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Kuih Bangkit

Kuih bangkit
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My contributor Siew Loon is baking up a storm for Chinese New Year and today she is sharing a traditional Chinese New Year cookie recipe: kuih bangkit. I remember many childhood days when I helped my family making this goodies. For other Chinese New Year recipes, don’t forget to check out my posts at Rasa Malaysia: soy sauce chicken, ginger and scallion fish, crab noodles, and more.

Contributor: Ho Siew Loon

I am back again with my new year goodies. I have always enjoyed making the new year goodies as this is the time all family members will get together and help. This time around it is the traditional nyonya Kuih Bangkit. This little figurine goodies has lost its popularity among the younger generation and has been taken over by western cookies such as chocolate chips cookies, butter cookies, etc. I remember that Kuih Bangkit is a must for Chinese New Year and every house that you visit, you will sure to find it…(get kuih bangkit rcipe after the jump)

Kuih Bangkit is a traditional Chinese New Year cookies and it is made mainly from tapioca flour, eggs and coconut milk. It is a cookie that is hard on the outside but melts in your mouth. This is one cookie that has quite a long shelf life compared to other cookies like Pineapple Tarts. It can be kept for about 2 months if stored in airtight container.

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