Mavea Elemaris Giveaway (CLOSED)
August 20th, 2011 432 Comments

Mavea Elemaris Giveaway (CLOSED)

Update: The winners are Thy D, Anna K, and Yi R.

I have five (5) Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitchers to giveaway to Rasa Malaysia readers. Each winner would win a product bundle consists of:

  1. An Elemaris XL (picture above)
  2. MAVEA water glasses
  3. One box of 3 replacement filters

The sweet thing is that the winners can choose the color of the pitcher, in Sage, Red, or Eggplant. Whichever color you choose, it’s sure to brighten up your kitchen counter.

To enter to win, just leave a comment below.

To maximize your odds of winning, you can leave a comment every day (one comment per day strictly enforced), plus the bonus entries below:

Bonus Entries:

  • Like MAVEA on Facbeook. Leave 1 extra comment for this.
  • Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook. Leave 1 extra comment for this.

This giveaway opens to US residents only and closes on Sept 18, 11:59 pm PST. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on Sept 19, 2011. Good luck!

Prizes are proudly sponsored by MAVEA.

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  1. Eryn L. says:

    what a great, refreshing giveaway!!!

  2. Harrison says:

    the design looks awesome!

  3. Harrison says:

    i am also following you on facebook, that’s how i got to here already! :)

  4. Kathy says:

    Wow, these are so cool! Would definitely add some color to my kitchen!

  5. renee says:

    Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook.

    This one looks nice.

  6. sulasno says:

    too bad for those who are not US residents

  7. Calvin H says:

    The colors look fantastic!

  8. Katarina says:

    Very nice giveaway :)

  9. Melanie says:

    This looks cool! It sure will be a conversation starter.

  10. Norman Ong says:

    I want one of these!

  11. Brad D says:

    The design of it is really good looking.

  12. thy says:

    I want a water filter!

  13. Ivan Teoh says:

    Love your recipe because I’m from Penang as lots recipes I try were great….

  14. IRENE CHAN says:

    i want it………choose me please ^_^

  15. Trish C. says:

    Ah what a great variation of the Brita. Perfect way to save money and stay hydrated in the sweltering summer sun!

  16. Christine Kan says:

    this is really pretty!

  17. Kao says:

    So many giveaways! The green one looks cool!

  18. Eileen T says:

    If you endorse the product, it’s gotta be good!

  19. carmen says:

    love them! the eggplant color would look great in my kitchen. :)

  20. Leang says:

    theyre so cute!

  21. Amanda H says:

    That would be so nice to have. I have been trying to drink more water and less soda. THanks!

  22. Priya says:

    Cool pitchers! Thanks for the opp :D

  23. Priya says:

    I have also liked RM on FB

  24. Evelyn says:

    Wonderful prize, lovely way to drink water.

  25. Taylor says:

    Oooohh how I love that eggplant!

  26. Taylor says:

    I already follow you on FB!

  27. Kelly Jordan says:

    So pretty! I want it!

  28. D. Wong says:

    These looks cool. I would love to own one.

  29. Ravi says:

    I love the colors!! Thank you for hosting the giveaway. ^_^

  30. Kimiko says:

    Wow, I love the colors! Especially the eggplant one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Kimiko says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  32. S. S. Collins says:

    Found this site today while looking for recipes for Napa Cabbage, and I look forward to trying some of the recipes to see if I want to buy the cookbook. The red would look great in my kitchen!

  33. Susan Melnik says:

    Cool colors and design! Love the recipes on your site…Thanks…

  34. Sheldon says:

    Really cool! I would love one for my studio!

  35. Xin says:

    The pitchers look amazing

  36. Jayne says:

    This giveaway is very generous! It’s also quite practical & “green”.

  37. Louis says:

    U.S. residents only! what kind of rule is this..looks like XX’s century to me..moreover when you use publicities from Ontario government on your page(Foodland Ontario).

  38. Dorothea says:

    I love it when style and function work together so beautifully – thanks for a great giveaway!

  39. Judy B says:

    I love these – the plum is especially lovely.

  40. Judy B says:

    I have been following you on Facebook for a while now!

  41. Norman Ong says:

    2nd day and counting…Thanks so much Mavea and Bee Yinn!

  42. Lynda Clark says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway. I really need this as I live out in the desert and our water tastes terrible. Everyone in my town buys bottled water and it is so expensive. It would be nice to have the Maveal Elemaris pitcher in the fridge so we always have clear cold drinking water.

  43. Lynda Clark says:

    I am already a fan of Rasa Malaysia on Facebook as Lynda Clark (love, love, love your blog!).

  44. Gram says:

    I’d love one of these. Great Giveaway….Dee

  45. Gram says:

    I liked you on FB…

  46. renee says:

    I really like the color and design

  47. Yoshi says:

    I love the colors!

  48. cmonroe3457 says:

    can i have the red one please

  49. Shal S says:

    Would love one. It looks beautiful! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  50. salric says:

    I love the colors.

  51. Mixolidia says:

    I just liked you on Facebook.

  52. Mixolidia says:

    Recently found your blog. Love the recipes. Thanks for this generous giveaway. The eggplant pitcher is lovely.

  53. plavala says:

    Those water filtration pitchers are gorgeous and the colours are spectacular!

  54. dorothy lin says:

    The pitcher is beautiful. It would be a perfect birthday present for me.


  55. Ling says:

    These are soooo adorable! And on another note, I just want to thank you for this amazing website. I love your recipes – so easy to follow!

  56. Roxanne Mitchell says:

    Beautiful product. Would look awwesome in my kitchen!!

  57. Maylee says:

    Super cool giveaway! I love the purple one!

  58. Leslie says:

    Wow, I’d love to bring one of these to work,

  59. Helen in Houston says:

    What a wonderful item to give as a gift. The Sage color is definitely my favorite. I’m so glad I found your blog and will be heading over to Facebook to “Like” your page. Asian recipes have been hard to find, so I really appreciate your postings.

  60. Duane Middlebrook says:

    Nice colors! I like the red one best.

  61. Sybil C says:

    I love the design. The green would look great in my kitchen.

  62. Michelle says:

    Love ur blog- would be nice to win a pitcher too :)

  63. donne says:

    This is a great giveaway – very useful too! Thanks for offering!!

  64. I’d love the Mavea Elemaris in eggplant! So handy!

  65. I am a fan of Rasa Malaysia on Facebook!

  66. Jane George says:

    Nice design, looks like it would not take up too much room.

  67. bk says:

    cool! haven’t seen this before.

  68. Linda d says:

    Awesome giveaway , they are so colorful!

  69. Linda d says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook too!

  70. Denny Caban says:

    Really great looking I would love to have one.

  71. Amy says:

    I love the colors!

  72. Dee says:

    NICE giveaway! Count me in

  73. Evelyn says:

    They look so much better than my Britax, would definitely love to have one.

  74. leafp says:

    nice, i want one

  75. Christine Kan says:

    I would love to win this!

  76. Catherine Armendarez says:

    Wow I really like that Eggplant one!! How cool that would be to win that!!

  77. ellen says:

    i do like that mavea has a recycling program for their filters, in addition to them being great-looking.

  78. Cool giveaways – love the colors.

  79. adam says:

    i want the green one!

  80. Brad D says:

    Great giveaway!

  81. Cheuk Siu says:

    I can use one of this.

  82. sunmong hsu says:

    Good to filled with drinking water,to drink full filled…….

  83. Tracy says:

    the green looks refreshing! and the flask looks so sophisticated :)

  84. Kim says:

    Love the colors on these pitchers. Any pitcher would look nice in my kitchen.

  85. Sybil C says:

    This is a good looking design. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  86. Priya says:

    Here for my daily entry!

  87. Kate says:

    Lovely colors! This would be a nice addition to the kitchen.

  88. renee says:

    I would love to win this, my city water is not good, hope this thing will help

  89. Grace H says:

    So need to replace my ever moldy Brita filter!

  90. Sookie says:

    the design looks great! my current 1 looks dull now….

  91. ZZ says:

    Gimme Gimme this cute baybeh!!!!

  92. Katrina says:

    We would LOVE one!

  93. Christina Johnson says:

    It looks beautiful. I could really use a good pitcher.

  94. thy says:

    Those are BPA Free! Just what I’ve been wanting. :D

  95. Diana says:

    omg, the purple is so pretty! I want i want!

  96. Diana says:

    My extra comment for liking Rasa on FB

  97. Jeff says:

    I like the look of those, thanks for the opportunity to get one!

  98. Amy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Noor-Malika Chishti says:

    These are great to cut down on the plastic that ends up in our oceans. One team’s new study is the first to show that degrading plastics are leaching potentially toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A into the seas, possibly threatening ocean animals, and us.

  100. benny says:

    interesting design

  101. kelly h says:

    Fresh clean water is so important and the pitcher is so cost effective. No more plastic bottles. Thanks for the chance

  102. michele malone says:

    I love my mavea pitcher. I’d love to win one for my mom.

  103. Valerie Tan says:

    I love the Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitchers in eggplant color!It’s so adorable :)

  104. Diane Baum says:

    Stylish and practical can’t get any better

  105. Muoi P. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! looks cool

  106. Sheldon says:

    I just made the California Rolls that you posted last week. I should have said I just ate the Califonia Rolls I made from your post. Thank you!

  107. Dorothea says:

    Beauty and function all in one!

  108. Lim Soo See says:

    Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher will look great on my desk :)

  109. Sgt says:

    This brand got excellent reviews. I’d love to have the purple one.

  110. Sybil C says:

    I like the color range.

  111. Brad D says:

    This would be really cool to have.

  112. Priya says:

    Hello hello here’s my daily entry

  113. Tim Wong says:

    Please give me one of them!

  114. renee says:

    i like the design, never see anything like that.

  115. Dorothea says:

    It would be so hard to choose a color – these are gorgeous!

  116. Ann says:

    Love the red one!!

  117. Kao says:

    Would be really cool to have!

  118. catastasia says:

    I like this giveaway. I never buy bottled water so it would be very useful in my kitechen

  119. catastasia says:

    I like rasa malaysia on FB

  120. catastasia says:

    I like mavea on FB

  121. Christ Chong says:

    It is so convenient to use and what a marvelous design

  122. purplelover04 says:

    i would love this thanks for the giveaway

  123. allan says:

    Looks nice! I really need this as I just settled here…

  124. Christine Kan says:

    These are so adorable!!

  125. Yan says:

    I want one. #125@@

  126. Sybil C says:

    I checked out the MAVEA website. They make some great products.

  127. Priya says:

    Hey, here goes my daily entry!

  128. yanbu says:

    I like the colors!

  129. yanbu says:

    I need one of this.

  130. yanbu says:

    The design is so elegant.

  131. renee says:

    I realy like the design, it really looks nice.

  132. Valerie Tan says:

    Thank you Mavea Elemaris for this great giveaway!

  133. Helen says:

    Love your site. Awesome giveaway!

  134. These are so so cool!! I would LOVE one of the purple ones! Wow!

  135. Dorothea says:

    The design and colors of these elegant Mavea Elemaris water filtration pitchers would brighten up any kitchen!

  136. Jenn Johnson says:

    Love the colors and the design!

  137. Vickie Townsend says:

    They have a great design. I love the purple one!

  138. Vickie Townsend says:

    I liked you on facebook :)

  139. purplelover04 says:

    i love the purple one so cute

  140. Christ Chong says:

    To be able to own one wow, is my dream come true

  141. Kimiko says:

    I love the colors! So pretty! :)

  142. JMarie says:

    Just beautiful!

  143. JMarie says:

    These are beautiful!!

  144. Bucky says:

    Love the sage. Want that. Bad.

  145. Shirley Hong says:

    These looks nice.

  146. Brad D says:

    Remembering to comment is actually making me thirsty

  147. Kao says:

    Such bright colors!

  148. Mak says:

    Great design! Would like to win!

  149. Sookie says:

    I like the eggplant color! nice!

  150. Priya says:

    Hello! Leaving my daily entry!

  151. Sybil C says:

    I like the colors!

  152. catastasia says:

    The green pitcher would look great in my kitchen!

  153. Christina says:

    Daily entry. ^^

  154. renee says:

    maybe they have more colors to choose from

  155. Tim Wong says:

    I could sure use a water filter

  156. Dorothea says:

    I’ve used water filtration pitchers for years now, but these colorful Mavea Elemaris line of pitchers are the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. Great giveaway!

  157. Brad D says:

    Hoping for the best!

  158. VSW says:

    Love the sage red color. Looks awesome.

  159. catastasia says:

    Hello Rasa Malaysia! This is my daily entry. Have a good week-end!

  160. ariel says:

    These are too cute!!!

  161. Sybil C says:

    I love the colors

  162. Dorothea says:

    Just because I don’t have a Facebook account doesn’t mean I don’t “LIKE” these – because I do! – A lot! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  163. Priya says:

    Holahola. This is my daily entry!

  164. renee says:

    Curious, do they offer coupons to use

  165. damnsandyy says:

    The colors are pretty :)

  166. Leslie says:

    Here is my entry for today!

  167. purplelover04 says:

    his is my daily entry!

  168. Ling says:

    I love all the colors. Eye candy for my counter :)

  169. Terri P says:

    I Like Mavea Inspired Water on Facebook (Terri P)

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  170. Terri P says:

    I Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook (Terri P)

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  171. Terri P says:

    I drink water almost exclusively — so a filtering pitcher would be a blessing for me! Love the Eggplant colour!

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  172. Christine Kan says:

    This is so pretty! Would love to win one!

  173. Tim Wong says:

    Going for the win!

  174. Jojo88 says:

    would love to have one of these in my kitchen

  175. renee says:

    cute design, love it

  176. Priya says:

    Daily entry for today

  177. Brad D says:

    Hoping for the best

  178. Sybil C says:

    Hello! Leaving my daily entry!

  179. ChrisT says:

    Leaving my daily comment!

  180. buddy says:

    cute pitcher bright color for filling day

  181. purplelover04 says:

    my daily entry thanks for the giveaway

  182. Christine Kan says:

    This is the cutest filter! Would love to win it!

  183. Jaz says:

    Cute colors…would love to have one :)

  184. Angela says:

    Such nice colors, I love the eggplant.

  185. Kao says:

    Really want this!

  186. Yindinh says:

    I want this! So cute

  187. Brad D says:

    They are really good looking things

  188. Sybil C says:

    Daily entry for today

  189. renee says:

    Nice pics. Nice giveaway

  190. Priya says:

    Hello hello! I am here today!

  191. Dorothea says:

    One of these would definitely brighten my kitchen and my day! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  192. Sarah Salam says:

    Love the website! I hope i win!!! i never won anything b4.

  193. kathleenc says:

    Never heard of this brand. Sounds like a must-try.

  194. Jojo88 says:

    The sage would look good in my kitchen.

  195. purplelover04 says:

    thanks for another chance to win

  196. Tim Wong says:

    Sure could use a water filter jug

  197. Sybil C says:

    This is a great design.

  198. renee says:

    Hope I can still enter this in china

  199. Su-en says:

    I would love to have one of these! :)

  200. Brad D says:

    It sure is pretty, I hope I can get it.

  201. Priya says:

    Hello! This is my daily entry today

  202. catastasia says:

    beautiful beautiful gift! I am keeping my fingers crossed

  203. ANNE LOK says:


  204. Hanna says:

    It would be nice to get one. I love the green color.

  205. Yvonne says:

    OMG! I want one! =)

  206. Dorothea says:

    I love that the Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitchers are BPA-free. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  207. thy says:

    I would love one. I’m tired of buying water. And read that filtered water is better for your teeth.

  208. alex lee says:

    great technology,how nice if am able to own one.

  209. purplelover04 says:

    i love the purple one

  210. Andrea says:

    oooooooooooooo nice

  211. Jojo88 says:

    Would love to have one of these.

  212. renee says:

    want this one, really good looking

  213. Jon says:

    This is a really cool looking water container.

  214. Sybil C says:

    Mavea has a great design for this system.

  215. Priya says:

    This is for my daily entry

  216. Brad D says:

    Two more weeks of trying to go!

  217. Dorothea says:

    I really like the fact that the design for the Mavea Elemaris Filtration Pitchers include rubber bottoms that prevent them from scratching your counter tops/table tops.

  218. Lynn says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  219. Lynn says:

    Like MAVEA on Facbeook – done!

  220. Lynn says:

    Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook – done!

  221. kathleenc says:

    l really love this design.

  222. Trish C. says:

    It’s 107 where I am today and one of these filled with ice cold water would be divine right now!

  223. purplelover04 says:

    i am back to enter again

  224. renee says:

    Like the design, love to try it

  225. Priya says:

    Hello@ Thanks so much!

  226. catastasia says:

    when I go on vacation I always bring along a filter pitcher so that I can have a good supply of water to make tea and coffee!!! These pitches look so good!

  227. Sybil C says:

    Daily entry for an awesome Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher.

  228. Dorothea says:

    I am always drawn to color, and your post today on “Snow Skin Mooncakes” is simply gorgeous! I hope to try the recipe soon!

    Color is also one of the reasons I’m drawn to the Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitchers – thanks for a great giveaway!

  229. Kao says:

    This would be really cool to have in my fridge!

  230. Brad D says:

    I’m a man who loves his packaging…. mostly becuase that was my major.

  231. choua L. says:

    such innovative colors and style! LOVE it!!

  232. purplelover04 says:

    the green one is really cool

  233. purplelover04 says:

    Like MAVEA on Facbeook erica best

  234. thy says:

    Beautiful :) Want to win one. Think it will brighten up my kitchen.

  235. kdang7 says:

    I would definately love to have one, I would enjoy using this! It looks so modern and I love the design!

  236. Tim Wong says:

    Please give me a water filter jug

  237. Sookie says:

    trying my luck =)

  238. Priya says:

    Thanks so much again!

  239. renee says:

    Cool design, nice color.

  240. Brad D says:

    Entry for the day

  241. Brad D says:

    Entry for facebook like

  242. Sybil C says:

    Daily entry for an awesome Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher!

  243. Saramiah Shefsky says:

    I liked Mavea on FB

  244. Saramiah Shefsky says:

    I liked Rasa Malaysia on FB

  245. catastasia says:

    it’s hot today! Let’s drink Mavea-filtered water!

  246. purplelover04 says:

    thanks for the giveaway again

  247. kathleenc says:

    I Would like one of these. :-)

  248. Tim Wong says:

    Please pick me!

  249. Priya says:

    This is great Thanks again!

  250. Brad D says:

    Looks like a cool prize!

  251. Sybil C says:

    Another daily entry for the awesome giveaway.

  252. thy says:

    i would like one of these too! :D

  253. catastasia says:

    Happy labor day week-end!

  254. Kaitlin says:

    I’d love to have one of these pitchers chillin’ in my fridge all the time. They’re so cute!

  255. Kaitlin says:

    I like Mavea on facebook now.

  256. Kaitlin says:

    I also like Rasa Malaysia’s facebook page. Thanks for the opportunity!

  257. renee says:

    nice design, pretty color, good prize.

  258. michelle says:

    i could really use one of these !

  259. michelle says:

    liked on facebook Like Rasa Malaysia

  260. LaRonda says:

    Looks cool, hope I win!

  261. LaRonda says:

    Liked MAVEA on Facbeook.

  262. LaRonda says:

    Liked Rasa Malaysia on Facebook

  263. purplelover04 says:

    wow this is a great prize pack

  264. Anna K says:

    Love these beautiful pitchers!

  265. Anna K. says:

    I am a FB fan for Rasa Malaysia.

  266. renee says:

    Enter once bafore I go to the airport.

  267. Priya says:

    gracias por la oportunidad!

  268. Dorothea says:

    These look as good today as they did the first time I saw them on your blog – the design and colors are gorgeous for the kitchen!

  269. Sybil C says:

    Looks like a cool prize

  270. Tim Wong says:

    I would love a water filter jug

  271. purplelover04 says:

    you have a really cool blog

  272. Brad D says:

    With thet heat here the past couple of days, a nice cold glass of water sounds quite good.

  273. michele malone says:

    good luck everyone!

  274. Rebecca Shockley says:

    These are nice, would love one!

  275. Rebecca Shockley says:

    I Like MAVEA on Facbeook as rebecca shockley

  276. Rebecca Shockley says:

    I Like Rasa Malaysia on Facebook as rebecca shockley

  277. Kao says:

    I really want one!

  278. Sybil C says:

    Good luck everyone.

  279. purplelover04 says:

    this a fun giveaway i love mavea

  280. michele malone says:

    love these pitchers!

  281. Brad D says:

    It’s a humid night, good water would be nice.

  282. LaRonda says:

    I’m so glad I found you!

  283. Sybil C says:

    I love the color range.

  284. Dorothea says:

    Your Lemongrass Shrimp post today is gorgeous! The color of the shrimp, mixed with the red and green onion, etc. – not only looks delicious, but also mimics the gorgeous colors in the Mavea Elemaris giveaway!

  285. Tim Wong says:

    Would love to have a water filter jug like this one

  286. Sheldon says:

    Would be great in my studio!

  287. Norman Ong says:

    Liked Mavea on FB.

  288. Norman Ong says:

    Already liked Rasa Malaysia on FB :)

  289. Norman Ong says:

    These would be great to replace my really old water filter system!

  290. purplelover04 says:

    good luck everyone

  291. Lydia says:

    Would love to replace my old filter system with a pretty eggplant colored pitcher!

  292. catastasia says:

    Labor day entry! I hope that everybody had a good time

  293. Brad D says:

    It gets hard to say something new when doing a day to day post. So here’s hoping for the best!

  294. Claire says:

    I want a pitcher

  295. TJR says:

    I’m already buddies with rasamalaysia on facebook!

  296. TJR says:

    I liked Mavea on facebook!

  297. TJR says:

    I’d really like a water filter pitcher!

  298. Norman Ong says:

    The wonderful color of this water filter will certainly brighten up my kitchen!

  299. Sookie says:

    Trying my luck~

  300. Mak says:

    Nice giveaway!!

  301. catastasia says:

    here is my daily entry for this refreshing giveaway.

  302. Brad D says:

    I’m hoping lightning will strike twice!

  303. Sybil C says:

    These have such a great color range.

  304. mungomomo says:

    Great looking pitchers!

  305. LaRonda says:

    One more time, hope I win

  306. purplelover04 says:

    i hope i win this prize pack.

  307. Priya says:

    Muchas gracias once again!

  308. Dorothea says:

    Temperatures have soared here, so serving cold filtered water in one of these gorgeous Mavea Elemaris Filtration pitchers would be a cool treat!

  309. OctoJones says:

    I would love to have one! Sage would match our kitchen great.

  310. Tim Wong says:

    Please let me win this!

  311. Trish C. says:

    Another day, another comment :)

  312. Kao S. says:

    Hope to score one of this!

  313. Priya Doerga says:

    I love all things eggplant, so one of those eggplant pitchers would be perfect!

  314. Norman Ong says:

    My daily entry to win one of these beautiful water filter pitcher!

  315. Sybil C says:

    I really like to color range.

  316. catastasia says:

    I really would love to win this beautiful pitcher.

  317. Brad D says:

    They are very colorful products!

  318. AH says:

    I want the Mystery purple! Thanks

  319. daveruds says:

    ooh, my tap water tastes like mildew, been looking for something like this

  320. renee says:

    I guess I didn’t win the other one. :(

  321. oriolebird says:

    Cool giveaway. I wanna win!

  322. Felicia says:

    I would love to win one :)

  323. Kao S. says:

    I want this! Really cool.

  324. Sybil C says:

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