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My Almost Perfect Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup)

Penang Hokkien Mee/Prawn Noodle Soup

It was almost perfect…except for a little flaw.

Look closely and you will see those little dried chili bits. I’ve got to get a new food processor that is powerful enough to blend the dried chilies finely…

Well, if you wanted to know, it took me 4+ months to save enough shrimp heads to make this again. Click here to view my previous post on Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup).

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  1. Ming the Merciless

    It looks delicious!! Actually, I like the visible chili flakes.


    I can be your BFF and come over to eat your food.

  2. zlamushka

    I like the chili flakes, actually, too. It looks very spicy and inviting. It was fun to read the older post on how to prepare this one. Looks ike a lot of work, but I am sure it is worth it.
    Thanx for this one…. bookmarked.

  3. joey

    What a labor of love!!! But I’m sure the flavor was phenomenal! I can just imagine…although I should stop imagining because I’m getting hungry with no shrimp heads in sight!

  4. Andreea

    this looks and sounds fantastic. a lot of waiting, but i bet it was worth
    (also love the squid curry. i’ll have to give that one a try very soon)

  5. gymbunni

    It never fails to amaze me how authentic your dishes can be when the cooking is not done locally! Definitely looks better than some kopitiams I’ve been to locally. Maybe this is a silly American tunnel-visioned statement as I’m sure you can get most ingredients there now.

    4+ months to save the shrimp heads eh? Sounds like my mom when she is trying to cook the stock of jawa mee :)

    Keep it coming you!

  6. Anonymous

    lovely picture! prawn mee is my favor. little question, do u have any idea about kaya(egg paste).any website or your grandmom’s recipe u would like to share….? thank you

  7. hakkahouse

    I “scolded” my mom when she used some of my precious saved shrimp head for her miso soup. It takes a long time to accumulate them all! The dish looks amazing =)

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, Love your recipes! I live in Canada now and have learned some shortcuts to get Msian food. I throw in a can of prawn sambal(Yeo’s is great, there is also a Viet one) into a pot of pork bone broth. Add in some fried onions and hot peppers as desired. Soup turns out pretty yummy. Of course when I prep. the shrimps, I also add the stock in. A cube of ikan bilis seasoning helps the flavour too. Basically, I am just too lazy to save shrimp heads!
    Keep blogging!

  9. WokandSpoon

    Oh wow! That looks absolutely perfect to me! My mum does that as well – save up all the prawn heads! I’m too lazy ;-) Hmmm, wonder if I can just buy ready-made stock?

  10. Chubbypanda

    I use an electric coffee grinder for my spices. They’re only $20 or $30, and since they’re designed to grind coffee beans to powder, they do a great job on spices. To clean them, all you need to do is run a piece of soft bread through them.

    If you’re a coffee drinker, get a separate one for spices or get used to some pretty funky coffee.

  11. Kate

    but the chilled add a nice texture and colour to the dish. Sometimes things just happen for the best.This dish looks like a killer !

  12. Diary of Kay El

    **Drools** You are very patient. After your previous post on Hokkien prawn mee, I saved 2 batches of shells and parted with them after 2 weeks… me no patience… maybe am in Malaysia, can get prawn noodles fairly easily though probably have to put up with more MSG. Love your blog.

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Andaliman – Hehe. :)

    Anh – this is the best noodle soup ever. The taste is soooo good, yes, start saving some prawn heads now. ;)

    Unka – oooh, new hanky…now we are talking.

    Marvin – yes, I made a lot this time, two pots of stock! I was eating it for one whole week and still wanted more. I can eat this every day!

    Ming – or you can move to SoCal…it’s always sunny here. :)

    Zlamushka – thanks for bookmarking my recipe. :)

    Steamy – yeah, then it will save me 2 months time! :P

    Pablo – Fiery is good…I don’t like the harmeen in KL/PJ because there is no spicy kick in the soup. :P

    Joey – LOL, you are too funny. I buy only head-on shrimp…that’s the secret, hehe.

    Andreea – the squid curry is a good recipe…I like it and my Indian friends used to beg me to make it.

    Gymbunni – Yeah, I love food that is authentic because it’s harder and harder to find these days…:(
    Java Mee…I love that…haven’t had that in a long while…yum.

    Retno – yeah, pedas is always sedap. LOL.

  14. Rasa Malaysia

    WMW – I savored every single drop of ths soup stock until dry! Almost lick the pots (I made two pots). Wahahaha.

    Anonymous – my aunt has a kick-a$$ kaya recipe and I used to help her with it, but alas, I haven’t learned the exact recipe yet. Never mind, next time I go home, I am going to interrogate her.

    Hakka House – I understand your frustration. Miso soup is not worth the shrimp heads, but this prawn noodle is. Hahaha!

    Cynthia – Dedication I am afraid not, but I am glutton that wants really good (and authentic) foods, so there. ;)

    Cooknengr – start saving the shrimp heads now…and buy only head-on shrimp. :P

    Anonymous – I am all for cheated version…hey, why not. I cheated a few times with those pre-packaged seasonings, and actually it wasn’t bad…but nothing beats the real stuff. Ikan bilis cube…that’s smart. Thanks for telling me. :)

    Wokandspoon – there are ready-made seasoning in packets…they are not bad. Well…it’s not perfect because it tastes a little “powdery.” :(

    CP – thanks for telling me about the coffee grinder. Brilliant…I am going to TARGET pronto! ;)

    Kate – yeah, I don’t mind the pictures, but when I slurped up the soup…it wasn’t “smooth” enough because of the chili flakes. Hehe.

    New kid on the blog – I wonder how those hawkers make their Hokkien Mee soup…they have to use a lot of shrimp heads to make that huge pot as a hawker! Maybe they can buy from the market?!

    David – thanks for your comment. :)

    Diary of KL – thanks for your comment. Haha…if I were in Malaysia, I WILL NOT be saving shrimp heads…trust me. There are so many good ones outside…what for? They will just take up space in my fridge…whahhahaha.

  15. Piggy

    Ha! I have the same problem with my food processor and am thinking of changing it as well. Which brand/ model do you have in mind?

  16. su

    I WANT SOME TOOOOOOOOOOOO. wont be able to eat it until next year, unless I start saving up some prawn shells too now.. *drooling*

  17. Timothy Low

    Hmm … I haven’t had prawn mee for the longest time. And just to share a little, whenever they serve the prawn me … with the sambal, no matter how the mee taste like, I would dump the whole lot of sambal into the soup. I love thick prawn soup. But unfortunately I can’t find any except in Penang. Sigh …. gonna eat Prawn Mee tomorrow la….

  18. Anonymous

    Oh so yummy! Wait, something’s missing… where’s the kangkung? A little green might makes a big difference.
    How long can the frozen shrimp heads be kept in the freezer?

  19. tutubi

    sadap makan!

    nice blog you have here. been to KL in 2004 and loved it there.

    i’m filipino and taste is “lasa” here :)

  20. Rasa Malaysia

    Piggy – I have Kitchen Aid mini food processor now…I guess since it’s mini, it’s powerless to grind up the dried chili? I don’t know which brand to choose though. :(

    Su – haha, yeah, it’s really worth it to save the prawn shells I tell you.

    Timothy – me too, the more sambal the merrier. Sooooo good.

    Sugimann – thanks…it was delicious.

    Srivalli – thanks…you are too nice. :)

    Keeyit – I like it spicy and hot and added extra chili sambal…yum yum. ;)

    Lia – yeah, me too, it’s so much more satisfying when the food is spicy and hot.

    Rosa – a good Prawn mee is about the color…if the color is bright orange it means it’s gotta be good…no artificial coloring though. :P

    Anonymous – I couldn’t find the kangkong in the market that day…it would have been perfect. About the shrimp heads, I don’t know…I guess if you ziplock it and freeze is below 0 degree, I don’t think there is a problem. For me, it was 4+ months and I had no problem with it.

    Tutubi – hi there…cool that you had been to KL. You should start a blog with the name Lasa Filipino or something…thanks for telling me about lasa. :)

  21. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know that I made this last night and it was amazing! Love it love it love it! I didn’t add as much chilis in it but the broth had a natural sweetness to it that I really enjoyed (no rock sugar). The only downside was that hubs didn’t like the fishy smell when he walked in the house hahaha but loved the recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  22. inkiet

    Hi Bee–Since I live in Florida, I buy a lot of head on shrimp and save the heads. As soon as I get enough I make up what I call “seafood stock” and I must have at least 15 – 1/2-gallon freezer bags frozen and ready for use. After I freeze it, I then place it(bag and all)in a foodsaver bag,vacuum out all air and my stock will stay good for a couple of years in the freezer. I recommend a foodsaver vacuum sealer for all kinds of freezing. Have had mine for 20 years. Thanks for all your great recipes.

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