Kimchi Chronicles DVD and Cookbook Giveaway (CLOSED)
October 29th, 2011 380 Comments

Kimchi Chronicles DVD and Cookbook Giveaway (CLOSED)

Update: The winners are Norman O and Hillary D.

I’m working with my friends at Frappe and Kimchi Chronicles to give away the Kimchi Chronicles DVD and cookbook! There will be two (2) winners, and each will receive the DVD and cookbook bundle.

Kimchi Chronicles is a new PBS series starring Marja Vongerichten, the wife of three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and produced by Eric Rhee of “Spain…on the Road again.” I love watching a food show that takes its viewers on a cultural and culinary journey into the heart and core of a country’s cuisine, and Kimchi Chronicles is a travel documentary/cooking show that delivers just that.

You should also check out the Kimchi Chronicles Video Contest and post a video of yourself cooking one of Marja’s recipes from the cookbook and win big prizes. By the way, I am one of the judges for this contest so click here to learn more, or watch the video below:

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment below.

To maximize your odds of winning, you can leave a comment every day (one comment per day strictly enforced), plus the bonus entries below:

Four (4) Bonus Entries:

  • Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook. Leave 1 extra comment for this.
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This giveaway opens to US only and closes on November 13, 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on November 14, 2011. Good luck!

The prize is proudly sponsored by Frappe, Inc. and Kimchi Chronicles.


380 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Helen says:

    I love her stuff – so awesome that she has a renowned chef as a husband. I can see their daily lives filled with so much joy around food.

  2. Valerie says:

    My entry for today!:)

  3. Mike says:

    I saw this book at the bookstore last weekend…looked awesome, hope I win this!

  4. renee says:

    I love korean food, wish there is korean restaurant in my town. I have to learn to cook korean food by myself then.

  5. Nhianeel says:

    My entry for today.

  6. Leena says:

    My entry for today.

  7. donne says:

    I love watching her show. Marja takes us and her friends along on her journey of discovery of her maternal homeland, sharing the different specialties of the culture and regions, introducing the cooks and restaurants in those areas, and sharing a bit of her own story and family. She really knows how to make Korean culture and foods enviting and not so imtimidating!

  8. Jan R says:

    Please let me win!

  9. Kathrynn says:

    This looks like a great prize!

  10. Leslie says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Stacey Fleurijean says:

    My Nov 9th entry

  12. Carolyn Lam says:

    Here’s my entry post for 11/9

  13. Armi Ricketts says:

    Love Korean food….hope to win.

  14. Kimberly P. says:

    Would absolutely cherish this set! I live in a small-ish town with no Korean restaurants…would love to learn to cook some delicious dishes at home!

  15. Christine Kan says:

    Here’s my post for today! 11/9

  16. Molly Tafvelin says:

    I love the show. It makes me crave Korean food.

  17. Jeff says:

    I would LOVE to win the Kimchi Chronicles contest. I am really anxious to learn how to cook Korean food properly, so this would really help!

  18. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Another day, another entry for the win!

  19. Valerie says:

    I would love to win this amazing giveaway!

  20. Maria says:

    Great idea for a cookbook!

  21. Stacey Fleurijean says:

    Nov 10th entry =)

  22. renee says:

    Use my phone to enter today

  23. Jan R says:

    Love this giveaway…PLEASE!

  24. Bee Ho says:

    Love both Rasa Malaysia Website and Kimchi Chronicles TV show.

  25. catastasia says:

    I would love to win this . I always enjoy reading about cooking.

  26. Armi Ricketts says:

    Like the recipes…

  27. Diana says:

    Today’s entry to win!

  28. thexubox says:

    entry for today!!!

  29. rajee says:

    love to try it

  30. Leslie says:

    Still hoping to win!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Trisha C. says:

    My entry for Nov. 10!

  32. Kandace Lim says:

    this looks like delicious food ahead!

  33. michelle says:

    I can’t wait to watch tomarrow episode.

  34. michelle says:

    Liked you on facebook

  35. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I am in for the lucky win!

  36. Armi Ricketts says:

    Like KimchiChronicle on facebook.

  37. Bee Ho says:

    Korean barbecue are very delicious.

  38. renee says:

    Really want this one,great giveaway

  39. Stacey Fleurijean says:

    My Nov 11th entry

  40. Diana says:

    entry for today

  41. saltseaweed says:

    I would love this set.

  42. Leslie says:

    Another day, another entry:)

  43. Maria says:

    Daily entry for Nov 11th

  44. Mary Moon-Perez says:

    love to have this!

  45. BriannaC says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of kimchi lately so it’s really cool to see this. :)

  46. Jan R says:

    LOVE to own this giveaway!

  47. Christine Kan says:

    Here’s my post for the day! 11/11

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