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Malaysian-style BBQ Seafood

BBQ Clams, Malaysian-style
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My good friends Farina and Michael came over to visit last week and we made some Malaysian-style BBQ seafood, inspired by this popular hawker fare in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. They are called Portuguese-style baked seafood. There is really nothing Portuguese about it but Malaysia do have some Portuguese descendants because Malacca was a Portuguese colony in the 16th century. So perhaps this is how they bake their seafood—with fiery sambal, okras, and wrapped with aluminum foil.

Farina and I enjoyed our BBQ so much. As Malaysians, we concluded that this is probably the best way to serve seafood BBQ-style. Our favorite is the BBQ clams with sambal and okras. It was simply lip smackingly delicious.

To prepare these mouthwatering Malaysian-style BBQ, all you need are your favorite seafood and shellfish: shimp, squid, fish (we like stingray or white pomfret), clams, and some okras. Mix the seafood of your choice (you can also do a seafood combination) with sambal, okra, and wrap the aluminum foil tightly (preferably two layers to avoid leakage), and off onto the grill. That’s it.

Try this new recipe this summer. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I love all your recipes–they are beautiful-flavorful and inspired!!Thank you for sharing. I love your blog too. I may make this one this weekend if I am not too lazy!

  2. Jean

    These pictures are amazing!! Really makes me wish I lived closer to a body of water so as to have access to some fresh seafood.

  3. I really like this way of cooking the seafood, sealing in the juices and adding enough punch with the fiery and tangy sambal.
    But not many places here can do them well.
    The Midvalley food court used to do a delicious version, but not anymore. Even the Petaling Street’s famous one was horrendous the last time I ate there.

    • Oh no, really? The Petaling Street’s famous one is no longer great? I looooove loooove their Portuguese-style baked seafood. :(

      I can’t find this type of grilled seafood in Penang though. Love it that it seals in the juices. Slurp!!!

  4. Siok Ngi


    I am just wondering what kind of sambal you used. Did you get it here or you brought them over from Malaysia?

  5. JudyC

    there is nothing about the seafood & okra.
    how much? how long on the grill?
    can you cook all the different kinds of seafood together — don’t they cook at different rates?

  6. Alysia

    Did you have to turn the fish over on the grill? Am planning to try grilling in the oven as I don’t have a grilling pan or a bbq. I loooove Malaysian Portuguese style seafood. Can’t wait to try this!

  7. Elsie Chan

    Beautiful & yummy dishes. Thanks so much for inspiring me to cook again. Stopped cooking when the babies came along & I was caught up with the rat-race in Spore. During my recent retirement, I’m exploring my passion ie Cooking once more.

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