozing out. This is how the perfect kaya toast should be. Bon appetit.

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