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My Article on Saveur 100 (Lingham’s Hot Sauce)

Thank you Saveur, for featuring my article as item 93 on this year’s Saveur 100 list. A special thanks to Hunter L., you rock. My friend Tastespotting scores number 11 on the list. Congrats Sarah!

This is my first *published* article on print, a huge encouragement as I am currently working on my first cookbook (details to follow soon!). Also, thanks to my friends Eating Asia and Steamy Kitchen for eyeballing the article before my submission. I have learned that if I put in some efforts and forget about SEO and keyword density, I can actually write a decent piece…

If you have the magazine, you might also find my picture in the magazine, a small one. If you would like to try out the brand, you can get the chili sauce and hot sauce online here and here.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. That’s my favourite sauce ever since I was young. Great for almost anything. So thankful I can get it here. Totally agree with you that it’s addictive.

  2. Raquelita

    Oh goodness gracious me, how fantastic! Congratulations on the contract – I can’t wait to place my advance order ;) It will be brilliant.

    All the best with the writing and prepping,

  3. congratulations!!

    oddly enough lingham’s isn’t really that popular here (giving way to kimball’s and maggi) but i still love it.
    can’t wait for more details on your cook book! :)

  4. Congratulations on your new achievement! So excited to know about your cookbook. Looking forward to hear more about it. We luv Lingham’s Hot Sauce and always have one in the fridge. ;)

      • Sometimes to make it milder, I mix it with tomato sauce. If not, just Lingham is good enough.

        Just in case you are interested, it’s the wet kind of mi goreng, with egg added towards the end. Goes well with ingredients like the firmer type of tofu (tau kua) and bean sprouts. Would be nice to have also the fritter type of kuih (flour, water, egg, onion, garlic chives etc) that are made in advance added in.

        Really one of my favourties. I get excited just talking about it. :p

  5. rc

    Congrtas on the cookbook. I bet you will be the featured photographer for it as well!

    I have tried this sauce, but found that it was not hot enough to be called a hot sauce. I expected it to be something like Sriracha or maybe a little milder. Nevertheless I like it and use it my recipes.

    • RC – Thanks and yes, I am the photographer for my cookbook.

      I personally think Sriracha is too hot, and that’s the only taste almost, hot and vinegary. I like Lingham’s better (of course, I am a Malaysian) and that it’s more versatile because I can use it in many different ways.

  6. Umyousef

    Hi Bee, well done on the article and congrats on the cookbook deal. Can’t wait to read your post on the cookbook! Anyway, back when I was a law student in England, we had to do dinings with judges and students at selected Inns for our bar. There are four of them and one of them, Lincoln’s Inn was very popular among the malaysian students. This Inn actually served Lingham’s sauce, upon request. Thus the malaysian (and singaporean) students lovingly called it Lingham’s Inn :) .

  7. DailyChef

    Congratulations!! I’m definitely going to go buy a bottle of this sauce, and think of you when I try it for the first time :)

  8. Congrats Bee! You’re a rockstar!
    I raised my glass to many more articles, books and TV engagements to come! :)

    And i hope we can cook together someday!

  9. It is timeless. I felt so proud reading bout Lingham’s in the papers not long ago.
    And how it changed people’s lives, literally.

    Congrats on the feature, and hope to see more of Malaysian food in the eyes of the world.

  10. Janice

    I’ve never tried that hot sauce before, I’ll have to keep my eye on it the next time I’m at the Asian Market. Congrats on your published article. You did a great job.

  11. Fiona

    Congratulations! I am currently working as a recipe tester for a national magazine and I also develop recipes. I would love to test out any recipes for you!

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