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Mizkan Gift Bundle and $200 Giveaway (Closed)


The winner is Mimi Eng from Olympia, Washington. Congratulations!

December is a month of giving, and I am thrilled to announce the Mizkan “Bringing Flavor to Life” Giveaway where one lucky Rasa Malaysia reader will win a Mizkan gift bundle plus an Amazon gift card for $200!

As you know, I am currently working with Mizkan and have featured a couple of recipes using the fabulous Mizkan Japanese condiments such as Mizkan AJIPON® Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce, Mizkan HONTERI® Mirin Seasoning, Mizkan (Bonito Flavored) Soup Base. You can check out my Salmon Teriyaki and Japanese Beef Rolls recipes and learn how to incorporate Mizkan products into your everyday cooking for delicious and authentic Japanese meals at home.

The Mizkan “Bringing Flavor to Life” giveaway runs from Dec 1 – Dec 7 and opens to US residents only. A lucky winner will win a Mizkan gift bundle that includes many Mizkan Japanese condiments and products plus a $200 shopping spree! The winner will be randomly selected by me and notified via email.

To enter into the Mizkan “Bringing Flavor to Life” giveaway, please leave a comment and tell us what you think of Mizkan products. Remember to leave a valid email address.

Good luck and stay tuned for my upcoming recipes on sushi rice and hand roll.

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  1. Stella

    I look forward to seeing more recipes using off-the-shelf condiments, sauces, etc. that’ll make my life easier. Thank you.

  2. Sare

    I have only tried the vinegar, but it is one that I search for. Love to try some of their other products!

  3. Cherie

    I’m discovering more and more how much of a difference authentic ingredients make in the final product. Please enter me in the Mizkan drawing!!

  4. ruth hanschka

    They’re hard to get where I live, but the few I’ve managed to find make me want to try the rest!

  5. gene diep

    I’ve tried the rice vinegar, but just once. The products are not carried in that many grocery stores, let along Asian grocery stores. Please expand to more markets.

  6. Norman Thomas

    I had not tried Mizkan until this weekend, I looked for some after seeing the brand here. I bought some citrus soy at a local market and used as a marinade for steak. Turned out very good. Will buy it again, wish they had more local vendors.

  7. The Mizkan season soy sauce is me go to sauce for making sukiyaki. I also use their mirin on day to day cooking. Adds a sweet tone and a nice shine to the food you are cooking.

  8. Irene

    I like Mizkan products especially Mirin & Pozu soy sauce. I used Pozu sauce for my Asian style salad mixed with ground black pepper, sesame oil and sesame seeds. My whole family love it very much…..

  9. Vonny Groose

    I don’t know much about Mizkan, I have the rice vinegar but that’s about it. Would love to win the gift bundle so I can try to use them on recipes you showed. Thanks, Bee and Mizkan! Good luck everybody!

  10. renee

    I would like to try this brand. I use soy sauce and asian sauce for my cooking everyday. mysuperwife at gmail dot com

  11. I recently made some Japanese food (yakitori and negimaki) and used Mizkan sauce for them, it’s a good brand, I would love to try the other flavors shown in your post.

  12. Roserne Felix

    I love MIzkan products and use them on my asian recipes. I use the rice vinegar for salads and sushi rice. Thank you for the give away!

  13. Hao

    I have used Mizkan vinegar for my sushi rice, and end up using that same vinegar for all my other dipping sauces and salad dressings. Love to try other Mizkan products. Thanks for a chance to enter the giveaway drawing.

  14. Michelle

    I love the Mirin and Rice Vinegar from Mizkan! It adds a lot of flavor to simple dishes such as stir fried beef and salad. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Sheryl


    I love to cook & always looking for asian condiments for my dishes. I’d love to win & try your products. Happy Holidays, All!

  16. Julie

    Love the Mizkan products. I frequently use the mirin and rice vinegar. Would love to try the others. Thanks!

  17. danielle

    i don’t think mizkan products are available where i normally shop but if they were i would definitely buy them. i love rice vinegar and use it in lots of recipes.

  18. Linda

    I love the using the Ponzu sauce when I make Tuna Tataki.
    It’a a really simple and popular dish in my house. My husband and my
    13 yr-old son just love it! yummmm…

  19. mirinblue

    I am not familiar with this product line, but I am sure I would love it! It’s not available in my area.

  20. diane

    I’m a newbie to most of these products. I would love to try them ALL using many of your wonderful recipes!

  21. Carey C

    Aloha, we love mizkan products and espeically like to use them with meats. Hope we get to win the mizkan stash!

  22. Sonia

    I used Mizkan rice vinegar on rice, pasta, sauce. I would love to
    try out their other products as well.

  23. Amanda Z.

    What a great prize! I am going to look for the ponzu at our local store, I have always wanted to try cooking with it. Good luck to all that have entered.

  24. Salena

    What a fantastic contest! I love their rice vinegar. It makes the yummiest cucumber pickles. This would be a great way to try Mizkan’s other products ( not to mention your recipes). Happy Holidays!

  25. slammie

    To be honest, I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of them. But would be willing to try! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. Anne B.

    I like the fact that Mizkan uses good ingredients in their products. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  27. wingyan

    I love using the Mizkan rice vinegar on rice and I especially love Mizkan sesame dressing,sooo good on salads!

  28. brook yu

    please enter me in the competition. i love these sauces, but haven’t tried all of them. can’t wait for a chance to try them!

  29. Barbara

    I regularly use the Nakano Rice Vinegar (both the seasoned and plain) in both my Asian and non-Asian recipes because of the mild flavor. It does not overpower the dish. I also use the flavored Holland House vinegars. I would like to sample other Mizkan products.

  30. melissa

    I would love to try out these products! Please include me in the drawing. And keep on making great food! Happy Holidays.

  31. Rachel N

    Mizkan is definitely a kitchen staple for me since I like to make authentic Japanese food. (=

    The rice vinegar usually goes by pretty quickly. Also ponzu is just delicious!

  32. Jane H.

    I have used the Mizkan Sushi Seasoning for sushi (it was as good as my mom’s) and the mirin for teriyaki; both were purchased from my local H Mart. Wonderful! Haven’t tried any of their other products but winning the gift bundle would give me the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

  33. Kimiko

    I love Mizkan…my family has used their products for years. We use their sushi seasoning every New Year when we all make sushi together and have our annual New Year party. I would be thrilled to win this Mizkan giveaway! :)

  34. Sarah

    I don’t think I’ve actually tried anything by Mizkan, but they look great and I’d love a chance to cook with them!

  35. Mark In St Pete

    Great products, though I have had a hard time finding them in my area. Would like to try them all with the great recipes here!

  36. This is a pretty cool giveaway.. I don’t have a lot of experience with Mizkan products, but I would LOVE the opportunity to try them out in my cooking.

  37. sprtsracer

    OK…I’m in. I admit that I haven’t, to my knowledge, tried the products yet, but I’m intrigued by them, as a result of your recipes, and I certainly will try them as a result of your endorsement!

  38. Angela Kong

    I have not tried Mizkan products but recently bought a bottle of Mizkan mirin because of what I read from this website about a month ago. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  39. Jun

    I have been user of Mizkan mirin and sushi seasoning when I first started exploring the kitchen at the age of 16 (I’m not that old though!) I really love Mizkan’s mirin, makes it all the easier for me to share my cooking with friends whom eats halal. Sadly, I’d moved and it’s really difficult to find Mizkan products here. I’ll love to try the rest of Mizkan’s products!

  40. Martha

    I love trying out new products and look forward to seeing these on our local shelves. I have asked for them but so far, haven’t seen them yet. Hope I win so that I can give them a try!! :)

    Blessings, Martha

  41. houliaris

    I use Mizkan’s rice vinegar, Ponzu sauce and sushi seasoning on a regular basis and love them all!

  42. Bing

    Mizkan products are to me, the good side of the globalization of food. In any country, I can find mizkan products to cook Japanese food.

  43. Alyse

    They are all good. I love to cook Asian food and it is difficult to find good ingredients in East TX.

  44. Emily

    I’ve only used their mirin and rice vinegar but I’d love to try their other products if the quality of the ones I’ve used is any indication.

  45. Jane A

    Life needs to be complimented with great sauces and seasoning like Mizkan.

    I would love to try out your recommended recipes with Mizkan.

  46. melinda lawadinata


  47. Jen L

    The products are so easy to use and never overpower the flavors of the ingredients. I like the mirin especially. I need to try them all!

  48. Jayne

    From the recipes you have shared, I think Mizkan holds products that are quite versatile. I’ve never tried ponzu so that would be some adventure.

  49. Jessica F

    I’ve never had a chance to try their products… but now seems like a perfect time to try! ;)

  50. Naomi

    I grew up with Mom cooking using their products in Japan where the company is known as “Mitsukan.” Great line of vinegars and dressings.

  51. Tim Wong

    I bought and tried Mizkan’s sushi rice seasoning for a sushi party and it was great. My friends had a great time and the sushi tasted awesome.

  52. Arjun

    Haven’t tried a Mizkan product, but perhaps this $200 giveaway will be the first time I’ll be able to try their product? :D

  53. Preenu

    I have used their Mirin and Ponzu sauce and both have made my dishes delicious. Mizkan Mirin tastes really good without that chemical aftertaste that some brands seem to have. I haven’t tried any of their other products and I have never won a giveaway so I would love love to win!!

  54. chiao

    I love to use all the products of Mizkan for cooking and enhance flavor of my dish.Ponzo sauce is good for cooking and dipping.

  55. Susie Lum

    Never use Mizkan products before, so if you pick me I will try to cook some of your recipes using Mizkan seasonings. Thank you again for such a wonderful website, you rock!!!

  56. Shirley

    Those look absolutely beautiful :O
    I might like to drive down to my local Asian supermarket and fix up some Japanese food because that salmon looks mighty delicious!

  57. David Holtz

    I have only ever seen the Rice Vinegar. Would love to try some of their other products. Thanks. Good luck to me.

  58. Schmidty

    Mizkin has wonderful products and I would be so happy to have this fantastic assortment! Thank you for the entry.

  59. Great giveaway! I’m a Mizkan fan–ever since I tried their rice wine vinegar and mirin when I lived in Japan. I’d love to try their other products too!

  60. Diane

    After trying their Ponzu I went crazy trying out recipes that I can in incorporate it into. Lately I’ve been using their rice wine vinegar in my sushi rice. I would die if I won this giveaway… my mouth is salivating already! I would be in cooking heaven!

  61. Pam-Shizu Tavui

    My Mother (who is from Japan) & I both use your products. The Mizkan Name means quality, and we never worry when purchasing any of your products. I recommend the mirin, ponzu & the soup base. I would love to try more. Thankyou

  62. Lynn

    I have never tried this line of products before but would love to try it out. Would be nice to add a variety of flavorings to my cooking.

  63. Felina

    So far I’ve only been able to try the rice vinegar and I’m happy with it. I’m looking forward to trying the other products.

  64. Olciam222

    What do I think? Honestly, I don’t know the brand. Here, in Poland this kind of ingredients are unbelievable rare, but I want to try them!

  65. Rabeeya

    I would love to use Mizkan products, Alas! they are not available in Pakistan. Does that make the most eligible for the free gift? :)
    love ur recipes Bee! current favorite is Spicy Cashew Chicken!

  66. Silvia

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your recipes. I love the Mizkan sushi seasoning (works well for making asian coleslaw too).

  67. Rabeeya

    I would love to use Mizkan products, Alas! they are not available in Pakistan. Does that make me the most eligible for the free gift? :)
    love ur recipes Bee! current favorite is Spicy Cashew Chicken!
    email address is

  68. Janet Lau

    I think the Mizkan products make it really easy to create authentic japanese dishes at home. Takes me back to the days I was in Japan stuffing my face :)

  69. Shirley

    Only have the rice vinegar in my pantry which I love using in a lot of various types of dressings for salads or veggies. Will start trying some of their other products with your new receipe postings

  70. Sandra

    I have not seen their products in my local store, but I will be looking for them. Love to win the product sampler!

  71. Elizabeth

    I haven’t been able to find these products since I moved. Great stuff though, I wish a store near me would carry this brand.

  72. Jenny

    I love their rice vinegar- it’s the only one I will buy- I don’t know that my grocery carries any of the other products (they don’t look familiar in the pic) but I’m sure they would be great as well!

  73. Erika__

    Being an Asian, I love soy sauce and other asian condiments. We use a different type of soy sauce in our country but since I moved to the US a couple of years ago, I have learned to adapt different asian condiments to my home cooking. I see to it that I buy Mizkan Soy Sauce and Rice Vinegar when I go to this specific market in Little Tokyo, LA..These Mizkan products enhances the flavors of my dishes!

  74. Barry

    I’ve used Mizkan products for years–but only Ponzu, vinegars, and Mirin. It would be great to try some new stuff.

    Incidentally, at their Sunday Buffet, the New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles has this foodies all-time favorite; green lipped mussels broiled in the shell with dynamite sauce. Heaven on earth.

  75. luckyboy

    Mizkan is to Japanese cooking as Lee Kum Kee is to Chinese cooking. Made some awesome Teriyaki sauce based on a recipe I found on this site with Mizkan ingredients – turned out superb! If I win this drawing I’ll definitely be cooking a LOT more Japanese food!

  76. Snugglepot ant

    A Mizkan giveaway! I’ve only used Mizkan rice vinegar, love it and don’t substitute the brand. I have been eyeing the ponzu and sushi seasoning but had no idea about all the other products they offer – yummm. I’d love to spend my Christmas break trying out all the other Mizkan recipes what with all the Asian cookbooks I’ve bought recently!

  77. Diane T.

    Hi! I’m new to Asian cooking, but am being introduced by my BF who was born & raised in Singapore. Wow! I am now totally in love with dishes like nasi lamak, roti canai, curry, etc. and am eager to try to cook these dishes myself. So, I’m very glad to have found your website as the dishes all look so yummy! And, I’m hoping I might win the Mizkan drawing so that I will have all the ingredients I need to make my new adventures in cooking a success : )

  78. tracie w.

    Too be honest I’ve never tried the brand or really attempted any Japanese cooking but I’d love the opportunity to try!!!

  79. Claudette R.

    Please enter me in your gift bundle/giveaway contest.

    I just found your site while looking for a Chicken with Cashews recipe. Then when I saw the picture of the giveaway products I realized I’ve used some of your products for years. The Ponzu dressing; the Sesame, the Ginger and the Citrus Salad Dressings are staples in my home. I find them here in NYC when I shop in Chinatown.

  80. I think Mizkan products are the real deal. They seem more authentic to me than some others. I use the rice vinegar most often.



    have used rice vinegar to make sushi rice, and dipping sauce for dumplings. ponzu soy makes great dipping sauce for fried seafood!!

  82. Ashley K

    Ive only tried a few like the vinegar and some of the spices, but they are awesome and I’d have no problem trying them all out! :)

  83. Samantha

    I have only used Mizkan rice vinegar for sushi rice. I’ve also used it in salad dressings. I wish to try the other products as well, especially the soup base.

  84. jen

    Usually use the rice vinegar. Would love love love to try out the other products that they have. I hope they’re more widely available and not have to trek to Chinatown.

  85. Phil

    I’ve not encountered Mizkan products in the market yet. I think they used to be Nakano in the US and I had some of their rice vinegar once. It was fine. But I’m not seeing the market penetration for this brand yet.

  86. After you recommended Mizkan at your blog, I bought my first Mizkan few months back – it is the Mizkan Rice Vinegar but shhhhh……I have not used it yet. I wanted to buy the Mirin too but decided to try one product first.

  87. R. Wong

    Odd how even in the SF Bay Area I don’t see this brand much! I’ve purchases Mizkan’s rice vinegar & made some awesome maki though!

  88. Diana

    Love Mizkan. Have been using their rice vinegar and sushi seasoning vinegar for more than ten years, occasionally using their salad dressing.

  89. Christine L.

    I haven’t try any of their product yet. I like to use mirin. Maybe I will try Mizkan mirin.

  90. Aric Colunga

    It seems like every week we have to go back to the store to replenish one or another of our Mizkan seasoning sauces and vinegars. My fiancée and I thoroughly enjoy the unadulterated flavors of Miskan products which truly enhance the flavors of our entrees and sides.

  91. Mike D

    I have never used Mizkan before, have not seen it in any of the stores around my area, but would love to try something new and different to see what a difference it will make in my cooking.

  92. Jes

    I have used the rice vinegar of this product before because most of the food that I made need it. So far, it is a great product and I would love to buy some more.

  93. Yi Lin Cheng

    I think Mizkan offers a good range of sauces and seasonings for Japanese/ Asian-style cooking. I have their rice vinegar which I’ve used to pickle vegetables.

  94. Tony H.

    I have not used this brand of products but will look forward to having them grace my pantry. Thank you in advance.

  95. Annie

    Great giveaway, thanks for it! I love Mikan products and keep a lot in my fridge and pantry for Asian cooking.

  96. Samantha

    I live in the DC area, was looking forward to try your Salmon Teriyaki receipe for weeks now, I found the Mizkan Honteri Mirin Seasoning in one of the Asian grocery stores, but not the Mizkan (Bonito Falvored) Soup Base, any suggestion where I can find it? Thanks.

  97. Ateanna

    I love their ponzu sauce, it’s great with fresh sushi grade tuna, garlic, and lemon juice! I would love to try their other products!

  98. Just came back from a trip to Japan. Japanese foods are simple and yet very delicious. I think the essence of their foods lies in the sauces they use in the making to bring out amazing not-so-simple flavors. I can’t wait to try these sauces in Japanese cooking.

  99. Linda Jemison

    I am excited to try some of the recipes on this site, especially the bao and lumpia. Those two items were favorites, when I lived in California 4 years ago. I am now in North Carolina and missing those treats.

    Happy Holidays.

  100. Julia

    I love their products!!
    I use the rice vinegar for sushi, salad dressing, and just about every time I need vinegar!
    It’s very useful in korean recipes :)

  101. Kookieo

    Haven’t had chance opportunity to try these products, but the bonito-flavored soup base sounds like a winner!

  102. Bucky

    Not familiar with the brand as I live in a small East Texas town these days. Would love the opportunity to try them. It has been years since I was able to make any decent Japanese food. Now if I could just get some decent fish …

  103. mcnocon

    i’m a busy grandmother and always on the lookout for easy but flavorful recipes. am sure mizkan products will be a great help. please enter me to your mizkan giveaway contest.

  104. Giuliana

    I am new to your site, and haven’t used Mizkan products. I would love to win because I need practice with Asian cooking at home!

  105. Bern

    One of my all-time favorite is the Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce. It brings the amazing flavors in the food. I’m always on the lookout for easy and delicious recipes. I’d be happy to try more of Mizkan products.

  106. Henry Kunicki

    I have been using Mizkan products since a trip to Japan 12 years ago. Since then I have had to pick up most of my Mizkan choices when I visit California and have to pack them in my checked luggage.

  107. Cheryl Towne

    Mizkan products bring the taste of China home to me, and bring back some wonderful memories of my journeys through that beautiful country! Thank you for transporting me back to the flavors of China!

  108. Melina

    I’m a student in New York and am having an incredibly difficult time finding even basic ingredients of Asian cooking that I used to find everywhere in California. I don’t think I’ve tried any Mizkan products, but I would be thrilled to get to sample them, and since I’m slowly introducing my boyfriend to some Asian flavors it would be great to have some quality products to share with him. :) I’d like to be entered in the giveaway, and will definitely continue reading your blog for tasty ideas in the future!

  109. Lily

    I’ve used this brand for their mirin and would love to use some of their other products! Thank you!

  110. Billy

    I’ve only tried their Mirin but would love to try their other products. Please enter me in the contest too!! : )

  111. Kyle

    Their Mirin and “Ponzu” sauces are lifesavers in the kitchen. I’m glad that you’re working with a company that makes quality products, I doubt I’d enter the contest if you were working with Kikomann instead!

  112. Chari

    My son is 2 and I’ve made an effort to make sure that as early as now, he knows how to appreciate his heritage in food. The Mizkan package will be awesome!

  113. Amy L.

    Mizkan is my to go for rice vinegar and I am itching to try it’s offerings when a recipe calls for it.

  114. Maddie L.

    I’ve recently began trying to expand my cooking skills, and have found Rasa Malaysia the perfect place to get new recipes and flavors. I have since bought a couple Mizkan sauces, and have been very pleased so far. I’ve been wanting to try more products from them, but being a new cook makes it tough to make some purchases when I don’t know how often I’ll use it. I always look for recipes that contain ingredients I already have, and being able to start with a good selection of products right off the bat would be a wonderful way to help me expand my selection and sharpen my cooking skills further!

  115. Kim

    I have a difficult time finding Japanese cooking products in my area – I will keep my eye out for Mizkan but would love the opportunity to try any and all of these products!

  116. Su Yee

    Never tried using their products but would LOVE to start!!.. Fingers crossed.. Have a great Christmas holiday celebration everyone..! :)

  117. Jen

    I think the Mizkan line of products is good. Of the many, I use their rice vinegar in my cooking which I find the taste to be just right – not too tart, but quite crisp and refreshing. The rice vinegar enhances the flavor of chicken recipes.

  118. Carolyn

    Mizkan is a trusted brand. I know that I will expect nothing but quality when I buy a Mizkan product.

  119. Tabitha

    Hmm, the only product of theirs I’ve tried is the rice vinegar and I like it. Once I find a brand I like, I stick to it.

  120. John Oechsner

    I just found out about Nyonya food. I am going to the Asian grocery today to buy some Mizkan products and try these recipes

  121. rc

    Never tried this brand. Would like to get started… I am always in search for a reliable brand for Asian and Asian-Fusion cooking.

  122. Stan

    I could really use the Mizkan products. The Amazon gift card would be sweet too. Please let me know if I win. Keep up the great work on rasmalaysia! :)

  123. Shelle H

    As a cook from the US, I always find that using authentic, imported ingredients like Mizkan products make dishes work so much better than using imitation products manufactured in the US. The flavors in a dish turn out so much stronger. High quality rice vinegar, seasonings, and ponzu sauce are staples in my kitchen for a reason. One doesn’t compromise on taste!

  124. sue

    They have such a variety of different sauces, marinades & condiments. They’re also reasonably priced & user friendly.

  125. Catruong

    I love experimenting with different sauces to season my dishes. This would give me a wonderful opportunity work with new Mizkan products that I have not tried before.

  126. Diane

    I love their products, especially the seasoned rice vinegar and the ponzu sauces! They are an easy way to brighten the flavor of just about any meal!

  127. marlowe

    I’ve only ever used Mizkan’s mirin, but I love it! I hope I get to try out some of their other products.