Mini Baby Bok Choy
January 20th, 2007 27 Comments

Mini Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok ChoyI love mini vegetables, such as this mini-me version of baby bok choy.

Cute. Very cute.

What kind of mini vegetables do you like?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love brussel sprouts. They are also cute.

  2. linnish says:

    I love baby carrots! Don’t know is it me or what, somehow I feel that baby carrots taste sweeter & fresher than the usual ones :)

  3. Melting Wok says:

    Tiger’s small pea leafs hehe, plus she luvs pimping them, I believe *grins* oo oo, birds eye chilis, I think they’re mini and they’re a temptress to any stir frys *wink* :)

  4. Claude-Olivier says:

    Hi, yeah, a nice baby ;-) We do not have this kind of vegetable here…what a pity ;-) Basically, we do not have min vegetable, or the one we have are really expensive (twice smaller, twice expensiver ;-) What’s wrong ;-)


  5. Shilpa says:

    Midget capsicums! So that they can be stuffed, baked and served as bite-sized appetizers! :)

  6. Danielle says:

    I love just about anything tiny and cute.

  7. fatboybakes says:

    i love small mushrooms. enoki, and golden needle etc. bui i love large ones too.

  8. Passionate Eater says:

    When I was a little girl, I LOVED cherry tomatoes! I still like them a lot, but I like grape tomatoes better as an adult because they are so much sweeter and have an intense and more concentrated flavor.

  9. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Anonymous – yes, brussel sprouts are super cute and great. I love them too.

    Linnish – I agree!

    MW – Bird’s Eye Chili is a fiesty, correct.

    Shilpa – oh yeah, they are cute and will work for my Yong Tow Foo recipe. :)

    Danielle – me too. I just bought myself a mini muffin pan for my Portuguese Egg Tarts recipe because I love them small. Somehow they taste even better when they are small. ;)

    FBB – you are correct. I love enoki and buna shimeji. So adorable. :)

    PE – Grape Tomatoes or Cherry tomatoes are all good because they are mini-me. ;)

  10. mushroommeadows says:

    I love baby spinach! I also like those mini corn that come in a can (but are they really corn?!?). :)

  11. simcooks says:

    Baby Bak Choy, Mini Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes. Hey I was also thinking about buying a mini muffin pan this morning! Will get it when I decide to make your Portuguese Egg Tarts. I’ll make the vanilla filling from your other tart recipe first :)

  12. tigerfish says:

    I like so many of them…don’t force me to make a choice, can ?
    You know those baby bok choy, the real small cute ones are inside the “heart” of the parent baby boy choy…;0

  13. BuddingCook says:

    i was at the market today! guess what i bought…? hehe baby bok choy. :D hurray post a recipe so i can make it next week. :D

  14. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Mushroommeadow – yes, mini corns in a can! Yes, they are corns indeed…you can get them fresh too!

    Simcooks – yes, if and when you are ready, make the egg tarts with mini muffin pan, they are on-so-cute!!!

    Tiga – I didn’t know that…looks like vegetables also can make babies…interesting!!! LOL!!!

    Budding Cook – I have already cooked my baby bok choy but I forgot to take pictures…never mind, I will teach you in person. ;)

  15. Chubbypanda says:

    Cherry and grape tomatoes. They’re like candy! I’m also a big fan of Taiwanese baby cabbage.

  16. Claude-Olivier says:

    Hi, I have tested yesterday your recipe for Chicken Satay…it was just delicious !!! I have put one kaffir lime leave because I really love this taste and I have eaten the Satay with friends, they were all happy and found that it was really good. I will publish the pictures and recipe in a few days. So once again, thank you for that proposition ;-)


  17. bea at la tartine gourmande says:

    All vegetables! Love them all, and this one too! Sometimes I want them green, and sometimes orange or yellow ;-)

  18. Miss Diane says:

    I just saw baby bok chow at my supermarket the other day and I did not buy it because I did not know how to cook it! Shame on me! I love “carottes nantaises” which are a variety of carrots but much more sweet and tender.

  19. Rasa Malaysia says:

    CP – hmmm, will have to check out Taiwanese baby cabbage.

    Claude – oooh, I am glad they turned out OK and that you and your friends liked the Chicken Satay. I can’t wait to see your post on your site!!! :)

    Bea – Thanks for visiting my humble blog and thanks for your comment. Exactly, all mini vegetables are so adorable and cute. If everything is mini, I am sure we have no problem eating the greens. ;)

    Miss Diane – it’s very easy to cook baby bok choy…I will post a recipe for you soon!

  20. PabloPabla says:

    The minis are great but I wonder how’s their nutritional value compared to the original ones…

  21. Keropok Man says:

    i love all kinds of veg, mini or giantic. :-) except maybe brussel sprouts. ee…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I’m very impressed with your recipes and your presentation of your food. Thanks for sharing. I have some recipes as well if you are interested in it. And I have a couple of short cuts to make chicken sate, kuah kacang and nasi. – A Hokkien in INDY.

  23. Arisa Go says:

    i love cherry tomatoes! and mini kailan from china!

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  27. Simon says:

    I love the mini-me bok choy, but I also love the mini zucchini, baby corn and baby egg plant. Gotta have egg plant in some of my wok dishes;)

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