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Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts

Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts
Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts pictures (1 of 10)

I made these mini Portuguese egg tarts for a birthday party a couple of days ago and I just have to share the pictures above with you because they are simply too cute. Somehow the mini egg tarts tasted even better than the regular ones I made months ago. I am also entering this to “June 2007 Monthly Mingle – Birthday Party Bang” organized by “What’s for Lunch, Honey?” My friends loved these mini Portuguese egg tarts and I hope Meeta likes them too for her upcoming birthday…

Click here for the Portuguese egg tarts recipe.

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  1. tigerfish

    Perfectly baked! Think you missed out a word or two on “better”, “more delicious”, “more yummilicious” ?
    The birthday guy/gal is lucky :D

  2. Oh for the love of food!

    RM, these babies look so delectable! mini anything is the way to go these days, don’t you think? It gives us the opportunity to taste other mini goodies without being over indulgent.
    Good Luck with the ‘Best Food Blog’ Award!

  3. lucia

    yeah they look so beautiful to be eaten. haha. mini is the way to go these days. easier to pick up and eat with one mouthful! :)

    btw i have voted for you, RM.

  4. Claude-Olivier

    Small is beautiful, no ??? You cook estremely well asian dishes but also our european dishes…congratulation for your nomination, i will vote for you right now!


  5. Jackson

    OOO>….. u r still the best in food garnishing n shooting!! the tiny little egg tart look so good especially with the twist of greens

  6. singleguychef


    “mini” just means I get to eat more, right?


    Congrats on your nomination too!

  7. Kama


    I knew it that it would just be a matter of time before you and your blog are recognised. Great job done as always. Congratulation and Malaysia Boleh ;-)!


  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Tiga – Hehe, you posted the comment while I was still editing my post, thanks for catching the typo, fixed. :)

    Lemongrass – yeah, you are too lucky as you are in KL, just walk out and bakeries are easier available.

    For the love of food – yes, mini is the way to go now.

    Lucia – thanks for voting. :)

    Claude – this is not really an European dish, but I guess it was influenced by the Portuguese. These egg tarts are very very popular in Hong Kong, Macau, and places like Malaysia, etc. But I am sure there is a real European version of egg custard tarts.

    Pablo – haha, exactly. They are the best fresh out of the oven and I can pop many of these at once.

    Jackson – oh, thanks for your kind words. :)

    Cynthia – I hope to read your post when you make them. :)

    Bee Nee – thanks for your comment. I am not really that mini but I love mini foods of all kinds.

    Novice Baker – thanks for your vote (very pai seh!).

    Lydia – cute they are. :)

    Budding Cook – thanks for voting.

    Single Guy – yes, mini means you can eat double without having to feel guilty! LOL.

    Kama – thanks for your kind words. Actually many food bloggers got nominated so this is really not all that. ;P

    Meiyen – yes, so cute and so adorable, that’s why I love them. Thanks for voting for me.

  9. Melting Wok

    I ate all the leftovers as soon as I got home hahaha..oops, mini mes or larger mes, I’ll take them the same..slurp! :)

  10. PrincessJournals

    RM, tq for making them for hubby’s bday! *muah* tho im the lucky ones since he doesn eat them.
    going to vote for u now.

  11. Keropok Man

    i can just imagine popping all these minis one by one now…

    i think it is one you start you can’t stop that kind right?

  12. Nate 2.0

    Yet another recipe I must try!

    (btw, the Blogger’s Choice Awards are run by PayPerPost. I’m not sure if you want to be affiliated with that.)

  13. Ming_the_Merciless

    Downtown Newark, NJ is like Little Portugal and one of my best friend’s fiance is Portugese so I have eaten quite a few of those egg tarts. Personally, I prefer the Chinese version because of the flakier crust and softer custard. The Portugese version has a breadier crust.

  14. Jian

    o.o they look so beautiful >.<

    can i have the pictures of the tarts? plz…

    currently i am collecting pictures of desserts for assignment.

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