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Malaysian Fresh Spring Rolls

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My family loves popiah—Nyonya fresh spring rolls with shredded jicama, shrimp and/or pork, plus
diced bean curd wrapped with fresh popiah skin. In many Strait Chinese or Nyonya households, making and eating popiah is a much celebrated family ritual where all family members come together, preparing, rolling, and eating this scrumptious food.

I can remember many occasions when my family had popiah feast, when the women of the household woke up early in the morning to cut and slice tons of jicama or yambean (bangkuang), and then over low heat, slowly cooked the vegetables until they became soft, juicy, and deeply flavorful. Then, all the children would rush to the table as soon as they were ready to serve—wrapping the fresh popiah skin with the filling and topped with the many extras and savored the end product. Everyone got to play with their food a few times, wrapping rolls after rolls of popiah until we filled our stomach…

Making popiah is quite a lot of work, but it’s always so rewarding. I personally love it that I can pack on loads of toppings as I wish. Check out my family’s popiah recipe—a comfort food that is delicious, appetizing, and fun to eat. Enjoy!

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