Malaysian Guava – Guava Bidor
November 26th, 2006 12 Comments

Malaysian Guava – Guava Bidor

I like a person who can keep his promise, especially one about food.

Toni Xe of Backstreet Glutton promised me that he would shoot a picture of Guava Bidor for me when I posted “Guess What?“; this morning I woke up and found this picture in my inbox.

Guava Bidor

Aptly named Backstreet Glutton, Toni drives around the peninsula of Malaysia in search of great eats and he stumbled upon these horrendous looking guavas just outside of Pun Chun Restaurant (品珍), the famed duck soup restaurant of Bidor. (Coincidentally, Eating Asia has just written about Pun Chun’s Duck Noodles Soup recently.)

Compared to my mini Californian guavas, these are huge and shall I say, look grotesque. I think they should be the new pumpkins come next Halloween!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The one to the left looks like it has 3 tiny guavas growing out of it…;)


  2. UnkaLeong says:

    They are called Farang in Thailand, which is also the slang term for foreigner. Betcha miss the ‘asamboi’ that normally comes with the Guava as well :)

  3. bayi says:

    The grotesque ones are actually seedless and taste wonderful when dipped in a little sour plum powder. It’s an all-time local favorite.

  4. boo_licious says:

    bayi is right, the uglier they are, the better they taste according to the fruit stall owners.

  5. Meiyen says:

    oh yes…. i agree with boo and da best is not to buy da huge one! ;)

  6. toniXe says:

    Its my pleasure to contribute in any way….

  7. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Bill – yes, it is! Quite funny.

    Unkaleong – wow, I thought Farang is Farang, didn’t know this is also Farang. Hahaha.

    Bayi, Boo, and Meiyen- I guess I will have to pick the ugliest and small ones the next time I go home. I am all for no seeds and wonderful taste.

    Toni Xe – wow, sounds good. Want to be a guest writer on RM?! :P

  8. toniXe says:

    ok guest writer on Assam Laksa !

    when I find an unusual one….

  9. teckiee says:

    AHhh bidor’s guava …the seedless AAA grade one is so NICEEEEEEE and JUICYYYY! Totally love them!

  10. Audrey Cooks says:

    I love the crunchiness of these guavas! just a tip in storing them… wrap them in damp newspaper,put in a ziploc bag and put in the vegetable section of your refrigerator. … can last up to 2 weeks and still very crunchy.

  11. suanne says:

    Hi Rasa Malaysia, I love guava from Malaysia which is more crisp and almost seedless. Those I find in Vancouver is usually from Taiwan and they are not crisp and with more seeds. I miss guava.

  12. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Audrey – thanks for the tip. Will try it out.

    Suanne – yeah, Californian Guavas aren’t that great either. ;)

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