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Lobster Yee Mein (Lobster Noodles) Recipe

Lobster Yee Mein
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Recently, my neighborhood Asian grocery store had a lobster sale. At $6.99/lb, it was a steal that I couldn’t pass up, so I got myself a 3-lb Boston lobster.

When it comes to lobsters, there aren’t that many recipes that I know of. (Previously, I had stir-fried and baked lobster with cheese and butter and also a mango and lobster salad.) In my opinion, lobster is one of those ingredients that is very delicious but not very versatile…

Chinese Recipe: Lobster Yee Mein (Lobster Noodles)In the Chinese restaurants in the United States, lobsters are often served with Yee Mein (or “E-Fu” noodles). First, the lobster is stir-fried with ginger and scallion, and then poured over a bed of boiled Yee Mein. Lobster Yee Mein is a celebrated dish that graces wedding dinners, birthday banquets or casual dining. And that was exactly what I made.

The lobster yee mein was very yummy and the taste was close to restaurant quality, but it lacked wok hei (the “breath of wok“). Cooking a big lobster at home was challenging–the wok could hardly contain the giant claws, but I managed.

This coming holidays, why don’t you try out my lobster noodles recipe?


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  1. Marc @ NoRecipes

    That looks delicious. I just saw a place in chinatown with $4.99 lobsters (yes for the whole thing). Seeing this, I wish I’d picked some up!

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, this lobster noodles look absolutely delish and the recipe looks like it’s something I can handle. Thanks for the good idea.

    ~ Kitchen Mom

  3. ck lam

    This Lobster Yee Mein recipe would come in handy for the Chinese New Year celebration which is just a few weeks away.
    Sure makes an impressive yummy dish for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Court

    Oh the praries! We never seem to have lobster sales (or any type of good seafood sales for that matter). I wish I was not land locked. In the mean time I will look and drool from afar.

  5. rpm

    Looks really gooooood…thanks!!! I don’t have a lobster recipe to share but maybe you’d like to try my Lime Chipotle Grilled Chicken recipe at

  6. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    omg..thats so darn the time they fly to malaysia..this cheap buggers costs almost ten fold..!

  7. Campusfork

    Great photos.

    There are very few great lobster dishes in the Asian cuisine since we desire the ingredient itself to play center stage.

    Sea sweat meat.

    Great photo and keep writing!!

    Out here in San Francisco, very few restaurants make great lobster dishes. Lobster E Mein at many Chinese restaurants actually uses ladles of oil.

  8. gaga

    I love lobster yee mein. I haven’t had it in ages though. It’s great that you got a good deal on the lobsters. I heard that because of the economy, the prices have fell. I’ll have to keep my eyes out too.

  9. Tricia

    Hi Bee,

    Just picked up some lobsters at my local Chinese Market … $5.99 lb!!! Can’t wait to try your recipe out!!! Looks amazing!!!


  10. Michael

    Gave your recipe a go tonight. Overall I rated it a success.

    For a 1.6kg lobster we went with two lots of sauce, but I think we could even increase that to 4 lots as we generally buy our lobsters cooked. We also added garlic.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  11. Hi Bee,

    I went out looking for a special recipe for my birthday and found your Lobster Noodles. This looks tasty. It’s simpler than some I’ve seen, too. Thanks!

  12. Chef John

    I wish that people would reserve comments for dishes that they have tried as that makes them useful. All of the comments about “looks yummy,” “gonna try it one day,” “I can taste it from here,” do not help those of us looking for useful critiques.

  13. Monty

    Totally love this recipe. I added another lobster, but didn’t need to. This was as good as any I have had in the San Francisco Bay area.

  14. Pat

    I think the creamy lobster noodle dish I normally have at Chinese Weddings/events has a the sauce made with evaporated milk, butter, garlic powder, and onion.

    1. Cut up Lobster making sure you retain all the “juices” that come out. This “juice” becomes jelly like egg once cooked. remember keep the tomalley/aka green stuff!)
    2. Parboil yee mein or shrimp roe noodles(虾子面) and drain.
    3. Heat Wok (or equivalent) with a bit of oil.
    4. (optional) dust lobster with flour so it has that “skin” on it.
    5. Cook lobster. (water may be added to help cooking process)
    6. Remove lobster pieces.(I leave the guts, juices, “head”/thorax in the wok inside)
    7. Add garlic powder, onions, evaporated milk, and butter to wok and mix. (cornstarch or flour may be added to thicken sauce)
    8. Add parboiled noodles to sauce in wok and finish cooking.
    9. Plating: Place noodles in the center of dish, and arrange lobster pieces on top/around it accordingly.

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