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I have a thing about Japanese bento, it’s an art that I simply don’t have the skills, techniques, or patience to attempt. There has been a surge in interest in bento boxes, especially kids-friendly bento boxes that they can take to school or nursery. That’s why I invited Ellena Guan or Cuisine Paradise to share a bento box recipe, and she created this most adorable and cutest looking Mickey Bento for us! Cuisine Paradise is an awesome food blog (finalist of Singapore’s best food blogs)—it’s full of many delicious homemade dishes, bento collections, and baking recipes. Go check out Cuisine Paradise now!

A few weeks back I received an email from Bee together with invitation to do a Bento related guest post at Rasa Malaysia. I was so surprise after reading her email because for so many years I have being one of her silent readers whom always drool over her mouthwatering photos and recipes which our family enjoys. And today I am so honored to be one of the invited guests to share my bento post with all her readers.

I have started making bento way back in 2008 when my boy was about 4 years old as I used to pack quick and easy snacks for him to bring to his Nursery Class. But then I stopped after sometime due to my busy working schedule which holds me back to make bento only during certain weekends or special occasions. And it’s only recently that I am back in making bento again due to my boy’s request because he wanted his favourite iPhone game “Angry Birds” to appear as in a bento set.

Mickey Bento

For this post, instead of Angry Birds I will be sharing two Mickey Bento which I have discussed with Bee. First bento set can be used for either Lunch/Dinner as it comes with soup, rice, veggie, prawn and fresh fruit. While the second set will be more suitable for tea-snack or field trip outing.

Usually before I start packing the bento meal, I would have a rough ideas on what to incorporate into the box, for example like most Japanese mummy they would go for the 3:1:2 rules where they include 3 parts grains, 1 part protein and 2 parts vegetables/fruits. But after all it is still up to individual preference when coming to bento packing. Lastly there are some points which you might want to take note in order to keep the packed food safe for kids consume.

1. Incorporate food and products with antibacterial properties such as using food dividers and bento sheets;
2. Keep everything clean as do not mixed cooked and un-cooked into the bento box when packing; and
3. Keep hot foods hot using thermal containers while cold foods cold using cold packs.

Thanks. Hope you would like these two sets of Mickey Bento.

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  1. Bento is one of the long outstanding things in my to-try list. Ellena’s bento boxes are always full of creative ideas. No exception for her Mickey Bento featured there. Love it!

  2. What a great guest post Ellena! You have been making such a cute bento lately and I absolutely love it! Bee, I hope you invite her more often so we can see her bento creations. :-) Hope you two ladies have a nice week!

  3. NYMY

    My little boy is learning how to speak, when he saw the picture, he said “Mickey.” I’m sure he’d love to eat Mickey.

    • Hi Gourmet Getaways, if you are staying in Singapore you can get from the shop i mention above. If not you can order through bento shop online :)

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