Menu For Hope 4: West Coast Raffle Results Announced!
January 11th, 2008 1 Comment

Menu For Hope 4: West Coast Raffle Results Announced!

Here is the list all of you have been waiting for: Menu For Hope 4 West Coast Raffle Winners. Thanks again for your kind participation and congratulations to all the winners!

If you are a winner, please arrange for the prize fulfillment by contacting the blog hosting your prize either via email or leave a comment on their blog. You can do so by clicking on the prize code.

UW01 – Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long from Jugabandi Blog

Susan Tenney

UW02 – Modern Indian Cooking by Hari Nayak and Vikas Khanna AUTOGRAPHED from Jugabandi Blog

Rachael W Sirianni

UW03 – Your choice of three cookbooks from Ten Speed Press, from the Bunrab

Susan Tenney

UW04 – Boccalone Boar Sacchetto of artisan salumi from the Bunrab

Alexis s Morris

UW05 – Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska AUTOGRAPHED from Tastes Like Home

Maria L Schellpfeffer

UW06 – Best of the Ferry Building” Gift Basket from Married…with Dinner

Lauren K Kawakami

UW07 – Drink of the Week Cocktail Notecards from Married…with Dinner

Lara N Ferroni

UW08 – Custom Mixology Service from Married…with Dinner

Jane Tunks

UW09 – A Deluxe Boxed Assortment of chocolates from Charles Chocolates of Emeryville, California from Dessert First

Jessica Su

UW10 – Dinner for 2 with wine pairing and a private tour of Manresa biodynamic garden with the chef, David Kinch from Chez Pim

Leanne Abe

UW11 – Lunch with Harold McGee, from Chez Pim

Remy C Goldberg

UW12 – A full set of chemical powder and whatnots – from meat glue to gellan gum and everything in between for the avant-garde cooks from Le Sanctuaire, via Chez Pim

Paul Kim

UW15 – Three-day conference pass for Blogher’s 2008 Summer conference in San Francisco, courtesy of Blogher, from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Shuna Lydon

UW16 – Seattle Chef Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen, Tom’s Big Dinners, I Love Crab Cakes AUTOGRAPHED, from Wild Yeast

Derek Slager

UW17 – Contigo Conmigo: 4-course dinner for 8 at Contigo chef Brett Emerson’s house in San Francisco during the winter/spring from In Praise of Sardines, with wine pairings by Alder of Vinography and desserts by Shuna of Eggbeater

Mary E Carsten

UW18 – Bento lunch starter kit and tour of San Francisco’s Japantown from Lunch in a Box

Mrs Nicole A Hodges

UW19 – Dinner for two at Camaje restaurant in New York City from Fresh Approach Cooking

Ms Susan Tenney

UW20 – An Upside Down Tomato Garden, courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer from Fresh Approach Cooking

Ms Anna Kong

UW21 – Gift basket of Gifts for Foodies from Fresh Approach Cooking

Mrs Sharon E Rapone

UW22 – Create your own Gelato Dream Flavor from Gelateria Naia

Miss Merriam Haffar

UW23 – 2006 Westrey Wine Company “Willamette Valley” Pinot Noir and the 2005 Crowley Wines “Entre Nous” Pinot Noir, courtesy of Wine Guy World

Mrs Maria L Schellpfeffer

UW24 – Heirloom Tomato Cookbook (plus a selection of 10 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds from my library of more 200 varieties!) from House of Annie

Ms Elke Sisco

UW25 – Theo Chocolate Extravaganza! from Cook & Eat

Jeffrey Stai

UW26 – $100 Gift Certificate to Chuao Chocolatier from Candy Blog

Melissa Wong

UW27 – Apple iPhone 8GB (US shipment only) from Sunday Nite Dinner

Debra Braun

UW28 – Rancho Gordo’s special Menu for Hope Sampler from Rancho Gordo

Jessica Su

UW29 – A special cookie recipe from KitchenMage

Carolyn W. Comiskey

UW30 – Cozy Comforts, cookbooks, drinks, and chocolates to warm you on cold days from Cooking with Amy

Lauren E Plouffe

UW31 – Napa Style salt box with five salts from Rainy days and Sundays

Sarah L Hartman

UW32 – Very special package of English Afternoon Tea from June Taylor and Sam Breach at Becks and Posh

Christine M Burridge

UW33 – I Wanna Be a Food Writer prize package from Blog Appetit

Barbara Haimes

UW34 – A Hand Selected assortment of Fra’ Mani Salumi, hosted by Potential Gold, expertly chosen by Curemaster and Chef Paul Bertolli from Potential Gold

Paul H Ting

UW35 – Coffee, Cake, and Mug Gift Set from Cucina Nicolina

Rebecca Kim

UW36 – 100 gift voucher to spend at The Fatted Calf’s new Napa store from Becks and Posh

Sybil Evans

UW37 – Chris Cosentino (of The Next Iron Chef and Incanto) will take you to lunch on delectable bits at his favorite secret offal restaurant in San Francisco, plus a Lips and Assholes t-shirt from Offal Good

Caroline A Wang

UW39 – An autographed copy of Gluten-Free Girl, as well as a big care package of homemade, gluten-free baked goods from Shauna and the chef at Guten-Free Girl

Sarah Bradshaw

UW41 – A full year’s subscription to Gastronomica, can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Pat Kimball

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    I didn’t win anything though. Anyway, thanks for the post.

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