Chef Al Rosas of Rosas Farm Steals Bloggers’ Pictures
February 21st, 2009 91 Comments

Chef Al Rosas of Rosas Farm Steals Bloggers’ Pictures

Screenshot of which contains stolen photograph(s)I just found out today that Chef Al Rosas of Rosas Farm, who stole my Nobu Cod picture (please read my “Open Letter to Those Who Steal“) also stole from Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once, but I was mostly appalled by the reply from Erin Rosas of Rosas Farm to Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once:

“First of all your mediocre photo is all over the internet. You go ahead and seek further action, if you have time to do that you probably are still looking for work. Don’t threaten me and I’d govern yourself accordingly when calling people names and making allegations or you might find yourself on the other end of a libel suit you petulant starving artist. “

Tsk tsk tsk…(see the email advertisement with stolen photographs after the jump)

Please go read all about it at Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once.

I went through his site and found out that Chef Al Rosas was interviewed by major magazine and newspaper (Florida Small Business, The Miami Herald) in Florida, The Boston Globe, and appeared on Daytime Show. I think it’s time these media learn about the rotten behaviors of team Rosas.

Now, can you trust these unscrupulous people for your organic food supply?

As of today, I haven’t received any replies from them regarding my stolen Nobu Cod picture on their e-mail newsletter, which I am sure they’d sold thousands or more using my picture.

A lot of hard work and soul goes into what I do and it’s so upsetting to have someone like Al Rosas steal from me, especially since he is successful and famous. I feel taken advantage of. I wonder how a company so unethical be in this so-called organic, all-natural, good-for-the earth business? I wonder if Al Rosas is taking shortcuts with his marketing, what other shortcuts must he be taking with his food, which ultimately ends up on our dinner plates? How can they be so mean when they preach “integrity” on their email?

I will leave you with the full screenshot of the email. Please click on the image to view the full size.

Rosas Farm stole my Nobu Cod pictureUpdated: Thanks to Haalo, obviously, the Eggplant Parmesan picture on Chef Al Rosa’s site is also stolen. The source is Delicious! Delicious!
Updated 1: The pork chop picture on the above email is stolen from, photographed by Noel Barnhurst.

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91 comments... read them below or add one

  1. Craftpassion says:

    How shameful this Rosas is!!!There is no laws for him, shoot him!!!!

  2. cindy* says:

    i came by this via use real butter…what completely shameful behavior and what an insulting reply mail. i am so happy that bloggers like yourself react when your content is stolen. good for you both!

  3. Mei says:

    I think the point of Bee highlighting this is NOT to profit from thievery of her own work but to create some form of awareness among the Internet community as to what is proper and what is not.

    A lot of bloggers like to use the excuse that they don’t know but come on, the Internet has been around since the 90s…how much long can we rely on the “I am ignorant” excuse, especially for a big shot who obviously has access to a lawyer?

    I know of this sort of nonsense that has been going on for quite some time, years in fact and not just among bloggers – in fact, one blogger had his article plagiarised and reproduced in a major Malaysian newspaper by a veteran reporter. The result? Instead of crediting the blogger, the newspaper attempted to silence him by a payment of RM50. There was no apology, nothing.

    A lot of people have assumed that just because it’s online, it’s free for all. In fact, they are very wrong. Media and publishing laws have been adjusted to include copyright on the Internet and as long as it is YOUR work, it belongs to you irrespective of whether it’s watermarked or not.

    Proof-wise, the fact that he put up those pictures on his blog, that there are timed screenshots of the “crime”…well, IMHO, that’s enough really to seek some form of action.

    The fact that someone is profiting from stolen work only makes the situation worse! Imagine how you would feel if someone was making tons of money off your hard work without compensating you.

    Is it very hard to just write a note stating that this picture or recipe was taken from somewhere?

  4. Michael Beck says:

    I love how he called it “mediocre” but it was good enough for him to use! Ha!

  5. Val says:

    Shame on them for using those pictures without giving the photographers credit.

    The biggest sin is their evil reaction to being called on it. Hopefully, through the blog world, there will be an avalanche of negative feedback for any site that steals photo’s.

    Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean they can use copyrighted works. Even if the photos aren’t copyright protected, passing someone else’s work as your own is fraud.

    If your picture was so “mediocre”, why steal it? In the vast internet they couldn’t find a better picture?

    I’M WITH YOU!!!!!!!! I’ll send them my opinion on this issue. They’ll QUAKE with terror!! They’ll be sorry they messed with my fav food bloggers!!! I’m off to DESTROY THE EVIL DOER!

    But I’ll be back, because I need your Chicken Curry recipe for tomorrows dinner. Chin up! ;o}

  6. CCC says:

    Why don’t you put a watermark on your photos? This way, the source of the photos will be obvious.

  7. babe_kl says:

    bee, i’m glad you revealed the culprit! do what you could ya and let’s silent these thieves

  8. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Jay – thanks for your clarification. Noted.

  9. janetching says:

    How awful and this is absolutely unacceptable. We have to spread out the words.

  10. Wandering Chopsticks says:

    Hehe. Al Rosa’s Wiki page now includes the stolen food photos controversy and quotes that awful rude letter.

    Google bomb him. The more hits yours and Haalo’s post gets, the higher it’ll rank when people search Rosas Farm. People will read the negative publicity first.

    Even with my pictures watermarked, they still get stolen. I’m so tired of it.

    • sarah says:

      Just wanted to let you know that the Wiki page for Al Rosas no longer includes information on stolen food photos. :(

  11. Jason Sandeman says:

    Wow! The nerve of the woman, (and guy!)

    I blogged about it here, and weighed in about the issue:

  12. RE: Jay – just because there’s no copyright notice on the photo doesn’t mean there’s no copyright. It just makes it harder to legally prove, especially if you are seeking compensation.

    Bee, have you talked to Jaden at Steamy Kitchen? She has contacts at Florida media outlets, and I think she posted about a regular hosting gig on the Daytime Show….

  13. Hi all –

    Thanks for your comments and support.

    I have filed the email in question to Constant Contact, their email marketing provider. Their compliance team will be reviewing this offense.

    I will also file a compliant to Better Business Bureau to expose Rosas Farms unethical acts.

    Yes, I have been working with Jaden at Steamy Kitchen, she is helping me to alert all media outlets in Florida and more. A few bloggers also repost this on their blogs to alert their readers about Rosas Farm.

    While we will never eradicate such thievery, I believe that collectively, we can make the food bloggin environs better if we work together. We will make our voice heard.

    Thanks so much for the comments and support, again!

  14. Loren says:

    @Jay: That’s not true. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. There is no requirement to explicitly mention the copyright. If one wants to seek damages and compensation, then copyright registration is required, but otherwise it is not necessary.

  15. Eric Johston, Miami FLA says:

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I would bet even money that arrogant thieves who work in the ‘organic’ arena cut corners wherever it suits them, so caveat emptor. You shouldn’t deal with people you can’t trust, and these poeple have proven they can’t be trusted-in spades.

    Shame on you, Rosas. You’re a disgusting disgrace.

  16. Tim says:

    My name’s Tim and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have been a long time visitor, first time poster. This latest incident has enraged me enough to come out of the woodwork and post my support. Do not allow these louts to get away with profiting from their criminal actions. A decent and educated human recourse would have been to apologise and remove the offending material. The response you received was unwarranted and shows what the writer truly represents…an anti-thesis to her moral and ‘organic’ core.

    Keep up the good fight.

  17. Josie says:

    I know how difficult it is to track down these types of offenders. Kudos to you for finding them…and don’t be surprised, there could be more that you have not discovered yet. I have been a freelance writer and blogger for almost 2 years now and I find my articles copied and pasted, including my photos, by some other bloggers. They are earning money through google adsense and stealing traffic from mine. It is disheartening indeed. I have been lucky enough after emailing offenders that they remove the copied articles. Good Luck to you. Hope they learn their lessons.

    Josie, CA

  18. Lys says:

    I’m beyond annoyed and, don’t worry, I will NOT be doing any business with this individual nor recommending him. Wow – the audacity of this cat.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Forwarding Phil’s comment on the blog:

    “If you want a brutally effective way to deal with copyright theft, get them delisted from Google, which would be hugely serious for a publication like Shanghai Daily. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, search engines actually are forced to work with you to stop copyright infringement. There’s a great article about it at
    which is extremely accessible. ”

    Good luck!

  20. Yun Qi says:

    Hi Bee

    I’ve been a silent follower for a while now.
    I was just thinking, don’t let them off the hook, especially with the rude and arrogant reply. Why don’t the bloggers collectively sue them? I’m sure the readers of the blog would not mind contributing a small amount to the fund to protect the copyright of their beloved foodblogs. Hopefully this will soon stop the shameless people to steal pictures and create even stronger awareness on the virtual community

  21. Laura says:

    They will always be rude people and thieves. We are behind you in whatever you decide to do. I love your recipes and pictures.

    Yes, there’s a lot of people (e.g. students) who download pictures off the internet but most businesses DO NOT do that.

  22. dew says:

    I don’t think I can trust Al Rosas — The Organic Chef — and his wife, Erin Rosas’ claims of being organic anymore after seeing so many stolen photographs screenshotted from their newsletter. One stolen photograph “might” be a mistake, but at least four — from different blogs! — seems like a serious lack of scruples.

    Then reading Al Rosas wife’s — Erin Rosas — insulting and threatening reply about the stolen photographs turns my stomach. Al Rosa’s Wikipedia page states he has a book, The Green Monster, coming out in Spring of 2009; I wonder if there’ll be stolen photographs in The Green Monster also. Maybe The Green Monster will be listed at Amazon so people can review it.

  23. Foraging Otaku says:

    How much a simple sorry might have been suffice. What an inflammatory bunch of despicable fiends! My blood boils for you! *shaking fist*

  24. Wintersmith says:

    Just look at the Marion County Clerk of Court website in Florida and see what these people are REALLY all about.

  25. Jessica says:

    That is just disgusting. I cannot believe someone would have the gall to be so arrogant and pompous when they were at fault! I agree with the delisting from Google – let google know that the Rosas are guilty of plagarism and allow that to run its course.
    Keep us updated on how it goes.

  26. TERESA says:


    • Mel says:

      lol @ the locals who have had the same experience as I with the NASTY MRS SELF PROCLAIMED WORLD FAMOUS organic chef. She kicked her mother to the curb screwing her family out of this land as Teresa said. Horrible people. Unconscionable.

  27. Anne says:

    Her reply seems so UNORGANIC.. so very plastic.

  28. eunice says:

    Hi! I got into this page thru a blogger after I told her my pic is stolen and published in a magazine. After reading your post, I really don’t believe this is a real chef if those pics are not his.

    Well, feel free to check out my post on my “stolen pic” too. Cheers.

  29. Sad-In-Citra says:

    Sad but true……………………..
    Maybe she learned under Heather Lee
    After all they have been featured many times in Ocala publications.
    Shame on you Erin, get a conscience.Is this how your kids will grow up?Great example, success at any cost.
    We will boycott you until we see a apology in your e-mail news lettet.

  30. we actually just at Nobu’s black cod for the first time recently at Taste of the Nation LA and it reminded us of this post… there may have been a few web mentions of this story, but can you please update us on what if anything came of this?

    • Unfortunately, I never got any responses back from them, nor from Constant Contact. In fact, Constant Contact, their email provider did respond to me a few times, but after that, they stopped responding because I am sure they are guilty as charged.

      To me, I felt that my fight was worth it and justified because Chef Al Rosas and his wife were called out by me and many other bloggers, and if you just Google his name, you will see what I mean. Wikipedia has a paragraph of what happened, too, so there is no way he can hide from his shameful behaviors.

  31. Forager says:

    Just came across this app through other food bloggers. If you don’t already know about it, you can add to your blog code and trace where/when people copy your content and put a handy stamp of your blog URL on the copied content. It instantly reminded me of your unfortunate incident with Chef Al Rosas. I’ve added it to my blog. Don’t want to have to go through what you did!

  32. Unknown says:

    Do let these two get away with anything. They are con-artists who have backed their way into a restaurant which is using a lot of non-organic food. This self proclaimed chef who has little to no formal training, is the puppet to his puppet master.

  33. augi says:

    I just purchased some meats from this farm and became suspicious when everything I bought was frozen. The chicken is from Wisconsin and the egg yolks a pale yellow, clearly not from a free range chicken as they advertise. Free range yolks are orange and have flavor, unlike these expensive flavorless eggs I purchased. Interesting to read all these comments.

  34. Sara says:

    I am sorry to read all of this. Very Unethical.

  35. Pedro says:

    watermark your images mate.

    • says:

      Yes, watermark images and disable right clicks. Otherwise you’re wide open to thieves. Protect yourself.

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